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Best chess games you can play on your phone

Chess Pro game board

Board games cover a lot of ground; they can be as simple as checkers, or as complex as Monopoly. They can even revolve around the collection of cards, such as in Magic the Gathering. Ironically, many board games these days don’t even need a board, just a contemporary Android tablet.



We’ve shortlisted the most vibrant games on Android, but when it comes to that, chess is king. It challenges the full capacity of your intelligence, your ability to plan and think multiple turns ahead. In this list, we’ll look at the best chess games on Android. No board needed.

1 Real Chess 3D

Chess on Android is great, but there’s no beating real chess. Unless, that is, you’re playing Real Chess 3D. This title by EivaaGames simulates the game of chess to its finest detail. Real Chess 3D features gorgeous 3D boards and chess pieces, and multiple angles to view them from.

On top of that, the game has numerous options to customize the in-game board. And once you’re done, you can jump into challenging games of chess, either against AI, or real opponents. Real Chess 3D is the closest you’re going to get to playing real chess in a virtual environment.

2 Chess Pro

A great title for beginners, Chess pro offers tools and tips for refining and improving your generalship, on top of providing a great setup for casual chess. The app utilizes gentle teaching methods like difficulty sliders to control the CPU’s skill level, visual aids denoting avoidable bad moves, and countless tutoring features to educate you on what moves will yield positive results. Excel in local multiplayer or get competitive with Google Play Games online matches that capitalize on cross-play. If you are looking to brush up on your Western chess skills, Chess pro is a clear market leader on Android.

3 Chess Clash

For lovers of multiplayer, Chess Royal: play online is great for its online focus, event bonuses, and customization options. The app provides two modes of play, Classic Chess and Quick Chess; the latter adding a time constraint to both the participant’s moves.

Win matches to earn coins that can be spent on cosmetic art style changes to your pieces and chessboards, some of which have special buffs to influence gameplay. Take on randoms to your heart’s content, or invite your friends for a good-natured battle of wits; Chess Royal: play online aces both.

4 Lichess

Lichess is an open-source app designed by chess lovers for chess lovers. The app gives users insane customization options for quick-play matches, with dozens of selectable times for tiered challenges.

Participate in online tournaments, solve unique chess puzzles, play with friends, and even watch live footage of other players’ matches, all in one place. If you’re looking for an app that’s up there with the best open-source apps on Android and pushes chess to its limit, Lichess is right for you.

5 Really Bad Chess

Another quirky game from Noodlecake Studios, Really Bad Chess, functions like a standard chess app with quick play, ranked matches, and weekly challenges, but with the twist of randomly assigned chess pieces for every game. This adds an element of chaos to a game that’s always been about strategy and forethought, making for unique and fun challenges. A great app that puts a creative twist on a classic game combined with Noodlecake’s weird humor, Really Bad Chess is definitely worth a try.

6 Chess Openings Trainer

Chess Openings Trainer is an app for those looking to improve their chess skills, providing features to simulate strategies, record matches, and training modes that challenge users with restricted movement. Import recorded match footage and study the score to learn how you can improve or simply practice with a friend the old-fashioned way. Chess Openings Trainer is a brilliant app for dedicated fledgling chess pros to hone their craft, a task for which it comes fully equipped.

7 Shredder Chess

ShredderChess helps users hone their chess skills using the traditional board game method of playing against an experienced opponent. Get access to hundreds of tricky chess puzzles, or take on the CPU in single matches with highly sophisticated adjustable difficulty; the AI will even make mistakes to mimic an amateur. Shredder Chess provides tips and helpful suggestions as you play, which can be the difference between victory and defeat. Shredder Chess is a great app for dedicated single-player chess games against an AI that can range from complete newbie to professional.

8 Chess tactics pro (puzzles)

Chess tactics pro (puzzles) is a good option if you’re looking for a dedicated chess puzzles app containing three refined options for chess problems, each with tightly controlled difficulty levels. Solve daily puzzles, take the app on the go with offline play, or test your skill in progress mode; while always playing at your preferred plateau of expertise. The interface is easy to navigate, and your chess paraphernalia can be customized free of charge. Highly recommended for casual practice in spotting tactical advantages and playing smart, Chess tactics pro (puzzles) represents a highly refined service.

9 CT-ART 4 0 (Chess Tactics)

CT-ART 4 0 (Chess Tactics) is a pro Chess training app designed for sharpening your game knowledge to a tempered edge. Users have access to hundreds of classic Chess strategy tutorials, tests, and simulations for the purpose of learning how the game is played. Adaptive difficulty settings and a slew of other adjustable options keeps things accessible and handy, regardless of skill level. CT-ART 4 0 (Chess Tactics) caters to the voracious Chess fan with its tough challenges and helpful tips; ideal for learning on the go.

That’s checkmate! What’s your favorite chess game?

As mobile developers frequently display in the Play Store’s most popular puzzle apps, simplicity is key, and chess games demonstrate this beautifully. Their elegant, static, easy-to-learn rules manufacture a perfect baseline for developers to have fun with, as seen in serious training simulators like Chess Openings Trainer Pro and satirical deconstructions like Really Bad Chess. Plus, they’re tiny; no need for any fully energized power banks here! There’s never been a better time to try out a nifty chess app and enjoy hours of classic strategic gaming.

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