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Best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite cases in 2024

Fintie Case For Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

A good case can keep your Kindle Paperwhite safe and sound

There was once a time when we marveled at the idea of a new book, with that recognizable scent and the feeling of crisp pages between our fingertips. Nowadays, physical books have been traded for digital files stored in labeled folders on phones and tablets. Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite and its premium alternative, the Paperwhite Signature Edition, have garnered ample popularity for providing access to thousands of books in a portable, customizable format, making it one of our favorite Amazon e-readers.

And just like a book’s dust jacket, you will want to keep your Kindle Paperwhite in pristine condition with a case. That 6.8-inch adjustable warm light display makes it possible to read in any setting, whether the lighting is dim or bright, and that should be protected. To prolong the lifespan of your new favorite e-reader, this list includes the best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite cases from folios with auto-wake covers to durable cases with a built-in kickstand.

  • Fintie Case For Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Fintie Hard Back Shell Cover for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Best overall

    $16 $33 Save

    This back cover from Fintie is a fantastic option with reinforced corners and an impact-resistant polycarbonate back for solid protection from drops, scratches, bumps, and more. It also has a built-in hand strap that makes it easier to securely hold the e-reader without getting tired. The Fintie case is lightweight, has precise cutouts for the power button and charging port, and comes in six exciting color and design options (subject to availability).

  • Amazon Leather Cover For Kindle Paperwhite

    Amazon Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

    Premium pick

    If you are looking for a premium case for your Kindle Paperwhite or Paperwhite Signature Edition, you can’t go wrong with the Amazon leather cover. This folio-type case has a natural leather exterior, a plastic frame, and a microfiber interior. The textured leather finish also enhances grip, ensuring the e-reader doesn’t slip out of your hand when you’re carrying it around. Plus, you get all the features of an official Kindle case, like magnetic locking and smart sleep/wake support.

  • ayuto-fabric

    Ayuto Fabric Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    Best value

    $19 $33 Save

    Well-made with an amazing in-hand feel, the Ayotu Fabric Case offers excellent value. It uses magnets in the front flap to keep the cover shut or attached to the back when needed. In addition, the case has smart wake and sleep functionality, so your Kindle will automatically wake up when you open the cover or go to sleep when you close the lid. Its microfiber interior safeguards the screen from scratches, and you get more than ten color options.

  • Amazon Fabric Cover For Kindle Paperwhite

    Amazon Fabric Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

    Best design

    If you prefer official cases over third-party ones, this fabric cover is a good option from Amazon. Available in three colors, it is soft to the touch and comfortable to hold, thanks to its fabric exterior. Additionally, the microfiber lining keeps the screen of your Kindle Paperwhite free from scratches. Like other official cases, this one also uses magnets to secure the front flap and has smart wake and sleep functionality too. Moreover, you get a perfect fit and protection.

  • KleverCase Cover For Kindle Paperwhite

    KleverCase Book Style Universal Cover

    $30 $35 Save

    If you miss the look and feel of a physical book, this fun cover from KleverCase may be helpful. It’s made using traditional bookbinding techniques and capable of working with most Kindles, not just the Paperwhite. The case uses magnets to remain securely closed in transit or to keep the front cover attached to the back while you’re reading. It also comes in eight designs, each of which looks completely different.

  • MoKo Clear Case For Kindle Paperwhite, front and back views

    MoKo TPU Clear Back Cover for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    $12 $14 Save

    This MoKo TPU Clear Back Cover is perfect for your Kindle Paperwhite if you don’t want to hide the e-e-reader’s design and color behind a case. It has a scratch-resistant transparent back that keeps the device on display. It also features a colored TPU bumper with reinforced corners and air cushion technology for enhanced protection. You also get wireless charging support for the Kindle Signature Edition.

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    CoBak Case for Kindle Paperwhite in pink

    CoBak Clear Case for Kindle Paperwhite

    A clear case allows you to enjoy the simplicity of the Kindle Paperwhite’s design but often leaves the screen open to the elements. CoBak enhanced the standard design with a PU leather cover that attaches to the silicone backing. The cover, which is available in a variety of colors and designs, features auto wake and sleep to extend the life of your battery.

  • CoBak Case For Kindle Paperwhite, front view

    CoBak Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    $13 $16 Save

    The CoBak Kindle PaperWhite case is versatile and includes several features to help you make the most of your e-reader. For example, it has a card slot to keep a credit or debit card or even an ID when you want to ditch your wallet. The card storage flap also doubles as a kickstand for hands-free reading, and the hand strap makes holding the device easier. And the CoBak case comes in more than ten design and color options.

