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Best Galaxy S24 cases


Samsung unveiled its latest premium Galaxy S series phone, the Galaxy S24, and we’re all excited to get our hands on one. These phones are designed to be sturdy and high-quality, but ANY phone can use a good case. No matter how strong the Gorilla glass on it is, “Glass is glass, and glass breaks.” so, here’s a list of some of the best cases you can get for the Galaxy S24.

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Before hopping into the cases, you’ll want to know more about these phones. Check out our Galaxy S24/S24+ preview to know more about these phones, and read our Galaxy S24 Ultra preview as well. Samsung announced a ton of AI features for these phones. Look at our rundown of all the AI features the company announced for these phones.

At the time of writing this list, these phones are up for pre-order. Using the links below will give you $50 off of your order. The Galaxy S24 starts at $799, and you can expect some nice trade-in deals. Be sure to check them out.

Pre-order the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Pre-order the Galaxy S24/S24+

ESR Samsung Galaxy S24 Case with Kickstand

ESR for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

The Galaxy S24 has a beautiful design that’s the result of years of refinement. There are people who want to keep their phones protected while still showcasing that design. Well, this clear case from ESR is the case for you if you’re one of those people. Aside from being sturdy, it’s also incredibly convenient.

This case was shown off during CES 2024 along with other cases and accessories. This ESR case is a pretty straightforward accessory being crystal-clear. This way, you can still see what color you picked for your Galaxy S24. What’s neat about this is that the materials it uses also resist yellowing. So, you’ll be able to keep this case for a while without it looking gross on you.

When it comes to protection, this case protects the phone in several areas. For starters, the screen is usually the first part of a phone to get broken. The ESR Galaxy S24 Case has a raised edge that extends slightly above the screen. This means that, in the event of a fall, there’s less chance for the screen to make contact with the surface. The case will take the impact of that and keep the screen safe. There’s also a raised edge over the camera package that protects the protruding camera lenses.

The corners of the case keep the phone safe using Air Guard technology. This locks a layer of air between the case and the phone’s corner. It provides additional cushioning in the event of an impact. Adding to the overall security, the back of the case is made with scratch-resistant hard acrylic.

Another neat feature of this case is the aluminum alloy kickstand on the back of it. It swivels outward to support your phone. You’re able to prop your phone up in both portrait and landscape orientation.

ESR Samsung Galaxy S24 Case with Kickstand – Amazon

SPIDERCASE Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

SPIDERCASE Designed for Samsung Galaxy S24 CaseSPIDERCASE Designed for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

When talking about protective cases, there are some companies that strive to give you 360 degrees of protection. This is what SPIDERCASE is looking to do with this clear case. Don’t be fooled by its sleek and slim profile, this case will envelope your Galaxy S24 to keep it fully protected in the event of a fall. $19.99 is a great price to pay for this kind of protection.

The SPIDERCASE Galaxy S24 case is a crystal-clear case that lets the phone’s design shine through. It’s made from a strong thermoplastic polyurethane material that resists yellowing and protects the phone. The case uses anti-slip materials that allow you to have a better grip on your phone. Sure, it can protect your phone in the case of a drop, but why not avoid as many drops as you can? It offers additional grip so that your phone won’t slip off of tables or chairs.

The edge of the case is raised 1.6mm, so it keeps the display and camera package protected in the event of a fall. Speaking of falls, this case was rated to keep phones protected from 10ft falls. With a rating like that, you shouldn’t be afraid if your phone takes a tumble from your pocket. The materials that this case is made up of are military-grade.

Again, this case offers 360 degrees of protection, and it does this with additional add-ons. For starters, this case comes with a set of two sturdy tempered glass screen protectors. These will sit over the phone’s screen and take the impact of a fall. This adds even more protection along with the raised lip, so your phone’s screen is well-protected. Along with the screen protector, the case comes with two camera lens protectors. These are metal cutouts reinforced with tempered glass to keep the camera safe.

SPIDERCASE Samsung Galaxy S24 Case – Amazon

OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S24 Symmetry Series Case

OtterBox Novelists Symmetry Series CaseOtterBox Novelists Symmetry Series Case

You should already be familiar with Otterbox. This is the brand that brings extremely resilient cases that make your devices nearly indestructible. These are usually rather bulky cases that are composed of several parts that lock into place. Simply put, you can put your phone through a ton of abuse, and it won’t get a mark. However, Otterbox also makes sleek and formfitting cases that keep a low profile. The Otterbox Symmetry series of cases keeps your phone protected without weighing it down too much.

This case is sleek, but it’s not meek; it’s built from high-quality materials. So, if your phone does hit the pavement, it’s still protected. In fact, the case has an official MIL-STD-810G 516.6 rating. It was drop-tested at least from a height of 4ft dozens of times onto solid concrete, and it survived. So, if your phone slips from your pocket, just know that this case is designed to withstand much worse.

This should come as no surprise, but this case has a raised lip that extends past the screen and the camera package. This keeps these parts of your phone safe during a drop.

