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Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs in 2024

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

It is difficult to imagine a time when most gamers sat in traditional office chairs that lacked the adjustability and comfort of gaming chairs. Partly thanks to streamers and esports champions, gaming chairs have become a vital component of any PC rig. Aside from being stylish, they come with an ergonomic build that allows users to sit in them for extended periods without developing neck, back, and leg pain. They’ve also proven to help promote good posture.




Which Secretlab Gaming Chair Material is Best?

Secretlab has multiple different materials to choose from for its gaming chairs. The best Secretlab gaming chair material will vary by person.

The most comfortable gaming chair will cost much more than peripherals like keyboards and mice, with some rivaling the price of building a high-end gaming PC. As such, it’s crucial to find a chair that can persevere for years, withstanding the normal abuse and spills caused by a gamer. To avoid any expensive mistakes, buyers should scrutinize their options when looking for the best ergonomic gaming chairs.

Factors for Choosing an Ergonomic Gaming Chair

When shopping for a good quality ergonomic gaming chair, consider the following factors:

Game Rant’s Picks for the Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs in 2024

Ever since its inception in 2014, SecretLab has steadily become a dominant force in the gaming chair arena. The Secretlab Titan Evo is one of the company’s most award-winning models, celebrated for its comfort and craftsmanship that allows it to remain in like-new condition for years. While the Titan Evo is offered in three different sizes, Secretlab tries to strike a balance in gamer preferences with its cold-cure foam that has a balanced medium-firm feel, designed for even weight distribution for anyone who sits in it.

The modular nature of Secretlab Titan Evo is what separates it from other gaming chairs. When ordering the Titan Evo, customers have a choice of a wide range of not only colors and fabrics but replaceable parts like armrests and head pillows that attach with magnets, not bolts. The armrests are also 4D, allowing gamers to adjust them in almost every direction imaginable. Adding to its ergonomic qualities is a dynamic lumbar support system that can also move in four directions.

Secretlab has made some other minor revisions to Titan Evo, mostly related to cosmetics and upgrade options. At the base configuration, the Titan Evo is relatively affordable for the features it offers, but options like NAPA leather send the price tag zooming well past $1000. Regardless of how a buyer customizes their purchase, the Titan Evo remains one of the best ergonomic gaming chairs available.

When shopping for a premium chair with ergonomic qualities, Herman Miller usually appears at the top available options. It’s no surprise then that in 2020, the company teamed up with Logitech to make its first gaming chair, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody. The Embody chair dates back to 2008, and the Bill Stumpf-designed chair quickly became known as one of the most comfortable to sit in for hours on end. The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody is all about maintaining a sitting posture that won’t lead to back strain and pain. PostureFit and BackFit support the lower and middle sections of the back with flexible ribs that complement the bone structure of the spine perfectly.

Copper-fused four-layer cooling foam is present on the back of the chair and the seat to keep gamers cool during long, heated gaming sessions. The armrest and seat height are adjustable, but it may take some tinkering to figure out how to modify the chair. Overall, with a Herman Miller 12-year warranty and leading ergonomic features, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody is the most comfortable gaming chair on the market.

The differences between the standard Embody and the Logitech G version amount to copper foam instead of scrim foam used on the Logitech. Of course, there are some styling changes on the Logitech G Embody to make it stand out from office chairs, including the Logitech G logo and a choice of blue or black accent colors. The standard Embody is usually priced several hundred dollars higher than the Logitech G version, so it’s best to try both out before purchasing.

Getting a gaming chair with good ergonomics is generally pricier but doesn’t always necessitate spending hundreds of dollars. Meet the GTPlayer Ace Pro chair, which does it on a budget and still manages to bring exceptional functionality. The ergonomics help gamers retain a good posture and provide comfort for every part of the body. Users will find a dedicated footrest underneath the seat that extends towards the front to allow different seating positions for more comfort.

The backrest is well-cushioned and so is the seating area, which is thicker than most budget gaming chairs. A dedicated lumbar support and headrest are available to keep pain at bay, and the armrests also come with proper padding. Due to the fixed position of armrests, they aren’t adjustable, but they help reduce the strain on the arms and shoulders through their correct positioning. A special feature of this chair is the built-in speakers that make a surround sound setup, which is quite nice.

