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Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

goku-1 Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Legends is a mobile game from the Gacha (Japanese for Slot Machine) genre which is focused on an interactive story. There are also additional extras that will remind you of games such as Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, FighterZ, and Xenoverse. The main focus of the game is the PvP side. However, it is entirely possible to enjoy the game only on the PvE side too, as you could find on a game like DBZ: Dokkan Battle. Today we will be looking at some of the tips and tricks to guide beginners into Dragon Ball Legends.

There are also additional extras in Dragon Ball Legends that will remind you of games such as Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, FighterZ, and Xenoverse. As we provide essential tips for your journey in the game, you may also check out and find rewards with redeem codes and choose the best fighters for your journey with our tier list.

Your First Fight

The tutorial explains the basics of what you’re gonna be doing the majority of the game, and it does so in a very clear way.

Here’s a summary

  • Swiping up moves your character forward.
  • Swiping down moves your character backward.
  • If you’re far away, you can throw Ki Blasts by tapping the screen; If you’re close to the enemy, however, the fighter will start doing light attacks.

Your fighter will start charging their Ki Meter if you tap & hold the screen; Ki is necessary for ‘Art Cards’, which are the cards you have at the bottom in a fight. Each and everyone has a different use, and they all have different costs. Mixing light attacks with Art Cards is the foundation of the knowledge you need to be competitive in PvP.

goku-1 Dragon Ball
Image via Bandai Namco

Swiping left or right will perform a Vanish Step. Every Vanish step you do will drain the Vanish Gauge. It doesn’t replenish while you fight or you charge Ki, so be very careful with this! A Vanish step is a defensive move, extremely useful for dodging attacks, Art Cards, Ki Blasts, and even a Rising Rush.

  • When performing Art Cards, there’s a small chance a Dragon Ball will appear at the top right corner of it. If you gather 7 Dragon Balls, you can perform a Rising Rush, which is an extremely powerful attack that can earn you victory if you do it correctly.
  • Tapping your character’s portrait activates their Main attack, which differs from character to character.

Understanding type advantage/disadvantage

There are seven types in the game. Characters can only have one type, and each has a type advantage and type weakness. Each character has a specific Element that is color-coded. The five main colors are Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Blue. Each main color Element is strong against one Element and weak against another.

Dragon Ball Legends advantageDragon Ball Legends advantage
Image via Bandai Namco
  • BLUE is strong to RED and weak to GREEN
  • RED is strong to YELLOW and weak to BLUE
  • YELLOW is strong to PURPLE and weak to RED
  • PURPLE is strong to GREEN and weak to YELLOW
  • GREEN is strong to BLUE and weak to PURPLE

There are other two elements for now. They are only used by enemies on story mode only, and Shallot respectively. The two wildcards are the two Special Elements: Dark and Light.

  • DARK is strong to all elements but weak to LIGHT
  • LIGHT is strong to DARK and neutral to all elements.

Rarities, Limit-break, Z-Powers, and Stats

As of now, there are three rarities in the game

  • HE or Hero is the more common, with a 73% pull rate on normal banners.
  • EX or Extreme is uncommon, with a 20% pull rate on normal banners.
  • SP or Sparking is the rarest and strongest, with a 7% pull rate on normal banners.
sparking Dragon Ball Legendssparking Dragon Ball Legends
Image via Bandai Namco

Characters are mostly unlocked through summoning. Although there are other methods of obtaining them such as leveling, doing missions, or even just playing events. Every character can have up to 7 stars. These are unlocked by getting ‘Z-Powers’. When you summon and pull an HE character, it gives you 100 Z-powers, EX gives 250 Z-powers and SP gives 600 Z-powers.

Every star makes your character stronger, with 0 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. When upgrading to a higher star level, the Z-Powers will reset to 0 again, and the cost of powering the character up will be higher than the previous level. Sometimes you can get free Z-Powers from special events or missions, so be on the lookout!

Souls, Rising Souls, Super Souls, and how to get them

As there are five main types, there are also five types of souls to collect, each corresponding to their respective types, and they have different sizes.

Dragon Ball Legends soulsDragon Ball Legends souls
Image via Bandai Namco

A quick explanation of how it works is; Think about a classic RPG Skills tree. You can spend a form of currency (souls) in a way to make your character stronger by improving Health, Attack, etc. Rising souls are used to unlock ‘boost panels’ and the Super Souls are used to level up the ‘skill tree’.

To earn Souls, Rising Souls, and Super Souls, you simply have to play the story mode or play PvP matches to earn currency to exchange for souls. (Between you and me, farming the Story Mode seems like the more viable option!) You can get both Rising Souls and Super Souls starting from Book 4 Story mode. There are also specific characters that have ‘Zenkai’ awakenings; these would use a soul type called ‘Zenkai Souls’, obtained in the hyperdimensional co-op game mode.

Dragon Ball Legends Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are our tips and tricks for beginners to guide them into easy wins in Dragon Ball Legends.

  • Doing the daily discount summons is ALWAYS recommended. You might get lucky and it’s worth it for an 80% discount!
  • The Saibamen EXP and Zeni events are essential to leveling up characters very quickly, you can do them once a day.
  • We advise you to finish the story first before going to the harder events or PvP. Not only for the difference in skill level needed but the difference in how strong your units can be.
  • Don’t forget to do Snake – way, push your limits every day event, it can help you tremendously in the early game!
  • Be on the lookout for strong units and new banners.

That’s all for our Dragon Ball Legends Beginners Guide!

We hope that you will find this Dragon Ball Legends Beginners guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news and guides, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates.

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