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Best Amazon Kindle Scribe cases in 2024


Durable, attractive, or affordable, there’s a great Kindle Scribe case for you

The Kindle Scribe is not only Amazon’s largest e-reader but also the only model that supports note-taking, thanks to stylus support. Since its launch, it has received multiple major software updates that have added more features and greatly enhanced the overall experience, making it one of the best e-readers you can buy. However, the Kindle Scribe isn’t without competition, with a growing range of E Ink tablets now on the market.

Nevertheless, if you have recently picked up a Kindle Scribe and are looking to protect it, style it, or both, a case is your best bet. From simple cases that shield the Scribe from scratches to ones that can prop it up for better viewing, there’s a case for every preference — and you should find a suitable one on this list.

  • A black folio style case for the Kindle Scribe

    CoBak Case for Kindle Scribe

    Best overall

    Great design, premium materials, rugged protection, and an affordable price point – the CoBack Case for the Kindle Scribe has it all. The case even includes a microfiber lining to protect your screen from dust. Additional features include a slot for the Kindle’s stylus and an automatic sleep/wake function, making the CoBack Case one of the most value-for-money options around.

  • Official Kindle Scribe leather folio case with magnetic attach

    Amazon Leather Folio Cover for Kindle Scribe

    Premium pick

    If you want your Kindle Scribe to look like a million bucks, look no further than Amazon’s official Kindle Scribe Leather Folio cover. The case includes all the essentials, like a holster for the stylus, a microfiber lining, and sufficient protection. However, it excels with its use of magnets to attach to the Kindle, making it a cinch to pop on or off. Better still, the case can be folded like a stand for hands-free reading.

  • A Kindle Scribe and its stylus in a transparent case

    Keexyicc Clear Case for Kindle Scribe

    Best value

    The Kindle Scribe is already a large and heavy device, and throwing a case on it will add even more weight. However, with the Keexyicc Clear Case, you can protect your Kindle Scribe from scratches and falls without bulk. The pocket-friendly transparent case doesn’t cover the Kindle Scribe’s design, and its reinforced corners absorb shocks when impacts happen. There is also a slot on the right side for the pen.

  • The KuRoKo Slimshell Case for the Kindle Scribe is a PU leather origami style case

    KuRoKo Slimshell Case for Kindle Scribe

    Great design on a budget

    The KuRoKo Slimshell Case combines great styling with everyday protection thanks to its microfiber lining and a PU leather front. The origami-style construction lets it fold up at an angle for easier note-taking, while a built-in stylus holder lets you stow away the pen neatly until needed. The case also supports putting your Kindle to sleep to conserve battery life.

  • A gray suede sleeve case for the Kindle Scribe showing its open and closed state

    Walnew Sleeve Case for Kindle Scribe

    $25 $36 Save $11

    If you don’t want to slap a traditional case on your Kindle Scribe but still want to protect it from scratches and drops, the Walnew Sleeve Case is a great option. The suede sleeve has a soft inner lining to protect your device and a pen holder for the stylus. It also has a magnetic flap, so the device won’t slip out, and the all-around stitching adds a bit of flair to its overall appearance.

  • The MoKo Case is a slim PU leather case bringing a splash of design to the Kindle Scribe.

    MoKo Case for Kindle Scribe

    If you prefer a splash of design on your electronics, the MoKo Case for the Kindle Scribe will be perfect. The folding case has strong magnets to keep the cover shut, supporting the Kindle’s automatic sleep and wake function. You’ll find a pen loop at the top to easily access the stylus. A fold-out stand at the back can be angled at two levels for easy reading and note-taking.

  • The Fintie Slim Case for Kindle Scribe has a 360-degree rotating protective stand cover

    Fintie Slim Case for Kindle Scribe

    $26 $37 Save $11

    The Fintie Slim Case is available in various colors to add pizzazz to your Kindle Scribe. The 360-degree rotating stand easily switches between portrait and landscape orientations, while magnets in the clasp ensure the case is securely closed. The case even has a pen holder to stow away the stylus.

