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Best flip phones in 2024


The versatility of flip phones is undeniable. With the latest devices sporting large outer screens and even bigger internal displays, flip phones have come a long way over the past couple of generations. They’re an alternative for consumers who are fed up with the enormous sizes of many of today’s best Android phones.

However, there aren’t a lot of devices available at the moment. This is especially true for buyers within the United States – the four foldables below are the only flip phones we’d recommend you consider right now. Luckily, they’re all so good that you can’t really go too far wrong.

The best flip phones available

Motorola Razr+ (2023)

Best overall

Well-crafted and beautifully designed

$700 $1000 Save $300

Motorola took a brief hiatus from selling flip phones in the United States but came back swinging with its latest and greatest flip phone. The Razr+ is an exciting device that sees the company go back to its roots. It designed a stellar clamshell that does more than enough to put some serious pressure on Samsung.


  • Large and versatile exterior display
  • Decent battery life
  • Performance is more than adequate

  • Cameras are mediocre
  • Motorola’s update history
  • Cameras can get in the way of the outer screen

Motorola wasn’t afraid to push the envelope when it designed the Razr+. It was the first foldable to utilize a larger outer display, giving it a huge boost in versatility. The 3.6-inch pOLED outer display has a 165Hz refresh rate for buttery smooth animations. Unlike its competitors, Motorola allows you to open any app on the display, allowing you to completely forego the large 6.9-inch FHD+ internal display unless you absolutely need it.

Open or closed, the Razr+ is a svelte flip phone. When opened, it measures 73.95 x 170.83 x 6.9mm and 73.95 x 88.42 x 15.1mm when closed. It weighs 188.5g and is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus on both the front and back. It also has an IP52 water-repellent design, giving it some protection against both dust and water.

The Moto Razr+ sitting on a shelf next to a box of caramels.

Motorola equipped the Razr+ with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and 8GB of RAM. While the processor is not as fast as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, it is more than capable of keeping up with day-to-day tasks without breaking a sweat. It also comes with 256GB of internal storage.

One common trait you will notice among flip phones is the cameras can be lackluster, and that trend continues with the Razr+. The Razr+ ships with a 12MP main sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide lens. It’s adequate and capable of getting some decent shots, although it’ll let you down at times and can’t hold a candle to something like the Google Pixel 8.

With two great displays, great performance, and decent battery life, the Razr+ is truly a top-notch phone. Motorola’s update history and camera performance leave a bit to be desired, though. Overall, the Motorola Razr+ truly is the best flip phone on the market today.

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Mint Galaxy Z Flip 5, back and front views

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Best Samsung

Fast and versatile

$875 $1000 Save $125

Samsung was the company that started the flip phone revolution, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 doesn’t disappoint. With a refined design, gorgeous displays, and fantastic performance, it’s easily one of the best devices you can currently find. This is especially true if you are an ardent Samsung fan.


  • Larger outer display
  • Refined fold-flat design
  • Fantastic performer

  • Camera is only adequate
  • Battery leaves a bit to be desired
  • Outer display is a bit limited

If you want a great flip phone and are a Samsung fan or want something with a guaranteed update policy, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. Samsung refined its Galaxy Z Flip formula, resulting in a device that opens and folds completely flat. With an IPX8 rating it’s more waterproof than the Razr+, but lacks any official dust protection.

Thanks to its internal 6.7-inch display, it is a slightly smaller device overall, though that internal display is just as beautiful as you would expect a Samsung display to be.

Samsung followed Motorola’s lead and gave the Z Flip 5 a much larger outer display. At 3.4 inches, this is the largest outer display Samsung has put on a Z Flip device. It’s a bit more limited than Motorola’s offering, mostly due to its 60Hz refresh rate and its compatibility with certain apps. Most of the important ones support it, but you can’t use any app you want on it.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 half-open on a stump.

The Z Flip 5 does come with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, allowing this device to fly through anything you can throw at it. If you are an ardent mobile gamer, the better processor and GPU may be more than enough to sway you to Samsung’s offering. Samsung also has a much better track record when it comes to updating its devices promptly.

Much like the Razr+ it comes with a 12MP main camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. They produce adequate images, but the device is sorely lacking a telephoto lens. It also struggles a bit in the battery department, but you should still manage a day if you don’t push it too hard.

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Moto Razr (2023) in Summer Lilac, closed and opened

Motorola Razr (2023)

Best value

A budget-friendly flip phone

$500 $700 Save $200

Motorola opened up the flip phone design to an entirely new set of consumers with the Motorola Razr (2023). It took its excellent Razr+ and turned down some of the specs, creating a device that starts at $700 and can very often be found for much less than that.


