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Best OnePlus 12 cases in 2024

A rear right-tilted view of the OnePlus Standstone Bumper for OnePlus 12

A good case can be so hard to find when carriers don’t like your phone

After a successful comeback with the OnePlus 11, OnePlus has also hit the ball out of the park with the OnePlus 12. It has a gorgeous display, a flagship processor, a pretty large battery that charges incredibly fast (whether you choose wired or wireless charging), and an advanced cooling system. It’s a flagship that gives rivals like the Pixel 8 Pro a run for their money.

Aside from its specs, the OnePlus 12 offers an eye-catching Flowy Emerald finish, a mesmerizing marbled green colorway which is a strong contender for one of the best-looking Android phones. There is also Silky Black, which has an understated appearance. Since they look so good, you may be tempted to rock them as they are. However, it would be wise to invest in a case to protect the phone from scratches or drops.

There aren’t many OnePlus 12 cases available yet, but options from big-name brands and a few exciting colors and styles are available. This list has the best of the bunch.

  • A rear right-tilted view of the OnePlus Standstone Bumper for OnePlus 12

    OnePlus Standstone Bumper for OnePlus 12

    Best overall

    Almost a decade after the original OnePlus phone launched with that iconic Sandstone back, that extra-grippy texture is still alive and well on the company’s first-party case. While slim, this TPU hybrid case can help protect your OnePlus 12 from small falls and scratches, and well-beveled bumpers make it easier to keep a firm hold.

  • Front and back views of the Tudia Merge Grip for OnePlus 12 in Pine Green

    Tudia Merge Grip for OnePlus 12

    Premium pick

    $20 $22 Save $2

    Tudia’s Merge Grip is the Good Ol’ Reliable of non-Pixel, non-Samsung Android cases. It may only be drop-tested to 4 feet, but this old-school two-piece case is protective without being pricey. There are two green options to help match the Flowy Emerald, and you can buy this case with or without a MagSafe ring built-in for wider accessory support.

  • The front and back views of the Spigen Tough Armor for OnePlus 12 without a phone inside

    Spigen Tough Armor for OnePlus 12

    Best value

    Spigen is one of the only name-brand case makers to produce a OnePlus 12 cover, offering buyers two colorways of the classic Tough Armor at launch. The triple-layer case includes shock-absorbing foam, air cushions embedded in the TPU, and a small landscape kickstand in the hard plastic shell.

  • Two diagonal views of the Foluu Clear Slim Fit for OnePlus 12 in the matte style

    Foluu Clear Slim Fit for OnePlus 12

    Best clear

    Foluu makes two clear/black cases for the OnePlus 12, both with built-in air cushions and a solid black camera module cover, so that you don’t have to worry about the flash bleeding through the case. I highly recommend the matte version; it has better texturing on the bumper for grip and is less of a fingerprint magnet.

  • Displaying the side view and the back of the poetic revolution case for oneplus 12 with a screen protector

    Poetic Revolution for OnePlus 12

    At the expense of covering the OnePlus 12’s gorgeous design and adding a bit of heft, Poetic’s Revolution Case provides all-around protection. The military-grade shockproof case, available in black, blue, and pink, also has a front frame with an integrated screen protector. There’s even a kickstand to prop the phone up in landscape or portrait mode.

  • A green Nillkin CamShield Prop Case for the OnePlus 12

    Nillkin CamShield Prop Case for OnePlus 12

    The Nillkin CamShield Prop case for the OnePlus 12 has some pretty nifty features. First, it has a lens cover that completely shields the rear cameras, protecting them from scratches and dust. This cover can also be pulled back for kickstand use, albeit in a landscape position. MagSafe compatibility is available without making the phone too bulky, and its striped back adds style to its overall appearance.

  • Three views of the Foluu Faux Leather Folio for OnePlus 12: a stacked view of the front and back, in kickstand mode, and open flat with a full folio wallet

    Foluu Faux Leather Folio for OnePlus 12

    Folio cases for the OnePlus 12 are even harder to find right now than normal ones, but that’s okay because this polyurethane leather folio from Foluu checks all the boxes. You get three card slots and a deep pocket for cash, receipts, or business cards. The texture here is a bit closer to fabric than leather, but it’s plenty durable and comes in three cool colors.

  • A matte black Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the OnePlus 12

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for OnePlus 12

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case protects and showcases the OnePlus 12, showing off its eye-catching design. It’s made from a combination of soft TPU and a sturdy polycarbonate material and has air cushions to protect the phone from drops. The case also has a clear back and raised edges to protect the cameras and display.

The best OnePlus 12 cases are still coming

OnePlus may be quite well-established within the Android space internationally, but its phones still sell in pretty small numbers in America, especially when the OnePlus 12 isn’t being sold by carriers. This is why it’s more of a risk for accessory manufacturers to release cases. However, while a first-party case was your best bet on day one, now that the OnePlus 12 has spent a bit more time on store shelves, there are third-party cases from big-name and lesser-known brands.

When the OnePlus One was announced nearly a decade ago, its Sandstone-textured back was a fan-favorite feature. While OnePlus has eliminated that finish, it has made it available via its official cases. The tradition continues with the OnePlus 12 Sandstone Bumper Case, which earns the best overall tag. It is not expensive, and its gritty texture provides a nice grip, preventing your phone from slipping out of your palm. Sadly, OnePlus only offers it in black, which is a bummer for those who want it in green to match the phone’s Flowy Emerald variant.

For a little more money, the Tudia MergeGrip case offers military-grade protection for the OnePlus 12. It even has a variant that works with MagSafe accessories, but it costs a bit more. The MergeGrip case is available in multiple colors, including two shades of green. Most importantly, the case has raised edges around the display and rear cameras to protect them from scratches, and its hard polycarbonate shell can survive drops from a height of up to 4 feet.

If you need something a little beefier, Spigen’s Tough Armor is the ideal pick. It earned the best value badge and it has been the most popular OnePlus case for three years running for a reason. Durable, dependable, and unchanging, the Tough Armor can take a drop like a champ and while its built-in kickstand may only work in landscape, it’s nice to have one built in at all.

Once you have a case on your OnePlus 12, you’re technically all set since OnePlus pre-installs a film screen protector, but a film protector can only guard against scratches. To give your all-important screen some protection against spiderwebbing shatters, you’ll need a sturdy tempered glass screen protector too.


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