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Apple Watch Series 9 long-term review: Persistent iteration

Apple Watch Series 9 long-term review

The Android smartwatch ecosystem is turbulent by nature — the software has had more reboots than Spider-Man, brands choose to the leave the ecosystem after just one release (Xiaomi), and the hardware varies wildly. By contrast, the Apple Watch is as unchanging as the pole star; the hardware is consistent across models, the design hasn’t changed in any meaningful way in half a decade, and the software is instantly recognizable.

As such, it stands to reason that the Series 9 doesn’t deviate from the path. Even by Apple standards, there isn’t much to talk about with the Series 9; it looks identical to its predecessor, has a similar set of sensors, and lasts about the same. The big differentiator is a double tap gesture that’s great for dismissing notifications, answering calls, or launching actions when your hands are otherwise engaged.

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