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Best Google Pixel 8 Pro Accessories

Google pixel 8 pro case AM AH

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is quite the capable smartphone, as it currently stands. However, there are quite a few great accessories that you could pick up that can make the Pixel 8 Pro an even more impressive smartphone. These will also allow you to take full advantage of every feature of the new Pixel 8 Pro. And get the most out of your new phone.

We’ve rounded up the best accessories available for the Google Pixel 8 Pro, and I use the majority of these myself with the Pixel 8 Pro. So I can personally vouch for them that they are as good as we say they are.

Best Case: Google Silicone Case

Google pixel 8 pro case AM AH

The Silicone case from Google for the Pixel 8 Pro is actually really good-looking, and I absolutely love it. I’ve been using it on my Pixel 8 Pro since I received it. I did grab the Bay blue color case to match the Bay color Pixel 8 Pro. Google also offers it in a few other colors, including Porcelain, Charcoal, and Mint.

Like most first-party cases, this one is not a cheap one. We’re looking at a $34.99 price tag here, which, to be quite honest, is not that expensive. After all, Apple’s silicon cases are priced at $50.

So, what’s so great about this case? Well, first off, it looks incredible. I’ve had the Pixel 8 Pro since October, and it’s still hard to put it down because it’s such a stunning phone. Secondly, it does a really great job of protecting your Pixel 8 Pro. It has a nice lip around the camera bump, which, as you can see, can get scratched up quite easily. Especially in the Bay color, since it is a mirror-like finish there. There’s also a nice lip on the front for the display. To keep that safe as well.

Unlike a lot of other Silicone cases on the market, this one does not attract dirt and dust as much. It does still get some, but nowhere near as bad as the Silicone cases I’ve used from Samsung and Apple. And for that reason alone, it’s a good case to grab. It also adds a pretty good amount of grip, so you won’t ever need to worry about potentially dropping your phone. That’s also a pretty big deal.

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Best MagSafe Compatibility: Spigen MagFit Adapter

Google Pixel 8 pro accessories AM AH 1Google Pixel 8 pro accessories AM AH 1

This might not be a feature that everyone wants, but I can say for sure it’s something you should want. MagSafe is such a great feature to have, and since you can add it so easily on the Pixel 8 Pro, we had to add it to our list here.

With the MagFit Adapter from Spigen, you can easily adhere a magnet to the back of your Pixel 8 Pro and have MagSafe compatibility on Android. This means that you’ll be able to use it for MagSafe chargers, MagSafe battery packs, and much more. Spigen has made it pretty easy to install; in fact, I’ve installed it on my Pixel 8 Pro, and it took just a couple of minutes.

Now, the only downside here is that the MagFit Adapter is not strong enough to work well with a case. It’ll still connect to MagSafe chargers, but it won’t stay on there as quickly. The trick here is to add it to the back of your case. Which then means you’re going to see the magnet every time you pick up your phone. It’s not perfect, but it does work. Hopefully, we see more phones coming with Qi2 in 2024, which is going to bring MagSafe support to more phones.

For just $18, this MagFit Adapter is a really great idea to pick up for your Pixel 8 Pro, especially if there’s someone in your home who uses other MagSafe products with their iPhone. Now you both can use them.

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Best Wireless Charging Stand: Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen)

Google Pixel Stand 2nd gen image 3Google Pixel Stand 2nd gen image 3

The Google Pixel Stand is basically an expensive wireless charger for your Pixel. Is it a wireless charger that you need? Of course not. But it is a really cool one to use if you do own a Pixel. It is priced at $79 and has been going out of stock at some retailers lately. It’s unlikely that a new version is coming before the Pixel 9 series is announced next October, however.

The Pixel Stand will let you charge your Pixel standing up. So, while it’s wirelessly charging, you can still use your phone. Google also has some pretty cool smart features built into the Pixel Stand. It kind of turns into a smart display, where it will show you snapshots from Google Assistant and your Nest devices while it charges. You can also use it during Google Meet meetings and keep it charged up. Because, as we all know, Google Meet is going to use up quite a bit of battery.

