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Best Motorola Razr+ (2023) screen protectors in 2024

supershieldz screen protector for razr plus

Your Razr+ deserves the best

With the Razr+, the Motorola foldable lineup returned to the conversation with supreme force. The Razr+ has a stunning, flexible display that pairs modern functionality with a vintage, throwback feel. A Motorola Razr+ case is doubtless a must-have addition to keep your new beauty safe, but this isn’t the only security measure you should be considering.

The dual glass displays (both inside the fold and on the outside of its clamshell design) come with a screen protector already in place. But an upgrade or replacement when the film inevitably starts to peel away will help protect your device far more efficiently. Moreover, the outer screen doesn’t come pre-protected in this way. A durable shield against scratches and scrapes will serve your Razr+ admirably. This list includes the top recommendations for the best Motorola Razr+ screen protectors to get started.

  • supershieldz screen protector for razr plus

    Supershieldz Screen Protector for Razr+ (2023)

    Best overall

    $9 $11 Save $2

    The Supershieldz Screen Protector For Razr+ consists of two separate scratch-resistant TPU films that protect the twin displays of the foldable phone from the travails of daily life. Like other products from Supershieldz, this screen protector is made of high-quality, transparent materials. It boasts a six-layer design that lends additional protection to the fragile folding display of the Razr+.

  • zagg invisibleshield fusion curve for razr plus

    Zagg InvisibleShield Fusion Curve for Razr+ (2023)

    Premium pick

    The Zagg InvisibleShield Fusion Curve screen protector for the Razr+ comes at a premium, but it’s the only screen protector that Motorola recommends for the Razr+. Zagg claims several features on this screen protector, starting from an unbreakable, flexible hybrid polymer layer to precision cut edges that fit the curved external screen of the phone. Zagg’s proprietary EZ Apply should make applying the screen guard easier. Oh, and you also get a limited lifetime warranty for the product.

  • iqshield screen protector for razr plus

    IQShield Screen Protector for Razr+ (2023)

    Best value

    The IQ Shield Screen Protector is fast emerging as a popular option among Moto Razr+, thanks to its incredible value proposition. This TPU-based screen protector comes with everything needed for seamless application, including a squeegee and lint-less wiping cloth, along with clear installation instructions. Despite being light on the wallet, IQ Shield backs this product with its lifetime replacement warranty.

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    skinomi matteskin for razr plus

    Skinomi MatteSkin for Razr+ (2023)

    Best matte

    The Skinomi MatteSkin screen protector has one of the main attributes in its name itself. It comes in a matte finish and is a perfect tool for people who don’t like glare-prone, glossy displays. Besides protecting the display from scratches, smudges, and fingerprints, this screen protector also claims self-healing capabilities. It is made of a flexible, tough, military-grade elastic polymer material. Like many of its peers, Skinomi also offers a lifetime warranty.

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    deltashield screen protector for razr plus

    DeltaShield Screen Protector for Razr+ (2023)

    If you want nothing less than military-grade screen protection, the DeltaShield BodyArmor kit is a capable option for your Moto Razr+. The kit includes two screen protectors for the inner and outer displays, an installation squeegee, and a microfiber cloth. This product also claims self-healing capabilities and comes with an oleophobic coating that makes it resistant to fingerprint smudges. In addition, the company claims that the shield is resistant to gradual yellowing over time.

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    suttkue screen protector for razr plus

    Suttkue Screen Protector for Razr+ (2023)

    The Suttkue screen protector may not have the brand recognition of others in this list but is nonetheless a great value option for people seeking a no-nonsense, functional screen protector for the Moto Razr+. While it doesn’t claim fancy protection capabilities, it is more than capable of keeping your fancy foldable phone’s display free of scratches and smudges. The company also offers a free replacement or refund for genuine manufacturing defects.

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    ArmorSuit Moto Razr+ Screen Protector

    ArmorSuit Military Shield for Razr+ (2023)

    There are a lot of takers for screen protectors with the “military-grade” protection badge, and ArmorSuit seems to be taking full advantage of the trend. It markets its Razr+ screen protector under the MilitaryShield brand, which means it combines self-healing and overall toughness, as well as scratch resistance and fading resistance. The product pack includes two screen protectors, an installation spray, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth.

  • Liseon Screen Protector for Razr+

    Liseon Screen Protector for Razr+ (2023)

    Liseon’s affordable soft TPU-based protector is yet another option for folks seeking a no-nonsense Moto Razr+ screen protector. It doesn’t make bold claims like many of its competitors; however, it does a pretty good job of keeping the fragile screen of the Razr+ from minor scratches and scuffs. It also has self-repair tech as well as an oleophobic and anti-fingerprint coating for added protection.

Keep your Motorola Razr+ screen safe

After getting your hands on the newest Razr+, you’ll find it crucially important to keep the foldable protected. A case will do much of the heavy lifting necessary, but adding screen protectors to the inner and outer glass faces completes the task with ease.

The Supershieldz TPU screen protector is the best available. Supershieldz is a trusted brand that offers high-quality screen protection for both displays. The TPU also makes it scratch-resistant and gives it a self-healing attribute that isn’t found in tempered glass protectors.

Alternatively, the Zagg InvisibleShield Fusion Curve is a premium protective layer that straddles these material types perfectly. The hybrid polymer construction gives it the hardness and clarity of a glass surface while retaining a bit of absorption capability. It’s also constructed with curved edges that perfectly fit the Razr+.

The IQShield screen protector is also made from TPU. The oleophobic coating makes for a smudge and fingerprint-resistant finish that’s affordable and highly protective.

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