  • TiMOVO 6-7 Inch Sleeve Case for All-New Kindle in grey

    TiMOVO 7-Inch Sleeve Case for Kindle

    Sometimes, it’s nice to transport more than just your Paperwhite in one case. TiMOVO’s zippered sleeve is designed to hold any 7-inch tablet comfortably, with a fleece lining and splash-proof polyester exterior. It also features a simple pocket for storing the e-reader’s charging cable or other personal effects. Choose from several colors and styles to personalize your 360-degree storage.

  • walnew-case-paperwhite

    Walnew Stand Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    $24 $33 Save

    This Walnew case may look like a typical folio-type case, but it’s far from one. It packs many helpful features, like two built-in hand straps for a secure one-hand reading experience using either of your hands. Plus, the Walnew Stand Case features a kickstand, so you can prop up your Kindle Paperwhite whenever you want a hands-free reading experience. Thanks to its two-tone design and PU leather exterior, the case looks great and comes in nine exciting color options.

  • _MoKo Case for 6.8 Kindle Paperwhite in a brown leather

    MoKo Case for 6.8″ Kindle Paperwhite

    Add some style to your reading time with one of MoKo’s 6.8-inch auto-wake folio. The slim PU leather case, available in a decent style selection, features a magnetic closure that helps ensure the safety of the Paperwhite’s screen while not in use. As a bonus, the built-in kickstand features a credit card slot, so you’re never without your essentials.

  • Soke Origami Case For Kindle-Paperwhite

    Soke Origami Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Soke’s offering is best for Paperwhite owners who prefer origami-style stands. Its microfiber-lined front cover does the double duty of protecting the screen and working as a kickstand. It can also be folded over to prop up the e-reader in both portrait and landscape modes. The case is quite lightweight and has a hard polycarbonate back for top-notch protection against falls, scuffs, and scratches. There’s auto wake/sleep support, too, due to its magnetic closing feature.

  • Fintie Trifold Case For Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Fintie Trifold Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    $18 $33 Save

    Fintie’s smart cover has a tri-fold flap to keep the Kindle Paperwhite safe. It has an unusual design; instead of having the front flap close from left to right, it closes from the bottom to the top. But despite that, the flap keeps the e-reader’s screen safe and transforms into a kickstand when you want. The lightweight Fintie case features a PU leather exterior and a microfiber lining, and it’s available in seven exciting colors and designs.

  • Kwmobile Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    kwmobile Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    This folio-style Kindle Paperwhite case from Kwmobile is perfect if you don’t like the typical plain cases. It’s available in ten styles (subject to availability), with different graphics or designs, which will certainly help your boring e-reader look interesting. Featuring a synthetic leather exterior and microfiber lining, the Kwmobile case is lightweight, so it doesn’t add too much bulk to the Kindle Paperwhite. Despite this, it will keep your device safe from scratches, bumps, and drops.

  • Walnew Sleeve For Kindle Paperwhite

    Walnew Sleeve For Kindle Paperwhite

    $15 $23 Save

    Walnew’s sleeve is ideal for storing the e-reader while you carry it around. Available in four colors, this protective pouch is slim and lightweight but will still keep your Kindle safe. Its suede texture feels nice in hand, and the fiber lining ensures the e-reader doesn’t get scratched while it’s stored. The sleeve uses a magnetic locking mechanism, so you don’t have to fiddle with a zipper or strap when taking the Kindle Paperwhite in or out of it.

The best way to protect your Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a device you’ll want for the long haul. It has dozens of good books, available right at your fingertips. That’s why it’s immensely important to take care of the durable but still breakable screen and shell. What better way to do that than pampering it with a case that acts as a brand-new binding?

When shopping for a new case, start with Fintie’s Hard Back Shell Cover. Its design puts usability and protection at the forefront with an impact-resistant cover and cushioned corners to minimize shock from those inevitable and unfortunate drops. To keep you from fumbling with the Paperwhite, the case also has a comfortable hand strap, allowing you to securely hold the reader in one hand and a fresh-brewed cup of coffee in the other.

If you don’t mind spending a little more, Amazon’s official leather is also at the top of this list, and for good reason. Despite being very thin, the natural leather cover adds a protective layer to the 6.8-inch screen. A microfiber lining also prevents scratches while the device is in transit. The cover even activates the device’s auto-wake and sleep features, so the screen is only on when you’re reading.

Ayuto’s Fabric Case is a little lower on the pricing spectrum. Let’s leave leather behind for a moment and opt for a more traditional fabric cover that comes in various bright and vibrant colors. Magnetic adsorption keeps the cover in place to prevent the Paperwhite screen from being exposed while in transit. The case also supports auto-wake and sleep functions and doesn’t add any heft to the very lightweight e-reader.

With a case chosen, you’ll have peace of mind that allows you to travel with your Kindle Paperwhite without worry. Whether you’re going across the country or down to the local coffee shop, you can focus more on the adventures, romance, mysteries, or thrills laid out before you. And if this extensive library ever gets unwieldy it’s a good idea to get organized.

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