The Razer Iskur X is Razer’s attempt to make a more affordable gaming chair that makes some compromises over the standard Iskur, but it’s still a solid ergonomic option for all-day comfort. While the Iskur X lacks the 4D armrest of the Iskur, there are still plentiful adjustment options on the chair including customizable recline, tilt, and height, which is why it made it to this guide of the best ergonomic gaming chairs. The Iskur X doesn’t offer the same lumbar support as the Iskur, but additional back cushioning is sold as an add-on purchase.

Perhaps the best part of sitting on the Iskur X is its high-density foam cushions which have raised edges on its sides to surround gamers in comfort. The multi-layered synthetic leather chair also has some of the most attractive styling of any gaming chair, while limiting itself to a two-color pattern. The steel-reinforced body of the Iskur X makes it far more likely to last years than a cheap office chair, accommodating up to 300 pounds. With its appealing looks, a seat cushion that gently hugs rear ends and legs, and rock-solid construction, the Razer Iskur X is the best gaming chair for buyers seeking a reasonably priced ergonomic option.

With its SL5800, Vertagear takes a different approach than most ergonomic chairs, employing a patent-pending ContourMax lumbar support system. The degree of lumbar support is not adjustable, but instead, Vertagear invokes a combination of memory foam cushioning and plastic pieces that shift according to the precise movements of a gamer. While this design decision may seem like a mistake, the ContourMax accommodates a wide range of bodies and sitting positions. The seat of the Vertagear SL5800 is also full of innovative features, with the VertaAir cushion consisting of a series of eight hexagonal air pillars that provide ample comfort and breathability.

The goal of the VertaAir seat cushion is to help relieve back pressure, which only adds to the ergonomic superiority of the gaming chair. Even without adjustable lumbar support, the SL5800 still allows for a high degree of customization with armrests that can move up, down, in, out, and rotate. Adorned in PUC faux leather, the Vertagear SL5800 is available in six colors with an RGB lighting kit sold separately. Exceptionally stylish and versatile for many seating positions and body sizes, the Vertagear SL5800 is among the best chairs for gaming in comfort.

Despite having a plethora of great gaming chairs in the market, most gaming chairs usually support gamers up to 300 pounds and up to 6’1″. This poses a big challenge for big and tall gamers who struggle to find a suitable gaming chair that also provides good ergonomics. Thankfully, FantasyLab has an excellent gaming chair dedicated to big gamers who weigh up to 400 pounds or measure up to 6’6″ in height.

The high-quality metal frame of the chair helps it retain its sturdiness and a strong base that is smooth on the floor. The chair is reclinable to provide a semi-sleeping position that won’t wobble despite a user’s weight. It has dedicated lumbar support for the lower back, a headrest, and 3D armrests that can be customized according to the needs. All in all, this is one of the very few options available for big and tall gamers that will work for a couple of years without breaking.

Not every gamer is a fan of racing-style chairs that look a bit out of place in office settings. Fortunately, non-gaming ergonomic chairs are just as comfortable to sit in and still blend in with most gaming rooms. The Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is a mesh-style chair that’s loaded with features and adjustability. Much like the DXRacer Air, the woven mesh fabric on the seat back of the ErgoChair Pro strives for ultimate breathability. The material is unexpectedly strong and flexible even if it doesn’t match the luxurious feel of thick memory foam cushions.

Despite considerable nylon plastic in its build, the ErgoChair Pro weighs nearly 50 pounds and can support users of up to 300 pounds. The seat on the ErgoChair Pro seems somewhat firm initially, but its waterfall seat pan has gentle contours on its side which promote hip and leg circulation. Since the seat can tilt up to 10 degrees, it’s nearly impossible not to find a comfortable sitting angle.

It will take most owners of the ErgoChair Pro some time to learn what the many included knobs and levels are for. The potential to alter the shape and feel of this chair is unrivaled at this price, with 4D armrests and adjustable lumber support. The seat back itself can recline with adjustable tilt and tension levels. Sadly, the 4D armrests can be an annoyance, since they continue to shift in various directions even after making adjustments. Available in six colors, this ultra-modern aesthetic makes it a great match for both trendy office spaces and the most advanced gaming rigs.

As a relatively new company, Mavix’s mission from the start was to create a gaming chair with the durability and ergonomic qualities of the best office gear. The M9 is the manufacturer’s flagship product, featuring a unique mesh fabric blend and some innovative adjustments. Where the M9 shines is with its build quality and adjustability. Appropriately, the M9 touts nine points of ergonomic adjustability, including tunable head and neck support, modifiable seat depth, and a seatback that reclines up to 127 degrees with tension control.

