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Best Armor For Melee In Terraria

Terraria, Brain of Cthululu


  • The Melee Class in Terraria excels in close combat, focusing on tanking enemies and dealing fierce slashes to outlast competition.
  • Armor is crucial for Melee Class effectiveness, with definitive sets like Crystal Assassin offering valuable bonuses for combat.
  • Experimenting with different armor sets like Orichalcum, Squire, and Valhalla Knight can enhance a Melee Class player’s combat performance.



The Melee Class in Terraria boasts a preference for taking on threats up close and personal, touting Swords and Spears to protect themselves and their comrades from threats within an arm’s reach. Of all Classes in Terraria, the Melee Class is straightforward in their preference to tank enemies, soak damage, and dish out fierce slashes to outlast the competition.


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However, a Melee Class character is only as effective as the Armor they wear. Without the right kind of defensive setup, even the mightiest Sword can shatter under the weight of enemy pressure. While Terraria offers different ways of min-maxing a set of armor, certain definitive Armor Sets provide the kind of bonuses that boost the Melee Class’s overall combat performance.

Updated February 29, 2024 by Rhenn Taguiam: With Terraria building up to its 1.4.5 Update, it’s evident that Terraria remains an engaging sandbox RPG with a dedicated fan base despite its age. While players can use a wide variety of combat styles and exploration approaches in Terraria gameplay, going up close and personal with the Melee Class remains a staple for players who want a straightforward RPG experience.

However, while most players can settle for traditional armor in their Terraria experience, certain armor far outclass others in terms of their Melee viability. Among these include crystalline armor and melee-friendly Summoner armor.

1 Crystal Assassin Armor

Total Defense: 36

Crystal Assassin-1

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +5% Critical Strike Chance, +5% Damage, +20% Movement Speed, +10% Melee Speed, +10% Reduced Ammo Usage, +10% Reduced Mana Usage – As Set: +10% Damage, +10% Critical Strike Chance, Dash


Queen Slime (Drop)

Befitting its sneaky appearance, the Crystal Assassin Armor takes its shiny decor and enhances the player’s overall speed. When used in combat, the armor provides not just additional speed but reduced resource expenditure, allowing players to enjoy boosted critical strike chances on top of a highly mobile dash effect.

Acquired as potential loot after defeating Queen Slime, the Crystal Assassin Armor’s offensive and defensive potential can make it a neat alternative to early-game Hardmode sets. Its dash is also uninterruptible, making the Crystal Assassin Armor extremely suitable for fighting tricky opponents like the Twins.

2 Orichalcum Armor

Total Defense: 42

Orichalcum Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +6% Critical Strike Chance, +11% Movement Speed, +11% Melee Damage, +11% Movement Speed – As Set: Petals fall on the target for extra damage


54 Orichalcum Bar at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

When Terraria users often wear melee-oriented armor, its bonuses often come in the form of defensive buffs, recovery boosts, or even chances to hit back enemies that strike them. The case is different with the Orichalcum Armor, as the set’s rather bright purplish colors that exude a flowery feeling are also reflected in its set bonus.

When used, the Orichalcum Armor will have petals fall on a player’s target that deals extra damage. Angling this correctly can make the set effect especially useful against The Destroyer and Wyverns, as their worm-like nature can be hit multiple times in one go. Combined with the fact that the melee-oriented set pieces contribute to both movement speed and attack speed, players may be able to proc the petal bonuses much faster than they anticipated.

3 Squire Armor

Total Defense: 56

Squire Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +1 Sentry Capacity, +30% Minion Damage, +15% Melee Damage, +15% Melee Strike Chance, +15% Movement Speed, Increased Life Regeneration – As Set: +1 Sentry Capacity (+2 Total)


Tavernkeep for 75 Defender Medals

At first glance, the Squire Armor seems more suitable as a Summoner’s Armor instead of a mere melee attacker’s gear. However, its bonuses to melee damage and melee strike chance can make the armor set quite suitable for frontline combatants who want a change of pace. Purchased from the Tavernkeep for 45 Defender Medals after defeating any mechanical boss, the Squire Armor can become quite the stylish armor for players who want to look like a traditional knight.

However, the only saving grace of the Squire Armor in this regard is its boosted life regen on top of boosts in movement speed and overall melee performance. The Armor’s inherent summoning bonuses still make the Armor Set ideal for Summoner builds, which may encourage players to eventually prepare a Summoner kit should things go south.

4 Valhalla Knight’s Armor

Total Defense: 68

Valhalla Knight Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +2 Sentry Capacity, +60% Minion Damage, +10% Melee Damage, +20% Melee Strike Chance, +20% Movement Speed, Massive Life Regen Boost – As Set: +1 Sentry Capacity (+3 Total)


Tavernkeep for 150 Defender Medals

Despite its reputation as perhaps the highest-defense armor for Summoners in the Terraria experience, the Valhalla Knight’s Armor and its Norse aesthetic remain useful for players who want a competent piece of armor to fight the game’s main bosses. Valhalla Knight’s Armor is notable for its chest plate alone, as its boosts to health regen, movement speed, and defense can synergize well with other defensive plays.