The case pictured above is the black version, but this case also comes in two more colors if black isn’t your thing. There’s also a pink colorway and an orange colorway. This is for people who want more of a pop of color. The Galaxy S24 currently doesn’t have a pink color, and the orange color is a Samsung.com-exclusive. So, if you want any one of those colors, this case is your chance.

The Otterbox Galaxy S24 Symmetry Case is made with more than 50% recycled materials. This makes it good for people who want to reduce their impact on the environment.

OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S24 Symmetry Series Case – Amazon

TAURI Magnetic Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

TAURI Kickstand for Samsung Galaxy S24 CaseTAURI Kickstand for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

When you’re looking for a case, sometimes, you’ll want one that serves more than one purpose. There’s a ton of potential for cases to do more than just provide protection in the case of a fall. If you’re looking for a case that’s like a Swiss army knife, then you should look no further than this TAURI case. It comes with a few goodies that will make it a compelling offering for only $24.99.

Right off the bat, this is a durable case that will keep your Galaxy S24 from ruining its pretty little face. The case is crafted from high-quality materials that can take a ton of drops without showing any signs of damage. It’s made from sturdy TPU and TPE materials that provide all-around protection. There’s a raised lip that protects the screen and camera package, which is pretty par for the course.

While sturdy, this case still remains sleek. It’s not going to weigh the phone down or feel bulky when you hold it. It’s a formfitting case for people who don’t want to add too much heft to their phone.

The TAURI case has a few goodies that provide added utility to your phone. Starting off, there’s a sliding door that covers the camera package. This provides additional protection for the camera package, but it’s also a privacy feature. There’s no telling what apps could be using your camera without your permission. So, it blocks your rear cameras.

The camera cover also swings outward to act as a kickstand. You adjust the kickstand so that your phone sits at different angles. When you collapse the kickstand, it will sit relatively flat on the case.

Lastly, if you’re a person who likes to use MagSafe, then you’ll want to use this case. It comes with a magnetic ring right below the surface so you can use it with MagSafe accessories and chargers.

TAURI Magnetic Samsung Galaxy S24 Case – Amazon

Red2Fire Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

Red2Fire for Samsung Galaxy S24 CaseRed2Fire for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

The great thing about many of the cases out there is the fact that they sometimes come with amazing color options. Red2Fire has a Galaxy S24 case that comes in some fun colors and designs. The Galaxy S24 is already a nice-looking device. However, if you’re going to cover up that design with a case, you’ll want that case to have a great design as well.

It’s easy to see that this $17.99  case is built to take a tumble. It has a rugged design with additional reinforcement where it counts. The case has a raised bezel that surrounds the screen. Not only that, but you see this raised bezel on the back of the phone. The Galaxy S24 has a glass back, so it’s definitely vulnerable to breaking during a fall. The bezel keeps as much impact force away from the back of the phone as possible. The bezel also keeps the cameras protected.

Speaking of keeping the camera protected, this case comes with two camera protectors that provide additional security. This protection extends to the front of the phone because this case comes with two tempered glass screen protectors. So, no matter what angle you drop your phone, there will always be something keeping it protected.

The Galaxy S24 has an under-display fingerprint scanner. Thankfully, the screen protectors don’t obscure the scanner, so you’ll be able to use it without any issues.

The case pictured above is only one of the colors that are available. For the Galaxy S24, there’s also a Light Green, Light Purple, Pink, and Sea Blue color. These are all fun colors that will make your phone stand out. However, if you just want to see the original color of your Galaxy S24, then you can opt for the clear color.

Red2Fire Samsung Galaxy S24 Case – Amazon

FNTCASE Rugged Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

FNTCASE for Samsung Galaxy S24 CaseFNTCASE for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

If you’re an outdoorsy person, then you’ll appreciate a case that goes above and beyond to protect your phone. FNTCASE has made some pretty compelling cases, and the company is back to protect your Galaxy S24. This is a case that’s made for people who always travel where no phone should be taken. To protect your $800 phone, a $23.99 purchase is well worth it.

For this case, it’s all about the layers. The FNTCASE case for the Galaxy S24 comes with four layers. Firstly, this case comes with a tempered glass screen protector. It will be pressed onto your screen and take the impact of a fall and spare your screen. The next layer is a tough Polycarbonate frame that extends from the screen a bit. This will further protect the screen from the force of a fall. The frame will sandwich the screen protector between it and the phone.

The next layer will sit behind the phone; it’s a rugged backplate that will protect the back of the phone. Along with that, it will also cover the corners of the Galaxy S24. The corners are raised slightly, so they’ll absorb more of the shock from a corner fall. The backplate also has a useful kickstand that swings out. You’re able to use the kickstand to prop the phone up when you’re in the mood to watch some content. The kickstand can stand the phone up in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Lastly, there’s a handy belt clip that you can use to attach your phone to your person. This is for people who don’t want to keep their phones in their pockets. It is a pretty sleek case, but it does add some bulk to your phone. There might not be enough space for it in your pocket. Also, you won’t have to worry about it being damaged while hanging from your belt; remember, this is a very sturdy case.

