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All you need to know to watch the Biggest Game of the Year


The biggest sporting event of the year is set to take place on February 11, 2024. That would be Super Bowl 58, which will see the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers take on the AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs. This year, it’s CBS’ turn to host the big game. CBS, FOX, and NBC all rotate who gets the Super Bowl; last year, it was FOX, and this year, it’s CBS. So next year it’ll be back to NBC.

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year, not just because its the championship game for the most popular sport in the US, but because of the commercials and halftime performances. A 30-second ad during the 2024 Super Bowl will cost $7 million. The main reason for this is because the best commercials air during the Super Bowl, so there’s a ton of competition, and loads of eyeballs to target. For halftime, the Super Bowl has Usher performing this year, which is going to be a treat for all of the millennials.

Who’s playing in the Super Bowl?

This year, we have a matchup that we weren’t really expecting. Many online were speculating that the Super Bowl logo has the colors of the teams that will play in it – before the championship games are played. This year, it’s purple and red, so it seemed like it’d be the Ravens and 49ers, but instead, it’s the Chiefs and 49ers. A rematch of the 2020 Super Bowl, right before the whole world shut down. The 49ers lost that game by a score of 31-20.

The 49ers have not won a Super Bowl since 1995, when they defeated San Diego. All five of their previous Super Bowl wins came between 1982 and 1995. Though that’s still not quite as large of a drought as the Kansas City Chiefs, who won their only Super Bowl in 1970, before coming back to the big game in 2020 and beating the 49ers to get their second Super Bowl win. They went back in 2021 and lost to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then missed 2022 before coming back in 2023 to get a third Super Bowl win against the Philadelphia Eagles.

San Francisco has a starting quarterback that was drafted as the final draft pick in the 2022 draft, number 262. That’s even later than Tom Brady, but it looks like San Francisco might have their own Tom Brady. It’s still a bit early to come to that conclusion, though. Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes was drafted tenth overall from Texas Tech. Very different paths to get to the big game, and this should make for a very entertaining game.

What time does the Super Bowl start?

The Super Bowl will take place on February 11. Kick-off is set for 6:30 PM EST. This is the same time that it kicks off every single year.

However, since this is the biggest sporting event of the year, there will be many hours of pre-game coverage starting earlier in the day. And even some the day before the Super Bowl.

This year, the Super Bowl will be on CBS. The three major networks that carry NFL games (CBS, FOX, and NBC) rotate who hosts the Super Bowl. And this year, it’s CBS’ turn to host the Super Bowl (last year, it was FOX, and next year will be NBC).

How To Watch Super Bowl 2024

There are many, many ways to watch the Super Bowl this year. Any streaming service that has CBS available will be a good option. You can also watch via an OTA antenna or Paramount Plus, which might be the best place to watch the game.

OTA Antenna

CBS is a “local” channel, meaning that it is free. All you need to do is get an antenna and put it in your window to get it and a few other channels. Since you aren’t going to be paying monthly for this antenna, it’s the cheapest way to get NBC for the Super Bowl and beyond. It will also include channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, as well as a few others, depending on your market.

Amazon has a few great options for OTA Antennas that won’t cost a fortune. Like this one here, that is priced at $25.99. It offers 120-mile range too, which is going to be good for those who are in the sticks and might be far away from a particular market.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is not cheap necessarily, but it does have a ton of channels available, which makes its $79.99 per month price, pretty good.

super bowl 2020

For that $79.99 price tag, you are getting 103 channels included, as well as 500 hours of cloud DVR space. And in that 103 channels, you are getting all of your locals and that does include CBS. There is of course, a free trial available. So if you were looking to try it out before you purchase, you can do that too.

YouTube TV

This is going to be the most popular option, simply because of the features and its price. YouTube TV has all of the local channels in all (but a handful of) markets around the country. So it most likely has your local CBS affiliate.

YouTube TV also offers 85+ channels for $72.99 per month, making it cheaper than Fubo TV. But where it really shines is in its cloud DVR. You see, YouTube TV allows you to record everything since it offers unlimited cloud DVR. You can access it from anywhere, and all content stays in your DVR for nine months. That’s a feature that you will not find anywhere else.

Watch on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus has quietly become one of my favorite streaming services as of late. You can subscribe to Paramount Plus for just $5.99 per month with ads, or go ad-free and include SHOWTIME for just $11.99 per month. Which is a pretty incredible deal, for the amount of content that Paramount Plus has. Including sports like the Super Bowl. Because the Super Bowl is on live TV, you’ll see commercials no matter which plan you choose.

Wrap Up

Whether you watch football or not, you’re going to want to watch Super Bowl 2024. There won’t be any other content on, as other networks know not to even try to compete with the Super Bowl. And there are plenty of other reasons to watch. A lot of people watch the ads, which the ads during the Super Bowl are some of the best of the year and most expensive. It’s reported that a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl this year is running $7 million.

On top of that, we have the Apple Music Halftime show, headlined by Usher. He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time In 2009, Billboard named him the second most successful artist of the decade. Usher has earned 9 number-one singles and is considered a pop icon and sex symbol. Many are excited to see his Super Bowl halftime show, presented by Apple Music, and to see who he might bring out too.

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