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Best PS2 Horror Games

22 Photo-Realistic Horror Games Like P.T

The PlayStation 2 is one of the most popular consoles of all time, with over 157 million units sold worldwide. Due to its widespread success, Sony made sure to keep supplying the console with incredible games, and the PS2 now has one of the most beloved libraries in all gaming. From tactical JRPGs to EyeToy rhythm games, there’s something for everyone on the PS2, including horror fans.



There are a lot of horror titles available on the PS2, and players can expect anything when it comes to these titles. Some are popular stalwarts of the horror gaming universe, while others have slipped under the radar of many fans of spooky games. The monsters are grotesque, the combat is stressful (if available at all), and the scares are constant in these haunted classics.

Updated on March 2nd, 2024, by Mara Cowley: The PS2 was known as one of the best consoles for horror, releasing many titles that would go down in history not just among fans of horror, but gamers as a whole. Titles such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Fatal Frame cemented themselves as fan favorites, but beyond these amazing and beloved franchises, there are plenty more PS2 horror games that deserve equal recognition. As such, this already expansive article has been updated to shed light on more of the best PS2 horror games, some of which have fallen under the shadows of more successful series.


Photo-Realistic Horror Games Like P.T.

From Visage to The Beast Inside and Alan Wake 2, these horror games will be perfect for fans of the lost P.T. and Silent Hills.

28 Curse: The Eyes of Isis

Visiting the Pyramids

Title screen of the game bearing the title and two of the main characters.


PC, Xbox, PS2

Release Date

October 20th, 2003


Asylum Entertainment

This game would have flown under the radar of many gamers, though those that did give it a try would have found a diamond in the rough. Though it was a gem that could have used some polishing, Curse: The Eyes of Isis did still offer some scares and fun to players.

Set in the year 1809, strange events have begun to occur in the British Museum after a gang of thugs stole one of the items on display, the Eye of Isis. A mysterious fog has rolled through the building, killing or transforming everything it touches. The game will take place for the most part in said museum, but Curse will also take players on trips to the coast and even the pyramids in Egypt.

27 Gregory Horror Show

Unique Take on Horror

Gregory Horror Show screenshot running



Release Date

15th December 2003



For those not in the know, Gregory Horror Show used to be a CGI anime in Japan, proving popular enough to warrant a horror PS2 game. The gameplay is rather simplistic, which sees players gathering the soul bottles in the possession of the guests, who will flee with the bottle if they spot Gregory. More bottle swill increases the number of guests and rooms, as well as increasing the difficulty of sneaking up on guests.


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While not as in-depth as some other horror games available on the PS2, this game was still viewed favorably by those who did play it, as it offered a fun and unique take on horror.

26 Glass Rose

A Unique Gameplay Experience

glass rose ps2 game



Release Date

March 26th, 2004



Another Capcom hidden gem, Glass Rose is a unique point-and-click psychological horror game. In it, reporter Takashi Kagetani explores an abandoned building with his friend before he is knocked out, and awakens seventy years in the past. To escape back to his own time, Takashi must explore every nook and cranny of the mansion, and speak to its inhabitants, unfurling the mysteries hidden beneath the tasteful furniture.

This unique time travel plot, the mind-reading abilities, and point-and-click gameplay set Glass Rose apart from the rest. While this risky innovation may not have always worked in the game’s favor, Glass Rose promises a unique and fun horror experience for the PS2.

25 Echo Night: Beyond

Ambitiously Combines Sci-Fi and the Paranormal

A dismembered body lies slumped against the wall in a room of metal.

Echo Night: Beyond

January 22, 2004

Survival Horror


Before games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring launched it into fame, FromSoftware was responsible for Echo Night: Beyond, a PS2 horror game, which would be a much different experience for Soulsborne players. It focuses more on horror and survival, telling a tale that ambitiously combines sci-fi and ghosts to create a wholly unique experience.


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Honeymooners Richard and Claudia embark on a shuttle to the Moon when supernatural forces cause engine failures within the shuttle as it comes to land, causing a deadly crash that kills many passengers who then become ghosts that flood the base. It’s up to Richard to free the spirits that are now trapped in the base, without joining the legion of the dead himself.