One of the more unique features of the M9 is its independent backrest, which can shift up and down. The M9 also ships with 4D Armrests, but with an optional upgrade, the arms of the chair can rotate 360 degrees. This has benefits when reclining the chair after work when a gamer wants to handle a controller instead of typing on a keyboard. Meanwhile, Dynamic Variable Lumbar support takes some of the guesswork out of the adjustment process, by automatically shifting as gamers change their sitting positions.

The Mavix M9 utilizes a combination of a mesh-type M-Breeze fabric and thick nylon on its seat cushion and seatback for optimal breathability and support. By using different fabrics on various parts of the chair, each component of the M9 works together to create the total package of durability, comfort, and cooling.

Another great ergonomic gaming chair is Noblechairs epic black edition. It is the favorite choice of many of the most famous Esports competitors and game streamers. With the Epic Black Edition, Noblechairs brings a sleek black chair that fits anywhere, whether it’s next to a stylish gaming rig or an office. The Epic Black Edition offers some notable improvements over the standard Epic chair that go beyond styling.

The Black Edition takes a swipe at mesh chairs with a durable hybrid material that combines vinyl and polyurethane (PU), making it more breathable than most faux leather fabrics. Meanwhile, cold foam upholstery limits heat absorption and is far more resilient than other materials that lose their shape after extended use.

Too often, the base of gaming chairs is overlooked, but Noblechairs realizes that it’s a critical component. The Epic Black Edition has a black powder-coated base that compliments the steel construction of the rest of the chair and supports a weight of up to 265 pounds. The only surprising drawback of the chair is a two-year warranty, which seems rather limited considering the quality of parts used in the Black Edition. Regardless, the Noblechairs Epic Black Edition is the best ergonomic gaming chair for Esports participants or office workers.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Gaming Chair

A great ergonomic chair can improve posture, reduce fatigue, and even help minimize back pain. Below are the factors to consider to help make an informed purchase.

Lumbar Support: Built into chairs or attached separately, lumbar support preserves the spine’s natural curve. It also enhances posture and reduces the likelihood of experiencing back pain after sitting for extended periods. Chairs can come with fixed lumbar support and adjustable lumbar support. When shopping for relaxing gaming chairs, this factor should be strongly considered.

Adjustability: Another factor worth considering in the hunt for the best ergonomic chair is adjustability. Look for chairs that have clear indications of adjustment bars that extend as far out, or nearly as far out, as the edge of the seat. A prime example of an ergonomic chair that allows for extensive adjustments is the Mavix M9. Although it is expensive, the M9 has some groundbreaking adjustability, like optional 4D armrests that rotate 360 degrees. This makes it a worthwhile investment.

Weight and Height Requirements: As flexible as ergonomic chairs try to be, certain gamers may simply be too tall or wide to comfortably sit in some options. Check the recommended weight and height limits before purchasing any gaming chair. The AndaSeat Kaiser Frontier Series XL is one of the chairs built to keep larger gamers comfortable and in proper sitting positions.

Build Quality: The build quality of the best ergonomic gaming chairs is particularly crucial because it’s expected that these chairs should last for a couple of years. Whether it comes draped in fabric or leather, ensure that it tends to be durable. Faux leather materials are great because they’re not affected by food or drink spillage. However, there is the issue of leather and how it makes gamers sweat more. Fabric materials do not cause increased sweating, but they’re not impervious to food or drink stains. Weigh the pros and cons of both materials before making the final decision.


Who Makes The Best Gaming Chairs?

There are tons of gaming chair brands to choose from, but is there one that stands out above the rest?


Q: What gaming chair is best for posture?

Game Rant’s pick for the best overall gaming chair, the SecretLab Titan EVO, offers superior build quality and excellent lumbar support. Its other premium offerings make it an excellent chair to buy for good posture.

Q: Do gaming chairs work for the office?

Yes. Gaming chairs, particularly the ones with an ergonomic design and various adjustability options, make it enjoyable to sit for long periods without worrying about bad posture or back pain.

Q: What makes a gaming chair ergonomic?

Most premium gaming chairs have ergonomic qualities. Compared to cheaper office chairs, ergonomic chairs have a backrest that accommodates the shape of the spine and are more comfortable for sitting for long periods. Ergonomic gaming chairs also commonly offer additional lumbar support and adjustable armrests.

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