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Best OnePlus Nord N30 cases in 2024


The Nord N30 is a scratch magnet, so you’ll want options to protect it

Over the years, cheap smartphones have continued to improve in meaningful ways. We’ve seen this growth with many brands, including OnePlus’s Nord N30, the latest in its line of budget-friendly Nord devices.

However, as with most budget Android phones, these advancements come primarily in the form of performance upgrades. This tends to leave a lot to be desired regarding build quality, often resulting in the need for protective phone accessories. Luckily, with a superb protective case, the likes of which have been curated below, you can bolster your phone’s defenses while giving it an aesthetic boost.

  • Poetic OnePlus Nord N30 Guardian

    Poetic Guardian Case for Nord N30

    Best overall

    The primary function of a case is to protect your phone, and Poetic’s Guardian does that excellently. The phone cover is highly reinforced to take on all sorts of bumps and impacts without looking hideous. In fact, it’s one of the most attractive cases for the Nord N30. It features an anti-scratch transparent back that lets you flaunt your phone’s delightful finish, and it comes in three color combinations of bumper and TPU lining to suit your style.

  • Speck OnePlus Nord N30 IMPACTHERO Grip case

    Speck ImpactHero Grip Case for Nord N30

    Premium pick

    Having a case that safeguards your phone in the event of an accident is nice, but having one that also aims to prevent the accident from ever happening is fantastic. Speck must’ve considered this when creating the ImpactHero for the Nord N30. The phone cover doesn’t just do an excellent job of absorbing shocks; it also features horizontal grooves that foster a secure grip on your phone, ensuring you never fumble with it.

  • Foluu OnePlus Nord N30 clear case

    Foluu Clear Case for Nord N30

    Best value

    When affordability meets top quality, it births the Foluu Nord N30 case. While the phone cover may not offer protection on par with Poetic’s Guardian or any other heavy-duty case, it’s perfectly capable of saving your phone from everyday drops and impacts. Its fully transparent body, which has tiny dots on the inside to prevent watermarks from forming against the phone’s back and sides, also lets you showcase your OnePlus Marvel in its most adorable skin color.

  • OnePlus Nord N30 Sandstone case

    OnePlus Sandstone Black Case for Nord N30

    Official case

    While you could conveniently find many adorable and highly protective Nord N30 cases from third-party manufacturers, none of those covers would ever spot the subtly granular, sandstone-like feel of the official OnePlus case. The cover’s texture makes it really soothing to hold while also stimulating a secure grip of the phone. As for the protective capabilities of the case, it’s just enough to pull your device through the knocks of daily use.

  • Poetic OnePlus Nord N30 Revolution

    Poetic Revolution Case for Nord N30

    With a built-in kickstand for watching movies, the Poetic Revolution is a good option for those who want to consume media on the go while maintaining protection on their Nord N30. The Revolution case is available in various colors, allowing you to show off your personalized style while protecting your device.

  • TUDIA OnePlus Nord N30 DualShield Grip

    Tudia DualShield Grip for Nord N30

    There’s no denying the Tudia DualShield Grip case is nicely designed. This dual-layer cover is also highly shock absorbent and features raised lips around its corners to protect your screen and camera lenses. Moreover, the back of the case is well-textured and grippy enough to eliminate any slipperiness that could cause you to accidentally drop your phone.

  • foluu silicone case for the oneplus nord n30, front and back views

    Foluu Silicone Case for Nord N30

    Foluu’s silicone case comes in a few color options that add style to your OnePlus Nord N30’s visual features. It includes a raised lip around the screen’s edge as well as the camera array on the back. This helps protect your phone from potential damage caused by a fall. The soft silicone case feels great in hand and offers quality protection at a wallet-friendly price.

  • Feitenn OnePlus Nord N30 folio case

    Feitenn Folio Case for Nord N30

    The Feitenn Folio case matches a PU leather outer case with an internal plastic shell for extra durability and protection for your OnePlus Nord N30. The folio design is popular with business people and those looking for a more professional look added to their OnePlus Nord N30. In addition, the fold-over clasp prevents the screen from being exposed inadvertently.

The best protection for your new OnePlus Nord N30

The OnePlus Nord N30 isn’t the most attractive or elegant device out there. The phone does provide great battery life and excellent features like a 108 MP camera and a 120Hz refresh rate, making up for stylistic stagnation. Even with its great features, the phone isn’t particularly well reinforced to withstand rough conditions on its own. Thankfully, you can fix its middling build, aesthetics, and its lack of drop protection with a top-quality protective case.

There are many decent options available, but of them all, the Poetic Guardian is our Nord N30 preferred case. It offers fantastic drop protection and allows you to cover your display with a scratch-proof screen protector that’s included with the purchase. And despite its heavy-duty design, the Poetic case lets you flaunt your phone’s back panel in all its dazzling color.

If the best case money can buy is your priority, the Speck ImpactHero Grip Case is a superb choice. As the name suggests, it offers top-level impact protection, and its body features long grooves that foster a secure grip. Speck cases are known for their quality build, great appearance, tactile feedback, and solid defense against bangs and knocks that daily life might have in store for your device.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a high-quality case for the lowest price possible, Foluu’s clear case has you covered. It’s a simple protector that brings a minimalistic vibe to the phone while still offering great protection. Alternatively, if you’d prefer something simple and modest to use with one of the best Nord N30 screen protectors, the official OnePlus cover is a quality option as well.