24 X-Files: Resist or Serve

Agent Fox Mulder (right) pointing a handgun and flashlight at an infected zombie (left) inside of a kitchen with a lit gas stove burner. Image source: venturebeat.com



Release Date

March 16th, 2004


Black Ops Entertainment

Most fans know that game tie-ins based on movies and TV shows tend to be about as successful as movie adaptations of games — which is to say, not successful at all. But fans of The X-Files may have been pleasantly surprised by this more than adequate X-Files video game, with a writer and actors from the show onboard for the project.

Set during the seventh season of the show, Resist or Serve aimed to deliver three ‘lost episodes’ into the timeline of the series, which all revolved around what the show is most known for: aliens. The writing and story delivered a frightening and solid experience, cementing itself as an excellent addition to the PS2’s library of horrors.

23 Forbidden Siren 2

Episodic Style Game

The player fights off one of the possessed villagers who tries to attack him with a weapon.

Forbidden Siren 2

February 9, 2006

Action , Survival Horror , Stealth

Japan Studio , Sony Interactive Entertainment

A direct sequel to Siren, Siren 2 returns with its episodic style game, and survival horror elements as the characters must survive the dangerous inhabitants of the island. While it retains the aspects of the heart-racing gameplay of the original, it loses some of the difficult and trial-and-error gameplay that plagued the original game, creating an altogether more pleasant yet terrifying game.

The game takes place on Yamijima Island, where the entire population vanished during a blackout in 1976. A journalist working on an article, a ferry containing a few other passengers, and a squad of soldiers all find their way to the island, where they are subjected to the dangers and horrors lurking there.

22 The Thing

Based on a Horror Movie Masterpiece

A horrific mutated monster lurches out from a vent, elongated snapping maws heading towards the player.

The Thing

August 21, 2002

Survival Horror

Computer Artworks

The Thing is from the minds at Konami, and the game acts as a sequel to the cult classic horror film. The player controls Captain Blake, who is sent to investigate a strange facility where concerning events are taking place. This game can be fairly challenging, but there are many weapons available for Captain Blake to blast through Walkers and Scuttlers.

Captain Blake also relies on adrenaline injections to keep his mind from cracking at the horrific beasts he continuously comes into contact with. There’s a lot of nightmare fuel in The Thing, so it comes highly recommended for players who love strange, grossly held-together creatures.

21 Resident Evil: Outbreak

Eight Playable Characters With Their Own Unique Skillsets

Cindy Lennox - Resident Evil: Outbreak

Resident Evil: Outbreak

December 11, 2003

Survival Horror , Action-Adventure , Third-Person Shooter

Outside the main numbered entries in the Resident Evil series, Capcom has delivered many fantastic spin-off titles that gave players unique games and experiences in the world of Resident Evil. Outbreak, while not the best overall, was one of the more unique, featuring a roster of eight playable characters who all have unique abilities, offering great replayability.


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The game is set during the start of the virus outbreak in Raccoon City, and tells the tales of these characters as they try to make their escape before the situation spirals out of control. The game allows players to tailor their experience at the start of every episode. They can choose the difficulty level to make it harder or easier, depending on their personal experience. This makes Outbreak an impressively innovative title for its time.

20 Clock Tower 3

An Ambitious Plot

Sebastian Standing In Front Of The Moon Wielding Two Axes In Clock Tower 3

Clock Tower 3

March 18, 2003

Survival Horror

Horror fans all know about the infamous Clock Tower games, and the scary recurring villain, Scissorman, who is hellbent on chopping up his victims with the enormous set of scissors he wields. In the third game, the Scissorman is just one of the many terrifying villains players will have to face.

Playing as the fifteen-year-old Alyssa Hamilton, a young girl with special abilities, players will travel through time to free the souls of those that have been killed, and defeat some monstrous villains along the way. The ambitious scope of this era-spanning storyline is truly impressive, especially considering the era in which it was released.

