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Best places to buy a refrigerator with free installs, more


Buying any appliance is a big purchase, but a refrigerator is especially so. Even the best refrigerators are bulky, usually cost quite a bit to have delivered and installed, and you can’t exactly return them if something happens, at least not quickly. Not to mention, there’s been a spat of poorly designed appliances in the modern age, with refrigerators especially seeming to fail often, whether entirely or because of various components inside, like a compressor. Some brands are more prone to this than others. You’ll find our guide on the top refrigerator brands helpful for discerning this. But this also highlights the importance of seeking out the best places to buy a refrigerator because of the benefits they provide, like extended warranty coverage, generous return policies, or other options that might be lucrative. This guide will walk you through some of the best places to buy a refrigerator so that you know where to look when you’re ready.

The best places to buy a refrigerator in 2024

  • Shop at

    if you want to price match with free shipping.

  • Shop at

    for the excellent My Best Buy premium support options.

  • Shop at

    for its amazing support options like a 90-day return window, free home delivery, installation, and haul away.

  • Shop at

    if you want competitive pricing, free home delivery, and the traditional brick-and-mortar experience.

  • Shop at

    for another local brick-and-mortar or online option with free delivery and installation.

  • Shop at

    if you’re not interested in cutting-edge tech and want competitive pricing.

Be aware that these retailers are not listed in order of best to worst, only alphabetically.

AJ Madison

AJ Madison brand logo
AJ Madison
Best online price matchingHigh 35% restocking fee for returns
15-day return window (24-hour reporting)Install and haul away costs extra
Free shipping

Admittedly, AJ Madison has a balance of pros and cons, but because it is a specialized retailer, it also has a huge inventory, which is fantastic for one reason: AJ Madison has a generous price-matching policy. Because of its broad selection that also means you have a lot of options if you’re taking advantage of the price match. Free home shipping is available on nearly all refrigerator models. The downside is that there’s a strict return policy — you have 24 hours to report a damaged product and a 15-day return window — and a high 35% restocking fee applies. Extended warranties are available, as well.

Best Buy

Best Buy BetaÙ
Best Buy
Online price matching15% restocking fee for some returns
15-day return window (60 days with My Best Buy)Install and haul away costs extra
Free shipping over $399, extended warranties

Pretty much everyone recognizes Best Buy these days, and while they don’t have the greatest selection depending on where you live, they do offer some welcome benefits, albeit locked behind its premium My Best Buy members program. The 15-day return window, for example, is extended up to 60 days with My Best Buy, and there are a lot of exclusive deals and promotions available. Delivery is free for orders over $399, which most refrigerators are, and you can pay extra for installation from Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Haul-away services are available, too, though for an added charge.

starts at $50 per year for free standard shipping, free two-day shipping, exclusive prices and deals, and a 60-day return window.


The front facade of a Costco store.
KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images / Costco
No price matchingCostco Membership required
90-day return windowHaul away costs extra
Free delivery, free installation, extended warranties

Compared to many other retailers, Costco’s selection is limited but every appliance they carry is high-quality. If you’re looking for a specific brand or model, you might be better off going to a specialized appliance store, but otherwise, Costco is a great choice. You can expect exclusive members-only discounts, access to extended warranties, and they’re absolutely generous inclusions policy. All appliances purchased through Costco include free home delivery and installation and haul-away services. Costco’s amazing 90-day returns window is the best, and on top of the one-year manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll get another extended warranty for a year through Costco at no charge. The downside is that a Costco membership starts at $60 per year.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot sign with sky as a backdrop.
Mike Mozart/Flickr / The Home Depot
Online price matching by 10% Haul away costs extra
90-day return window (48-hour reporting)
Free delivery and installation

Even being primarily a hardware store, The Home Depot has an excellent selection of appliances, and refrigerators included. Most of what they carry is priced competitively and there are frequent deals and discounts throughout the year. You’ll find almost all major brands here, from Frigidaire and Samsung to Bosch. Plus, The Home Depot is a traditional brick-and-mortar store, so you can visit any location to shop. Price matches are available and The Home Depot even pledges to beat lower prices by 10%. Their 90-day return policy is long and in line with Costco’s, one of the best. Moreover, they offer extended warranties and free home delivery and installation on most, but not all, appliances. That said, you only have 48 hours to report damages or defects to be eligible for a return. Haul away of your old appliance(s) is available but at an added cost.