  • Vegan leather finish is fantastic
  • Same beautiful internal display as the Razr+
  • Decent battery life

  • Limited external display
  • Cameras are adequate
  • Slower performance compared to its flagship competition

Flip phones are fantastic devices, but their high price points have kept them out of the hands of more budget-conscious shoppers. The Motorola Razr (2023) and its $700 starting price tag flipped that script, bringing clamshell designs to the upper mid-range of devices for the first time. Motorola did have to cut some corners but created another great flip phone.

The Motorola Razr feels great in the hand thanks to its vegan leather finish and similar overall dimensions to its more expensive sibling. It also has the same beautiful internal 6.9-inch LTPO display that the Razr+ uses.

To get the price this low, Motorola had to make some tough decisions. It nixed the large outer display and replaced it with a much smaller and limited 1.5-inch one. It is suitable for reading short messages but pales in comparison to the larger displays used on the more premium lineup.

Motorola Razr 2023 closed showing the media player on the exterior display

Motorola also went with a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 processor and 8GB of RAM. From a power standpoint, this chip is much weaker than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 but is more than capable of handling day-to-day tasks. It may chug along at times, but you’ll hardly notice any real-world slowdown.

One added benefit of a smaller outer display and the weaker processor is pretty good battery life from the included 4,200mAh battery. Flip phones aren’t known for great battery life, so knowing you won’t be hunting for a charger, even during heavy usage, is a great feeling.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone, blue with back open

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Oldie but a goodie

Buy when on a steep sale

$660 $1000 Save $340

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a great device if it can be found on sale. It’s a solid performer that can handle just about anything you throw at it. However, its design and overall feel are a few steps behind this generation of devices.


  • Performance is still great
  • Great software support

  • Small outer display
  • Thick when closed
  • Lackluster battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is still a serviceable performer, even if it’s starting to show its age. Let’s be clear and upfront here: at full price the Z Flip 4 should be ignored. It’s not a bad phone at all, just not on the same level as the phones released in 2023. But if you can find it at a steep discount, the Z Flip 4 may make sense as an alternative to the cheaper Razr.

Samsung typically sticks to the best processors you can find, at least here in the United States. That means the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset is actually the exact same chipset found in the much more expensive Razr+. Coupled with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, you have solid overall performance.


The Z Flip 4 has a competent internal 6.7-inch display but is let down a bit by its small 1.9-inch outer display. Battery life is also a bit of a letdown on this device. Thankfully, Samsung’s generous software update policy means this device will continue to get updated for a couple more years, which could be a good reason to pick this over Motorola’s affordable option.

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What about international models?

While the flip phones available in the United States cover just about everything you could want from a device, you may be wondering about some of the other major international players. There are actually some very good flip devices available from around the world, but we don’t really recommend importing them to the States. Two major reasons we can’t recommend them are the lack of warranty support and cell phone band support.

If you still find yourself interested in an international model, then take a hard look at the Oppo Find N3 Flip. With a stunning internal 6.8-inch LTPO display, a 3.26-inch outer display, and a MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset, this device is a beast. In addition, Oppo found a way to cram a triple-camera setup into this thing. It has a 50MP main camera, a 32MP telephoto lens, and a 48MP ultra-wide camera. If Oppo ever releases this device stateside, Samsung and Motorola may be in serious trouble.

Another solid contender is the Vivo X Flip. The X Flip is not as tempting as Oppo’s Find N3 Flip, but is a solid enough phone. It has a 6.74-inch LTPO internal display and a 3-inch outer display and is powered by a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. It has a 50MP main lens and a 12MP ultra-wide lens. While a decent device, it doesn’t do enough to justify losing the warranty and possible connectivity issues.

Durability concerns

If durability is a concern for you, there are some important factors to note. While large outer displays are a fantastic addition, it does make them more likely to break over time, so make sure you get yourself a solid case and a set of outer display screen protectors.

Water and dust protection is also crucial. This is where Motorola has Samsung handily beaten. Both the Motorola Razr+ and Razr are IP52-rated. This means its devices can withstand rain and other light water splashes, but more importantly, can stop dust from getting into the device. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and 5 have IPX8 ratings, making them more water-resistant, but completely lacking any kind of dust protection.

The best flip phone for you

The Motorola Razr+ is truly the best flip device you can get. With a fold-flat display, a large and capable set of displays, and great performance, the Razr+ checks a lot of boxes. It may not be perfect, and there are some question marks regarding Motorola’s update history. But if you are looking for the best flip phone today, you can’t do much better than the Razr+. Just make sure to keep it protected in a quality case.

Just remember that foldable phones go beyond these compact clamshells, with larger book-style devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 also well worth considering.

Moto Razr+ (2023) in Viva Magenta, back, front, and folded views

Motorola Razr+ (2023)

Best overall

Beautiful, powerful, and top-notch

The Motorola Razr+ gets Motorola back on top of the flip phone market. It checks a lot of boxes. It is wonderfully designed, offers good performance, decent battery life, and has two amazing displays. The Razr+ is a great device for anyone even remotely interested in flip phones.