19 Obscure

Co-Op Gameplay

Two armed characters peering up the stairwell of an eerie, abandoned building.


April 6, 2005

Survival Horror

Hydravision Entertainment

A missing persons case, three concerned friends, and an overnight stay in a school: these are the main ingredients of this creepy survival horror title that plagues the PS2 to a somewhat tepid reception, but the game invoked enough scares to land it in the hall of horror game.

Five teenagers explore the dark hallways of Leafmore High School, which is now plagued by mutated creatures at every turn while searching for missing friends and seeking an exit. As the game progresses, they soon uncover an ongoing conspiracy that the school is kidnapping students to transform them into mutated creatures. Each teenager has unique abilities to overcome the creatures. There is even a co-op system to allow players to share the experience.

18 Cold Fear

Graphical Prowess

The main character aims their gun at the head of what appears to be a corpse slumped in a shower stall.

Cold Fear

May 17, 2005

Survival Horror , Third-Person Shooter


Cold Fear may present the most harrowing situation of all these titles, as the player controls the last surviving member of multiple teams aboard a ship in Russian waters. The protagonist, Tom Hanson, must unravel the mystery of what happened to his squad mates, all while being attacked by grotesque-looking enemies.

Cold Fear is one of the best-looking survival horror games available on PS2, and its graphical prowess only adds to the gruesome imagery Hanson must endure. It’s hard to imagine anyone being able to keep cool when trapped on a boat with killer flesh beasts, but Hanson is an ever-fearless protagonist who’s strong enough to guide the player through the terror.

17 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

A Reimagining of the First

Harry in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

December 8, 2009

Survival Horror

Climax Studios

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is something of a remake of the very first game, returning players to the familiar story of Harry Mason searching for his missing daughter in the series’ famous city, Silent Hill. However, this game retains a unique identity by reimagining small portions of the plot, gameplay, and characters. It expands upon the original with five new endings, and by adding a new gameplay element in the form of psychotherapy sessions.

These new elements help to keep Shattered Memories feeling distinct enough from the original while maintaining enough familiarity for fans of the original to experience on a more recent game console. While it won’t be remembered as fondly as the main staples of the series, like the second installment, for example, it is still well worth every second of a horror fans’ time.

16 Fatal Frame

Ghostly Horrors

Fatal Frame Mafuyu Hinasaki Portrait

Fatal Frame

December 13, 2001

Survival Horror

The first installment in the Fatal Frame franchise proved to be one of the scariest, bringing the legendary series of Japanese ghost horror to PS2 gamers. The first game puts players in the shoes of Miku Hinasaki, who searches for her brother Mafuyu after he goes missing in the haunted Himuro Mansion and falls headfirst into a world of terror.

With a camera as the player’s only means of defense, Fatal Frame is one of the most chilling survival horror games as players must confront the ghosts in order to banish them and survive. It’s a novel combat aspect that has been replicated in other game series but to a lesser extent.

15 Manhunt

So Violent it was Banned in Several Countries

james earl cash from manhunt preparing to shoot an enemy


November 18, 2003

Rockstar North

Manhunt is another infamous PS2 game that was removed from the shelves in some countries due to how graphic the violent nature of its content was. Players control Cash, a death row inmate who was supposed to receive a lethal injection. Instead, he was only sedated, awakening to hear instructions from the mysterious Director, who promises him his freedom in exchange for him murdering the Hunters throughout Carcer City.


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Thus begins Cash’s murderous journey through the crime-ridden fictional city. Almost everything found in the city can be used as a weapon, resulting in a variety of executions that can be hasty to gruesome, and which show over-the-top levels of gore. The faint of heart and weak of stomach should be wary if they decide they want to step into the streets of Carcer City themselves.

14 Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare

One of Gaming’s Most Influential Titles

edward carnby in a room


PS, Gamebot Color, PC, Dreamcast, PS2

Release Date

June 29th, 2001



The New Nightmare is the fourth installment in the Alone in the Dark franchise, bringing new tales of horror to the long-surviving, influential horror game franchise, and a fantastic new entry to the expansive libraries of PS2 horror games. With an eerie atmosphere and creepy environments, TheNew Nightmare is sure to unnerve even the bravest of gamers.