What makes the Valhalla Knight’s Armor a suitable melee armor set is how its critical strike bonuses only apply to melee attacks, giving frontline players room to wear the armor and still enjoy boosted damage. Since the armor’s breastplate can stack its life regen with that of the Squire’s Great Helm, players having a tough time against bosses can enjoy a fusion of this set for higher defense.

5 Shinobi Infiltrator Armor

Total Defense: 54

Shinobi Infiltrator Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +2 Sentry Capacity, +60% Minion Damage, +20% Melee Damage, +20% Melee Speed, +25% Melee Critical Strike Chance, +30% Movement Speed – As Set: +1 Sentry (+3 Total), More Lightning Aura Efficiency


Tavernkeep for 150 Defender Medals

Considered the direct upgrade of the Valhalla Knight’s Armor, the Shinobi Infiltrator Armor adds a more Eastern-inspired mystic ninja feeling to a player’s Terraria gameplay. At first glance, the armor set seems heavily inclined to aid Summoners in the more hardcore offerings of the game. However, its slate of set bonuses may still be able to largely benefit melee players when used correctly.


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When analyzed, the Shinobi Infiltrator Armor gives much higher melee buffs compared to the Solar Flare Armor, although all components of the Shinobi Infiltrator Armor have “upgrade” pieces. Since melee combatants won’t have use of the Shinobi Infiltrator Armor’s Lightning Aura sentry buffs, they can trade the chest piece for the Valhalla Knight’s Breastplate for added defensive buffs.

6 Palladium Armor

Total Defense: 32

Palladium Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +5% Damage, +3% Critical Strike Chance, +12% Melee Damage, +12% Melee Speed – As Set: Rapid Healing for 5 seconds whenever hitting an enemy


54 Palladium Bar at Iron/Lead Anvil

The Palladium Armor is notable for its Rapid Healing buff that constantly heals the player, giving them a hefty boost in terms of damage mitigation. While its Helmet variants allow players to transition to Ranged Class and Magic Class gameplay in Terraria, its Melee Class build is its tankier variation.

However, the rather low defense of the Palladium Armor’s Melee version demands technical play on the user’s part, being only able to outclass the higher-defense Adamantite Armor should players avoid damage to supplement their healing.

7 Mythril Armor

Total Defense: 37

Mythril Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +7% Damage, +10% Critical Strike Chance, +8% Melee Critical Strike Chance – As Set: +10% Melee Critical Strike Chance


45 Mythril Bar at Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil

Similar to other Hardmode Armors, the Mythril Armorcreated in a Crafting Station has dedicated Helmets for specific builds, although its Melee Class benefits may help players capitalize on crit-heavy setups.

Unlike other armors, the Mythril Armor doesn’t have a special effect. Rather, using the full set provides different Set Bonuses depending on the headgear used, with the Mythril Helmet providing even more Critical Strike Chance. While more crits eventually translate to more DPS, players may want to switch to a more defensively heavy Armor Set to secure survivability.

8 Frost Armor

Total Defense: 43

Frost Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +16% Melee, Ranged Damage, +11% Melee, Ranged Critical Strike Chance, +8% Movement Speed, +10% Melee Attack Speed – As Set: +10% Melee, Ranged Damage, attacks cause Frostburn, snow trail during movement, ice shatter replaces pain sound


46 Titanium/Adamantite/Hallowed Bar, 3 Frost Core at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

The Frost Armor is a sleek Terraria Armor Set that encases players in spiked ice armor, with matching snow trails wherever they walk. Moreover, players are guaranteed to cause damage over time with Frostbite whenever they deal damage.

Since only Duke Fishron, Mourning Wood, and the Destroyer are the bosses immune to Frostburn, the Frost Armor is a decent anti-boss Armor Set of choice. Players who want to take advantage of the constant debuff can pair the Frost Armor with the Magma Stone and a Flask of their choice to theoretically trigger 3 DOTs at the same time.

9 Titanium Armor

Total Defense: 49

Titanium Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +7% Damage, +6% Movement Speed, +6% Critical Strike Chance, +9% Melee Damage, +9% Melee Speed, +9% Critical Strike Chance – As Set: 10s Titanium Barrier upon hitting an enemy,


59 Titanium Bar at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

The sophisticated nature of the Titanium Armor design is reflected in its special effect, where the Titanium Barrier’s Titanium Shards become a formidable long-range defensive option. However, the Titanium Armor does have inferior offensive stats over Adamantite Armor, making the latter a more practical choice.


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Players can attempt to circumvent this flaw by refreshing the Titanium Barrier with attacks. Despite the lack of hard offense, the constant Titanium Shards means players always have covering fire whenever they go on the offensive against enemies such as Terraria bosses.