What makes the Pixel Stand so versatile is the fact that it will also charge your Pixel Buds, but it won’t charge your Pixel Watch, unfortunately. And that’s because the Pixel Watch is so small and also uses pins to connect to its charger. But still a good option if you have a Pixel phone and Pixel Buds that you want to charge.

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Best Battery Pack: Anker Nano Power Bank

Google Pixel 8 pro accessories AM AH 2Google Pixel 8 pro accessories AM AH 2

This is by far my favorite battery pack these days. The Anker Nano Power Bank is a pretty small battery pack that has a capacity of 10,000mAh. That’s going to be enough to charge your phone at least once, maybe a bit more, depending on how empty it is. But what makes this battery pack so great is the display.

Yes, Anker put a display on its battery pack. And you’re probably like me, thinking it’s a gimmick. But it is anything but a gimmick. You see, the display can show you how much battery is left in a percentage. This is a whole lot more useful than trying to judge the capacity left by four LED lights flashing. It will also show you how long it can charge what is plugged in. Or how long it’ll take for the battery pack itself to fully charge. So while the display did sound like a gimmick at first, it has come in handy so many times for me.

Anker also has an embedded USB-C cable here, which works as a sort of handle for the battery pack. It’s pretty cool, and it means that I don’t need to pull out a USB-C cable to charge my Pixel 8 Pro when I’m on the go. There are a couple of other ports available, including a USB-C port that does input and output (read: charging itself and charging other devices), as well as a USB-A port available.

This battery pack does come in a slew of colors. I do have the mint-colored one, and it’s a pretty good one, actually. It’s a battery pack that I’ve taken on the go with me for the last six or so months. It has gone to Korea, California, New York City, and soon Las Vegas for CES. It’s come in clutch just about every time because it can be used for any phone that I might have in my pocket.

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Best Smartwatch: Google Pixel Watch 2

AH Google Pixel Watch 2 Review (6)AH Google Pixel Watch 2 Review (6)

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is obviously the best smartwatch that you can pair with the Pixel 8 Pro. It’s actually a really substantial upgrade over the original Pixel Watch. Thanks to the newer processor, which makes it a lot faster and more efficient. But it does still come in just a single size, which is actually fairly small. It’s a 41mm watch, which actually looks even smaller because of the large bezels around the screen.

With the Pixel Watch, Google wanted to create a smartwatch that looked like a pebble. This makes sense since Pebble was bought by Fitbit, and then Google bought Fitbit, so it has all of that in-house now. It does look really good, but many are put off by the large bezels around the display. Hopefully, that’s something that gets addressed in the next iteration. The size might be a bit too small for a lot of men out there, but for women, the size might be perfect. Women typically have smaller wrists anyway.

The Pixel Watch 2 has Fitbit built-in, so it’s really more of a Fitbit tracker that is also a smartwatch. If you’re looking for something that can track your activity and workouts each day, there’s really no smartwatch that will do a better job than this one. It also comes with six months of Fitbit Premium.

Wear OS 4 is on the Pixel Watch 2, which is a pretty major upgrade over Wear OS 2, but from Wear OS 3, it’s a pretty minor one. Basically, improving some stuff under the hood to make things run better for the most part. There are also some pretty good apps for Wear OS 4 that have launched recently, including Gmail. So now you can triage your email right from your wrist, which is really nice.

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Best Wall Charger: Spigen GaN 65W USB-C Charger

51HeG3yvm8L AC SL150051HeG3yvm8L AC SL1500

Like many other smartphone makers these days, Google is also not including a charger in the box anymore. Which we all have mixed feelings about. If you’re paying $999 for a phone, you should definitely get a charger in the box. On the other hand, if you’ve bought a phone recently, you likely have a bunch of USB-C chargers around your home already, which will work fine for the Pixel 8 Pro anyway.

