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Atelier Resleriana Tier List for January 2024


Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, the latest addition to the beloved Atelier series, opened pre-registration in Japan in August 2023 and went global in November 2023. In this JRPG, you embark on a new adventure alongside Resna Sternenlicht, exploring the fascinating world of alchemy. The Atelier Resleriana Tier List offers crucial details about the top characters to aid in assembling your lineup.

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Atelier Resleriana Tier List for January 2024: Best Characters Ranked

We’ve categorized the characters into three groups: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B) to make it easier for you to understand their potential.

Strong (S)Ryza, Corneria, Marie,
Resna, Firis
Good (A)Ayesha, Escha, Judie,
Rorona, Iksel, Odelia,
Raze, Keithgriff, Logy,
Marion, Oskar, Shallistera,
Totori, Lent, Meruru,
Monika, Mu, Ruven
Average (B)Linca, Esty, Tao,
Tess, Vayne, Viorate

This tier list is designed to assist newcomers like yourself in selecting powerful characters for your battles as you begin your adventure.

In our tier list, we always try to highlight the best characters from the table above. With a variety of characters available, you have plenty of options to choose from for battles, giving you a diverse selection. Each character has its special qualities, giving players a wide array of choices.

When evaluating the characters, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The effectiveness of characters can vary depending on individual playstyles, so certain choices may be more valuable to different players.

S-tier Character – Ryza

Ryza holds a top spot in the S-tier of our tier list for a good reason. Her skill set is all about ramping up damage potential, making her a formidable force on the battlefield. With each attack, she gains a boost in burst skill damage, reaching an impressive 100% increase. Plus, her post-attack bonus further enhances sustained damage.

Atelier Resleriana Ryza

Additionally, her passive skill ensures continuous damage output by boosting skill damage after defeating enemies. This combination of burst and sustained damage, along with her ability to continually boost skill damage, makes Ryza a powerhouse in any battle scenario, capable of dealing devastating blows consistently.

S-tier Character – Corneria

Corneria earns her place proudly in the S-tier for her outstanding offensive capabilities and disruptive skills. With each attack, she not only gains a significant boost in Break Damage for her next action but also imposes debuffs on her target, weakening their defenses until they’ve been attacked multiple times.

Atelier Resleriana CorneriaAtelier Resleriana Corneria

Her passive skill further boosts the Physical Attack of all allies, enhancing the party’s overall damage output. With her ability to break enemy defenses and bolster ally attacks, Corneria proves to be a formidable force in battles, making her an invaluable addition to any team. In short, she’s a powerhouse who can deal heavy blows while weakening enemies, ensuring victory for her allies.

S-tier Character – Marie

Marie rightfully earns her place in the S-tier thanks to her remarkable skill set, making her a formidable force in battles. After each attack, she inflicts a lasting Fire Resistance debuff on the target, showcasing her sustained debuffing ability. Her ability to gain a substantial Break Damage boost for one action after attacking makes her invaluable in breaking enemy defenses and dealing significant damage.

Atelier Resleriana Tier List for January 2024Atelier Resleriana Tier List for January 2024

Marie’s passive skill enhances her Break capabilities with a boost to Break Damage on attribute advantage. This combination of consistent debuffs, powerful Break damage, and attribute advantage specialization solidifies Marie’s position as a top-tier alchemist in the S-tier, offering versatility and strength in various scenarios.

S-tier Character – Resna

Resna‘s rightful position in the S-tier is well-deserved, owing to her outstanding skill set that prioritizes healing and critical enhancements. With each attack, she provides essential healing to all allies, ensuring their sustained durability throughout battles. Moreover, her ability to grant a significant boost to critical chances for the entire party, alongside guaranteeing critical hits with her unique skill, elevates the team’s offensive capabilities to new heights.

Atelier Resleriana ResnaAtelier Resleriana Resna

Additionally, her post-attack effect further amplifies the party’s offensive potential by enhancing critical damage for multiple actions. Complementing her active skills, Resna’s passive skill significantly augments her critical damage, solidifying her role as a critical-focused support character.

S-tier Character – Firis

Firis rightfully earns her place in the S-tier with her versatile skill set, which excels in both offense and control on the battlefield. With a notable damage boost on attribute advantage, she effectively exploits enemy weaknesses, ensuring maximum impact in battles. Additionally, Firis showcases impressive crowd control capabilities by delaying foes’ actions, providing valuable strategic advantages.

Atelier Resleriana FirisAtelier Resleriana Firis

Her passive skill further enhances the party’s potency with a boost to Magic Attack, reinforcing her role as a valuable asset in any team composition. Firis’s adaptability to various scenarios, coupled with her ability to deliver both damage and control, solidifies her status as a reliable and powerful alchemist in the S-tier

Final Thoughts

In summary, the tier list for Atelier Resleriana offers a comprehensive guide for players to navigate the diverse range of characters available in the game. Each character’s placement in the tier list reflects their unique strengths and abilities, providing players with valuable insights to optimize their team composition and strategy.

Whether it’s unleashing devastating damage, providing crucial support, or controlling the battlefield, the tier list helps players make informed decisions to tackle various challenges and emerge victorious in their adventure through the world of alchemy.

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