10 Adamantite Armor

Total Defense: 50

Adamantite Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +8% Damage, +7% Critical Strike Chance, +5% Movement Speed, +7% Melee Critical Strike Chance, +14% Melee Damage – As Set: +20% Melee Speed, +18% Movement Speed


54 Adamantite Bar at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

The heavy reds of the Adamantite Armor may directly reference the aggression of the Melee Class. As with other multi-helm Armor Sets, the Adamantite Helmet for the Melee Class offers the best defensive benefits for frontliners.

However, players on the lookout to maximize damage output, especially against the likes of the Golem, should consider going for other Armor Sets like Mythril for damage and Hallowed for sustains.

11 Hallowed Armor

Total Defense: 50

Hallowed Knight

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +7% Damage, +7% Critical Strike Chance, +8% Movement Speed, +10% Melee Damage, +10% Critical Strike Chance, +10% Melee Speed – As Set: +19% Movement, Melee Speed, temporary immunity when hitting the enemy


54 Hallowed Bar at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

Being one of the few Hardmode Armor Sets to have alternating Helmets to accommodate all of the game’s Classes, the Hallowed Armor and its golden-detailed aesthetic is reminiscent of a classic knight armor.

This design fits the Hallowed Armor for its Set Bonus, Holy Protection, that guarantees dodges every second attack once every 30 seconds. With the right usage, Holy Protection could potentially save players in a pinch, especially against powerful opponents like Plantera.

12 Chlorophyte Armor

Total Defense: 56

Chlorophyte Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +5% Damage, +15% Critical Strike Chance, +5% Movement Speed, +15% Melee Damage, +6% Melee Critical Strike Chance – As Set: Leaf Crystal on the player’s head attacks enemies for 40 Damage


54 Chlorophyte Bar at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

Perhaps one of the rare times an Armor Set can accommodate most combat roles, the flexibility of the Chlorophyte Armor can encourage flexible melee builds. When using the Chlorophyte Mask, players can enjoy a hefty melee damage and melee critical strike chance increase that they can use with some of the game’s more potent Swords and close-combat options.


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With a full Chlorophyte Armor set, players also get a Leaf Crystal as a companion. This floating rock will constantly attack nearby enemies with the Crystal Leaf Shot, giving melee players a much-needed ranged backup in both Hardmode and for Terraria events.

13 Turtle Armor

Total Defense: 65

Turtle Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: +14% Melee Damage, +12% Melee Critical Strike Chance, Attract more enemies – As Set: -15% Damage Taken, attacking enemies receive x2 Base Damage of their attack (before defense reduction)


54 Chlorophyte Bar, 3 Turtle Sheel at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

When acquired, the Turtle Armor grants decent defense, boosts to melee damage, and critical chance to incentivize melee plays. However, although the Turtle Armor’s stats aren’t extremely potent, its set effect transforms players into effective tanks.

When hit by an enemy in melee, the Turtle Armor reflects 200% of the base damage back to the attacker with a strong 10 Knockback. This effect can do wonders against weak enemies in melee, though won’t do much against bosses due to its subpar damage.

14 Beetle Armor

Total Defense: 73

Beetle Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: Attract enemies, +6% Melee Damage, Speed, Movement Speed – With Shell: +5% Melee Damage, +5% Critical Strike Chance – As Set (Shell): +15% to 45% Damage Mitigation – With Scale: +8% Melee Damage, +8 Critical Strike Chance, +6% Movement Speed, +6% Melee Speed – As Set (Scale): +10% to 30% Melee Damage, Melee Speed,


18 Beetle Husk per set, full Turtle Armor, at Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

Another flexible Armor Set players can obtain in their Terraria gameplay would be the Beetle Armor, with its purple tint giving visual similarities to the insect-themed Vespoid Armor of the Monster Hunter series.

Their Beetle Armor could transform them into melee DPS via the Beetle Scale Mail or become frontline tanks via the Beetle Shell. For instance, the Beetle Might buff can give up to 30% Melee Damage and Melee Speed boosts provided players can consistently deal damage. Likewise, Beetle Endurance builds up to 45% Damage Mitigation in 3-second increments where players don’t take damage. This variability makes the Beetle Armor great against bosses like Duke Fishron.

15 Solar Flare Armor

Total Defense: 78

Solar Flare Armor

Defense (Head/Chest/Legs)


Bonuses, Effects

All Pieces: Attract Enemies, +29% Melee Damage, +26% Melee Critical Hit Chance, +15% Movement Speed, +15% Melee Speed – As Set: Solar Shields protect over time, consumes Shield Power to dash-hit enemies


45 Solar Fragment, 36 Luminite Bar, at Ancient Manipulator

Giving characters the appearance of a solar-irradiated knight much like Diablo’s Archangels, Solar Flare Armor has boosts to melee speed, damage, and critical hit, making it a potent tanking armor, especially in Hardmode.

With its Set Bonus, players get up to three charges of light for every three seconds they don’t receive damage, visually giving them a shield and up to three spikes. Attacking the player will cost a charge in exchange for unleashing powerful Fire Explosions that deal 150 Damage to surrounding enemies. Players can also use a charge to trigger a Shield Dash that pierces enemies for at least 150 Damage each.


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