But that’s where the Spigen GaN 652 65W USB-C Charger comes into play. This is a new GaN charger, which provides a lot of advantages. By using Gallium Nitride inside the charger instead of silicon, it’s able to keep the charger cool while using less space. So in turn, companies like Spigen can offer a faster charger that’s smaller than slower chargers, like this GaN 652 charger here.

It’s a dual-port charger from Spigen that offers two USB-C ports. Now it does up to 65W total, which means that you won’t get 65W per port. If you use a single port, you will get the full 65W. However, if you’re using both, one will get 40W, and the other will get 25W. But the important thing to remember here is that the Pixel 8 Pro does not have the ability to charge faster than 30W. So what does that mean for this charger? Well, the charger will only give the maximum power that the Pixel 8 Pro will ask for, so it won’t give it more than 30W.

So why should you buy this charger for your Pixel 8 Pro if the phone can’t even take full advantage of it? Well, it’s USB-C. So it will be able to charge other things, like your tablet, your laptop, and even your smartwatch. It’ll also be future-proof a bit. This is odd to say since we do have phones doing over 100W already. But most are still maxing out at 40W. But it’s a good investment, especially if you have other faster USB-C devices you want to charge – like a laptop.

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Best Earbuds: Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel buds pro AH 4Google Pixel buds pro AH 4

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro are some of the best earbuds you can buy, period, never mind the best for the Pixel 8 Pro. These earbuds are actually pretty inexpensive compared to the competition. They do have an MSRP of $199, but we typically see them discounted to $149 or even less. Meanwhile, the AirPod Pro from Apple is typically priced at $249.

Google has released the Pixel Buds Pro in a number of fun colors, including Charcoal, Porcelain, Coral, and Fog. More recently, they launched two new colors: Lemongrass and Bay. The Bay color looks really good with the Pixel 8 Pro in Bay – though, unfortunately, I didn’t get them in Bay. That’s the only real downside I have for these earbuds.

So how good do they sound? That is obviously the big question here, seeing as they are earbuds. And well, they sound really good. These are some of the best-sounding earbuds I’ve ever used. The only ones that can really beat these are the Sony WF-1000XM5 or a few other audiophile-type earbuds. This is expected since they do focus a lot more on audio quality. Google has also included an EQ that users can adjust to get the perfect sound for them. So you can really tune it to your liking.

These are Google earbuds, so they do more than just play music or podcasts for you. There are also some smart features built in. Google Assistant is built-in, so you can hear your latest notifications in your ears, as well as reply to messages and such. Basically everything that Google Assistant can do. That includes asking for directions, controlling your music and more, all being done hands-free.

Since these are the Pixel Buds “Pro” that means that you’re going to be getting the best listening experience. But also the best active noise cancellation. These do an excellent job with ANC. The transparency mode is also top-notch. This is going to let you hear outside sounds in real-time. This is important when you’re wearing these earbuds while walking down the street. As well as flying and the flight attendant needs to ask you something.

These are the best earbuds you can buy for the Pixel 8 Pro right now.

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Best Car Charger: Baseus 65W USB-C Car Charger

71lCUosUloL AC SL150071lCUosUloL AC SL1500

Baseus has quietly been making strides with the best phone accessories. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of their battery packs as of late. And now they have a new car charger that also looks incredible. It’s also only $15.

This is the Baseus 65W USB-C Car Charger. It has three ports, including two USB-C and a USB-A port. So you can charge multiple devices in the car at the same time. This includes up to 25W max on the first USB-C port, up to 20W max on the second USB-C port, as well as 20W max on the USB-A port. Add all of that up, and you get 65W. Unfortunately, even while using a single port, you can’t get more than 65W. However, that is likely a good thing, as that kind of power being drawn from your car is probably not a good idea.

Baseus is using a new heat dissipation process that will keep the temperature of this car charger low. So that your devices can keep charging fast. That’s very important when charging multiple devices, as it can really get quite hot putting out 65W worth of juice at a time.

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