The game’s plot revolves around the murder of Edward Carnby’s best friend, Charles Fiske. Carnby sets off to uncover the mysteries behind his death, which leads him to Frederick Johnson, who tells him Fiske was searching for three tablets that are said to hold great powers.

13 The Suffering

Mind-Bending Experience

Two inmates are in a partially destroyed, one standing and looking at the other, strapped to an upright gurney, five green injections stuck in his body.

The Suffering

March 9, 2004

Survival Horror , Shooter

Surreal Software

Torque is a prisoner on death row for the murder of his family, though he has no memory of committing the crime. After an earthquake reveals the presence of a supernatural enemy, Torque must battle his inner demons and prove his own morality if he wants to escape death.

The Suffering is a mind-bending journey, to say the least. The game has three possible endings, each with its own explanation for what happened to Torque’s family. This dynamic makes The Suffering very easy to pick up again as players seek the truth of what exactly happened to their friendly inmate protagonist.

12 Haunting Ground

A Capcom Hidden Gem

Giona knelt next to her trust dog Hewey, looking towards the camera with worry in Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground

May 10, 2005

Survival Horror

One of Capcom’s hidden gems, Haunting Ground offers a completely refreshing horror game experience compared to Resident Evil, placing a greater emphasis on the survival part of survival horror. Players take control of the mostly defenseless Fiona, whose only option to escape encounters is through running, hiding, or sicking her trusted canine companion Hewie on them.

While its gameplay is very derivative of titles such as Clock Tower, it still remains a well-established game with fantastic environments and an atmosphere that crushes the player with tension, wondering what new horror would await them around the corner. Even today, Haunting Ground still holds a special place in the hearts of its small but fond fanbase.

11 Siren

Sight-Jacking Mechanic

A woman coming face to face with one of the dangerous, armed enemies of the game.



Release Date

April 20th, 2004


Project Siren

Siren, or Forbidden Siren as it’s known in Europe, is a definitive horror classic that is sadly overlooked in comparison to other Japanese giants such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill. An eerie, rural island setting filled with dangerous, bloodthirsty inhabitants, there is no denying the scares it brought even if the series has been largely forgotten.

Split into episodes and featuring up to 10 playable characters, Siren dives into the struggles of each of these characters as they grapple with the inhabitants of the island, confronting them with violence or being stealthy around them and making use of hiding spots. With its unique ‘sight-jacking’ mechanic to allow players to see through the eyes of enemies, Siren had many unique features and an interesting plotline, but unfortunately, some tedious moments of gameplay prevented it from reaching near perfection.

10 Silent Hill: Origins

Smothering Atmosphere

A man stands next to a hospital bed, where an anatomical body lies, fake organs on display.

Silent Hill: Origins

November 6, 2007

Survival Horror

Climax Studios

Silent Hill: Origins does not pull any punches when it comes to delivering scares to its players. Before the events of the first Silent Hill, Travis Grady is in search of a girl he rescued from a fire, only to have his own repressed memories confront him.


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The crackling of Travis’s radio alerts him of nearby enemies and adds to the game’s eerie atmosphere. Like the rest of the franchise, there are multiple endings of varying severity. Travis has to keep his wits about him in order to discern reality from the “other world.”

9 Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

Fan-Favorite Spin-Off

Gameplay screenshot from Resident Evil Code Veronica

Resident Evil CODE:Veronica

February 29, 2000

Survival Horror

As far as Resident Evil spin-offs go, Code: Veronica might be among the most famed ones of all, as it has fans still clamoring to this day for Capcom to remake it next, alongside their other fantastic Resident Evil remakes.

In this title, fans play as Claire, who is captured and transported to a prison island while searching Europe for her older brother Chris. On Rockfort Island, players will encounter zombies, a T-virus outbreak, and series favorite antagonist Albert Wesker returning in this fantastic third-person horror shooter. While it may not hold up to more modern RE titles today, upon its release it was heralded as one of the best for its blockbuster action and gorgeous graphics.

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