FNTCASE Rugged Samsung Galaxy S24 Case – Amazon

GVIEWIN Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

GVIEWIN Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S24GVIEWIN Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S24

When looking for a new case for their phones, people sometimes tend to go for the more robust-looking cases with thick outer casings and included kickstands. These are all great options, but there are some people who just want a simple case to add some protection and give the phones a pop of color and personality. The GVIEWIN is a simple case at just $17.99, but it also brings a few neat features and a bunch of fun colors.

This model is the successor to a previous model, and it brings some added protection. The older version had a pill-shaped cutout that exposed the camera package. This time around, the case covers the area surrounding the camera lenses as well. The case rises about 0.1 inches above the cameras, so they won’t make contact with any surface. It also extends about 0.03 inches above the display.

As for the materials, the GVIEWIN case is made from silicone. This makes it flexible so that you can easily put it on and take it off of your phone. The material also means that it will take much of the impact from a fall. It’s a great case to use if you’re not looking for a bulky case. It’s rather slim, and it hugs your phone.

While this is a simple case, there are still a few goodies. Firstly, it comes with a screen protector included. It’s your typical tempered glass screen protector that will add some additional protection. Also, there’s a magnetic ring on the back that allows you to mount and wirelessly charge your phone.

This case comes in a ton of different fun and exciting colors that you can choose from. There are a whopping 30 colors that you can choose from. There are different shades of classic colors, pastel colors, saturated colors, etc. There’s plenty to choose from, so you’re sure to find your favorite color.

GVIEWIN Samsung Galaxy S24 Case – Amazon

Oterskin Galaxy S24 case

Oterkin Magnetic for Samsung Galaxy S24 CaseOterkin Magnetic for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

Oterskin makes a ton of different cases for phones, and their designs are always great. This company has a case for the Galaxy S24 that has an elegant and subdued design. While that’s the case, this case still offers ample protection for your phone for only $18.99. Also, this case comes in several different colors, so you’ll be able to find the right style for you.

The Oterskin Galaxy S24 case uses a combination of PC and TPU material to protect the phone. These materials are scratch-resistant so the case will look pristine for an extended period of time. The sides of the case are thicker to protect your phone’s frame and corners. While that’s the case, the back of the case is ultra-thin. It’s translucent enough for you to see your phone’s back. This gives the case a nice look. Since you can see your phone’s color through the back, the case’s colors will act as an accent.

The case rises 1mm above the screen and 1.2mm above the cameras, so they won’t make contact with the surface when the phone drops. It rises higher than most other cases, so you will have peace of mind.

The materials that this case is made from ensure that you have a comfortable grip on your phone. It’s nice to the touch, so you’ll want to hold your phone for extended periods of time. Also, these are anti-slip materials. This makes it harder for your phone to slip off of surfaces. So, you’ll be able to avoid more falls for the case to have to take.

If you use MagSafe accessories, then this case won’t get in the way. There’s a magnetic ring on the back of the case that lets it attach to magnetic attachments. This only adds to this case’s overall appeal.

The Oterskin Galaxy S24 case comes in six different colors for you to choose from. There’s Black, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Light Green, Light Purple, and Orange. They all look nice and they’re sure to give your Galaxy S24 some flair.

Oterskin Galaxy S24 case

Humixx Two-in-One Galaxy S24 Case

Humixx [Two in One] for Samsung Galaxy S24 CaseHumixx [Two in One] for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

We often see cases that serve more than one purpose. They come with built-in attachments that expand their usability, and those are some of the best cases. This is the case of the Humixx Two-in-one case for the Galaxy S24. This case brings a very unique and stunning design along with additional functionality that people will enjoy.

Starting off, this case uses non-slip and scratch-resistant materials. This means that the case will look great even over an extended period of time. The scratch-resistant materials mean that you won’t have to worry about putting your phone into your pockets with your keys and coins. Also, you won’t have to worry about your phone slipping off of surfaces when you’re not looking.

The Humixx case is a slim case that hugs your phone tightly. Regardless, it’s still sturdy enough to protect your phone in the case of a drop. It’s made from strong TPU plastic, and it has thick edges to take the impact. There’s also a cover for the rear cameras that keep them from cracking.

This case has a visually appealing NeoFlex CarbonStyle design. It gives the case a sleek and stylized look. It’s like giving your phone a fancy business suit. With that style, it’s sure to make your phone stand out among the sea of phones.

This is a two-in-one case; it doubles as a wallet. There’s a magnetic ring on the back of this case that allows a small card holder to attach to it. The magnetic ring holds onto the cardholder tightly, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off. If you’re a person who doesn’t carry too many cards with you, then you can very well leave the house without your wallet. The cardholder can hold a few cards as well; you can pack your driver’s license along with your credit cards.

Humixx Two-in-One Galaxy S24 Case

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