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Best Eevee Mega Evolutions For Pokemon Legends: Z-A

Pokemon Legends Z-A Overpowered Pokemon


  • Eevee has become a fan favorite with its various evolution types and balanced stats. Considered a staple on any trainer’s team.
  • Eeveelutions like Espeon and Umbreon have potential for Mega Evolutions due to strong stats and unique abilities in battle.
  • With potential Mega Evolutions, Eeveelutions like Glaceon and Sylveon could rise in popularity as powerful additions to a trainer’s team.



Commonly touted as a fan favorite among trainers, so much so that it became the titular partner of its own mainline game in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, Eevee, along with its subsequent elemental evolutions, has become a prevalent part of the Pokemon franchise. With each Eeveelution being a different type and every one of them totaling a respectable 525 combined stat total, there is always a spot for one on a trainer’s team.


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With Pokemon Legends: Z-A confirmed to be bringing back Mega Evolution, there is potential for new Pokemon to get Mega Evolutions and for Eeveelutions to become even more cherished among fans while also balancing out the Mega Evolution field.

9 Eevee

From Gigantamaxing To Mega Evolving


Although being the weakest of its evolutionary line, Eevee is the only one to have been previously chosen for one of Pokemon‘s unique gimmicks. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, a certain Eevee has a special Gigantamax form, a design that could inspire a new Mega Evolution for Eevee in Pokemon Legends Z-A. This Mega Evolution could also see the return of Eevee’s special moves, which were only teachable to the player’s partner Eevee in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Though it is very unlikely Eevee will get a Mega Evolution, as previously only full-evolved Pokemon or Pokemon without an evolution have been chosen, due to its popularity among the fanbase, hopeful trainers could still keep their fingers crossed.

8 Espeon

Psychic The Teeth Out Of Enemies


  • Generation 2
  • Psychic-type

With the joint highest Special Attack stat of every Eeveelution at 130, along with the powerful Magic Bounce ability that reflects certain status moves back at an opponent, it’s hard to see why Espeon shouldn’t be in prime contention for a Mega Evolution. Access to powerful moves such as Psychic upon level up and Shadow Ball via TM as well as being able to further buff its Special Attack and Special Defense stats with Calm Mind further prove its excellence on the battlefield.

However, with Psychic being the type with the most Mega Evolutions at 10, 4 of those being Legendaries, there is potential that an Espeon Mega Evolution could be lost in the shuffle of other equally powerful Psychic Pokemon. Still, with a good secondary typing, such as Steel, Mega Espeon will be a stalwart member of a trainer’s team.

7 Flareon

Heating Up The Mega Evolution Field

A Flareon Pokemon on the beach in the Pokemon cartoon

As the Eeveelution with the highest Attack stat at 130, Flareon can cause havoc in battle with a hard-hitting high-power move such as Flare Blitz. If trainers are looking to counteract Flareon’s relatively low Defense stat, they can cover with moves such as Will-O-Wisp to burn their opponents and half their attack.


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Unfortunately, Flareon will struggle to beat out the likes of Mega Blaziken or Mega Charizard X, as both have higher or equivalent Attack stats along with higher Speed stats. With a small movepool on top of this, a Flareon Mega Evolution will need big buffs to its stats and a strong secondary typing, such as Dragon or Water, in order to contend with the other strong physical Fire Mega Evolutions.

6 Umbreon

Becoming The Dark Defensive Destroyer


One of the most used Eeveelutions in competitive play due to its high Defense and Special Defense at 110 and 130 respectively. Umbreon is commonly used as a tank, soaking up damage and either stalling an opposing Pokemon out with Toxic or using Foul Play, negating its rather low attack stat and using its opponents to finish them off.

Even though Dark-types have quite a few Mega Evolutions already at 6, only Mega Sableye specializes in defensive stats. Giving Umbreon a Mega Evolution will provide it superior stats to its bejeweled Mega Evolution counterpart and offer more options for a trainer looking for a tankier Mega Evolution to put on their team.