Lowes is one of the best places to buy a refrigerator online.
Online price matching (plus shipping and delivery)20% restocking fee for special order items
30-day return window (48-hour reporting)Haul away costs extra
Free delivery and installation

As another hardware and DIY-friendly store, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Lowe’s carries a host of appliances like refrigerators, too. You can purchase online or in-store with a great selection. Most appliances include free home delivery and installation, and Lowe’s does price match — though unlike The Home Depot they won’t beat lower prices. Furthermore, Lowe’s return window is only 30 days but you have 48 hours to report damages or defects. Haul-away services are an extra cost, as well.


Walmart store logo at night.
No price matchingInstall and haul away costs extra
90-day return windowThird-party sellers may have unique return policies
Free shipping, extended warranties

Walmart has a limited selection compared to most of the other retailers but they do offer super competitive pricing, as you might expect. It’s certainly not the place to go if you want the latest tech or cutting-edge features, but with refrigerators, that’s definitely not necessary. You’ll get free home shipping or in-store pickup with most appliances, though installation is always an added cost when available. You also have 90 days to return items unless you buy from a third-party seller on the Walmart marketplace, and that may also introduce restocking fees.

More places to buy refrigerators in 2024

  • ABT: Around since 1936, ABT Electronics has been family-owned and an excellent place to shop for home appliances, including refrigerators. You’ll get free delivery on most appliances and a 30-day return window.
  • Amazon: Amazon needs no introduction, but for appliances like refrigerators, they offer a solid range of compact units. Shipping for large items is usually quite high, but you have a 30-day return window.
  • Appliances Connection: Established in 1999, Appliances Connection is a reliable place to shop for, as the name implies, all appliances. Expect free home delivery on orders over $99, with regular discounts available. You also have a 30-day return window but they won’t accept used items. The appliance must be new and with the original packaging.
  • LG: You can buy refrigerators and appliances directly from the brand, as is the case with most of LG’s refrigerators. Free in-home delivery is available in most areas, but it also depends on where you live.
  • Samsung: Samsung sells refrigerators directly to customers, too, although you’ll also find them available at most retailers. Samsung offers some fantastic deals and promotions on its appliances, and free in-home delivery and installation are available. Haul-away services will cost extra.
  • Sears: Where available, Sears is still a fantastic place to go for appliances, with a huge selection of refrigerator models and brands. There are no free shipping or delivery options, no haul-away programs, and you have a 30-day return window but there’s a 15% restocking fee.
  • Wayfair: With its all-online e-commerce operation, there are no physical stores to visit, but Wayfair is another place to look. Return policies, shipping costs, and after-sales support all vary depending on the seller, as Wayfair is an eclectic marketplace, similar to Walmart or Amazon.

How we chose the best refrigerator retailers

Here are some of the factors we prioritized when researching and choosing the best places to buy a refrigerator:

Brand and Model Selection

We prioritized retailers that had a great selection of brands and models, and even when the overall inventory was limited, we chose sellers that still offered quality appliances.

Return Window

A reasonable return window is important. Although some of these retailers require you to report damages or defects within 48 hours of delivery, you still have extra time to return the refrigerators. That time can make all the difference when you’re talking about something as bulky and costly to move as a fridge.

Extended Warranties

Most products, refrigerators included, come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but they tend to be pretty limited. Retailers and third parties offer extended warranties that sometimes cover extra issues but also for a longer period.

In-Store or Online

You can buy appliances online and have them shipped to your home, or you can visit a brick-and-mortar store like Costco, The Home Depot, or Best Buy to see them in person before buying. We chose a mix of these options so you could find what works for you.

Prices, Deals, and Promotions

Refrigerators are expensive. All of the retailers in our top-level list offer rotating deals, discounts, and promotions that can save you a buck or two.

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