  • The Walnew Stand Case for Kindle Scribe offers two hand straps and a PU leather construction.

    Walnew Stand Case for Kindle Scribe

    $35 $40 Save $5

    The Walnew Stand Case for Kindle Scribe offers heavy-duty protection in a sophisticated folio-style package. Available in a range of colors, the case sports a PU-leather front and polycarbonate mid-frame with raised edges for adequate protection. A fold-out stand and two hand grips to accommodate left and right-handed users round off the package. The Walnew case supports essential features like automatic sleep/wake and includes a handy loop to stow away the stylus.

  • The ZhaoCo Case for the Kindle Scribe is a slim case with a built-in stand that uses straps to attach to the tablet.

    Zhaoco Case for Kindle Scribe

    $16 $19 Save $3

    Minimalists will prefer the design of the slim and light Zhaoco Universal Case for the Kindle Scribe. The case uses silicon straps to keep the Kindle securely in place and has a PU leather front for protection against drops. While the case lacks magnets to put the Scribe to sleep automatically, the front cover can fold in four ways to offer optimal viewing angles. A pen loop is also provided to stow away the stylus after use.

  • The Kindle Scribe Fabric Folio Cover attaches magnetically to the Kindle and can be folded up at multiple angles for note-taking.

    Amazon Fabric Folio Cover for Kindle Scribe

    Amazon’s official Fabric Folio for the Kindle Scribe offers a great feature set. The post-consumer polycarbonate mid-frame and fabric front protect the Scribe against accidental drops. The magnetic attachment makes it easy to snap the cover on or off, and a stylus loop is included along the lower edge to keep the note-taking pen handy. Available in three colors, the Folio’s front cover folds to work like a stand, making it a great option for Kindle Scribe users.

  • An Amazon Kindle Scribe in a brown leather case next to a black pen

    E Net-Case Case for Kindle Scribe

    The Kindle Scribe E Net-Case case is available in various styles, including a rich brown leather finish. It has a hard polycarbonate shell to protect the device from drops and an inner microfiber lining to protect it from scratches. The case also has integrated magnets for the auto sleep/wake function and a magnetic slot to securely store the Scribe’s pen.

  • A Kindle Scribe in a black case with a transparent back

    Fintie Hybrid Slim Case for Kindle Scribe

    The Fintie Hybrid Slim Case for Kindle Scribe differs from the Fintie Slim Case with its clear back shell. Also, its cover, which is wrapped in synthetic leather, cannot be used as a stand. Nevertheless, the case provides ample protection for the device and sports a loop at the top for holding the stylus.

Protect and style your Amazon Kindle Scribe with these cases

In addition to being Amazon’s largest e-reader, the Kindle Scribe is also the most expensive model, so investing in a case to protect it is a wise decision. The choice of the case depends on your needs as well as your budget, and the models on this list consider these factors.

The CoBak Case earns the best overall tag, and not just because it is affordable. It is a lightweight case that doesn’t make the already large Kindle Scribe bulky, and its PU leather exterior is waterproof in case of accidental spills. The cover also has magnets that keep the screen protected but also work with the auto wake/sleep function. There’s also a stylus slot for the Kindle Scribe’s Pen.

If you wish to splurge, a first-party case such as Amazon’s Kindle Scribe Leather Folio Cover is the way to go. Made from a combination of premium leather, recycled plastic, and recycled glass fiber, the Scribe attaches to the case via magnets. There’s a high-quality microfiber inner lining to protect it from scratches and a loop for the pen. The cover’s flap can also double as a stand that props the device in reading mode or a few inches above the surface for a comfortable writing mode.

For some, a simple case, such as the Keexyicc Clear Case might be all that’s required. This affordable, slim, transparent case attaches easily to the back of the Scribe. There.s a slot for the pen, and it boasts reinforced corners that absorb shocks. Unfortunately, unlike a folio case, it does leave the display unprotected. However, the corners are raised to provide a bit of protection when you place the device face down.

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