5 Sylveon

Contesting To Be The Cutest Mega Evolution Yet

pokemon anime sylveon

The latest addition to the Eevee evolutionary line offered players one of their first introductions to the new Fairy-type that was introduced in Pokemon X and Y. With its high Special Defense stat of 130 and a strong typing that meant it only had two type weaknesses, Sylveon could effectively slot into a lot of trainers’ teams. With access to Moonblast at level 50, a Mega Evolution Sylveon has the potential to be a really good Pokemon.

A Sylveon Mega Evolution could also give trainers the choice between picking it over Mega Gardevoir. They have similar stats and stat totals, with Sylveon’s 525 just edging non-Mega Gardevoir’s 518. Despite a lower base stat total, Gardvevoir’s dual typing means it has access to a better movepool with Psychic STAB as well, presenting a fun headache for Pokemon fans to debate.

4 Vaporeon

The Highest HP Mega Evolution

Pokemon Vaporeon Water Day Ambassador

Having one of the highest HP stats at 130, Vaporeon has the capability of surviving long enough to counter back with a Hydro Pump, showcasing its decent Special Attack stat in the process. Particularly skilled trainers may also be able to use its Water Absorb ability to correctly predict when their opponent is about to use a Water-type move and correctly switch in Vaporeon for some healing.


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A Mega Vaporeon will offer the Mega Evolution scene a unique Pokemon that is HP-focused. None of the current Mega Evolutions have a higher HP than Vaporeon, even the likes of Mega Rayquaza, and both Mega Mewtwo forms pale in comparison. With the right buffs, Mega Vaporeon could become the tankiest Mega Evolution in the game and would be a must-have on any aspiring Pokemon Trainer’s team.

3 Leafeon

A Physical Monster


The Generation 4 Eeveelutions of Leafeon and Glaceon often get overlooked compared to their counterparts, usually due to their typing. As a mono Grass-type, Leafeon is weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug, making it the Eeveelution with the most weaknesses at 5. However, Leafeon makes up for this weakness with its great Attack and Defense stats (110 and 130 respectively). With access to Leaf Blade at level 50 and Swords Dance at level 45, Leafeon has the potential to be a fun physical sweeper.

With there only being just 3 other Grass Mega Evolutions, Leafeon has a real chance of being a unique and viable option when playing. Its Defense stat ranks the highest against all other Grass Mega Evolutions, so with the buffs that Mega Evolution brings along with the potential for a great secondary type, Leafeon could become the best Grass Mega Evolution in the franchise.

2 Jolteon

The Fastest Mega Evolution


  • Generation 1
  • Electric-type

Jolteon is the fastest Eeveelution by a large margin. Its 130 Speed stat means it already outspeeds a lot of Pokemon, which is a significant boon when it comes to picking Pokemon for a team. Coupled with its high Speed stat are moves such as Thunder, which is capable of doing huge damage if it hits, and Thunder Wave, which can leave an opponent paralyzed.

Mega Aerodactyl and Mega Alakazam both hold the highest Mega Evolution Speed Stat in the franchise at 150. Jolteon has a higher base Speed stat than non-Mega Alakazam and the same Speed stat as non-Mega Aerodactyl, which suggests that a Jolteon Mega Evolution would at least tie in as being the fastest Mega Evolution in the game.

1 Glaceon

Making Glaceon Viable

pokemon unite glaceon

It is quite safe to say that out of all the Eeveelutions, Glaceon gets a lot less fanfare. Perhaps it’s the typing, as Ice is weak to some of the most prevalent typings in the game, or perhaps it’s Glaceon’s rather low Speed and HP stats of 65. However, with the right tweaks and acknowledgment of its best stats, such as its great 130 base Special Attack, Mega Glaceon could pose a viable addition to a trainer’s team.

With only two other Ice Mega Evolutions, when Glaceon claims the extra 100 base stat boost that comes with Mega Evolution, it will have the highest combined stats of any Ice-type Mega. With a strong secondary typing, such as Ground, Glaceon could finally get the recognition it deserves with a Mega Evolution.

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