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All Hostile Wildlife (& Where to Find Them)

skull and bones all ships and how to get them

Skull and Bones‘ hostile wildlife comes in all shapes, sizes, and shades of ferocity. Whether players are hunting sharks, crocodiles, or hippos, there are several different variants for pirates to test their mettle against, including some particularly challenging Apex and Alpha foes. While not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea (or tankard of rum), hunting in Skull and Bones also offers valuable resources, including animal hides, meats, and skins used in cooking, crafting, or character customization.



Although hostile wildlife has map markers, some species are much rarer and harder to find than others with specific locations. Additionally, players hunting all hostile wildlife in Skull and Bones or seeking the Poacher trophy/achievement must equip their Dhow and be spear-ready to access bigger prey in small areas. Getting this trophy means hunting down at least one hostile wildlife using a spear only, so it’s a big hunt.


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Great White Shark

Players can find Great White Sharks nearly all across the map, from the Red Isle to the East Indies, as one of the most commonly found hostile wildlife in Skull and Bones. Typically, players can find them in the open sea, such as south of the Red Isle, and near coastlines rather than along rivers inland…Cue the Jaws music.

Defeating Great White Sharks gives players Shark Skin or Shark Meat as loot. Players can cook Shark Meat to make Grilled Shark, a dish that gives a 40% stamina boost when consumed. Players can also refine Shark Skin using Skull and Bones‘ refinery to make Shark Leather.


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Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Sharks are another species of Shark that players can find throughout Skull and Bones‘ world map, but perhaps a bit less commonly. For instance, Hammerhead Sharks tend to be located in certain zones, such as in the northern areas of the Red Isle just past Skull and Bones’ Lanitra Outpost, along the Coast of Africa, and near various islands in the East Indies.

Like Great White Sharks, Hammerheads only take a few hits with the spear to kill, providing they don’t get too close to the player’s Dhow. This makes them one of the least challenging types of hostile wildlife. Similarly, they drop Shark Skin and Shark Meat once defeated.


Players can also hunt Hippopotamus in Skull and Bones, an animal that is generally tougher to beat than any Shark. However, players can only find Hippopotamus mainly within the Southern Red Isle map areas and along the Coast of Africa in rivers and lakes, with none located in the East Indies or, unsurprisingly, in open water.

These variants are perhaps the easiest of all the wild Hippos to fight in the game, but they still take plenty of shots to go down. On defeat, a Hippopotamus drops Hippo Hide and Skull and Bones‘ Prime Meat, which players can use to cook Grilled Hippo to restore 50% stamina.


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Bull Hippo

As the name might suggest, the Bull Hippo is very aggressive. It will hit the player’s Dhow ships like a battering ram, so be prepared for a tough fight unless using a stronger ship with better weapons, such as Skull and Bones‘ Bombadier Padewakang.

Bull Hippos are the rarest species of Hippo, with only approximately one or two spawn points on the map. Players can find Bull Hippos in rivers within the Coast of Africa region in the northwest, just above the Pillar Tomb outpost, and in the Sultani Island region. When killed, they drop around three Apex Hippo Hides and three Prime Hippo Meat.

Alpha Hippo

Skull and Bones‘ Alpha Hippo is a dangerous foe that hits Dhow ships with devastating force. It’s one of the rarest Hippo varieties, with only about one located in a small enclosed lake in the Rover Zone, North Red Isle, which only the Dhow can reach.

Like the Bull Hippo, it drops Apex Hippo Hide and Apex Hippo Meat used in cooking and crafting. That is, for those players who can avoid its deadly attacks as one of the most ferocious types of hostile wildlife in the game.

Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodiles are the most common type of Crocodile in Skull and Bones, with a similar attack strength and health to Hammerhead and Great White Sharks. They tend to lurk in rivers along the west coast of Africa and some parts of the Red Isle, such as its southern regions. However, it’s not a species players can typically find in the East Indies.

Killing a Nile Crocodile rewards players with Crocodile Tooth, a necessary loot drop used as part of the Thrill of the Hunt contract. Nile Crocodiles can also drop Crocodile Meat or Crocodile Hide, which players can cook to restore 30% stamina in Skull and Bones when sailing.


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Madcap Crocodile

Madcap Crocodiles are more ferocious variants of the standard Nile Crocodile. While it’s possible to find Madcap Crocodiles in the East Indies, Red Isle, and the Coast of Africa, they are rarer than other varieties. For instance, players can find Madcap Crocodiles in the north and west areas of the Red Isle.

When killed, Madcap Crocodiles drop Thick Crocodile Hide and Prime Crocodile Meat. They also share the same map marker as other Crocodile species, so players will have to check everyone if they’re hunting Madcaps specifically.

Saltwater Crocodile

Skull and Bones‘ Saltwater Crocodiles are found only within the East Indies region of the map, such as near the Spice Islands, but much more common than other Crocodile species in the area. Shooting a Saltwater Crocodile with high-powered cannon fire ends the battle very quickly, rewarding players with loot drops like Crocodile Meat and Ruined Animal Skin unless killed with a spear.

However, if players are fighting a Saltwater Crocodile using a Dhow, they can expect a similar fight to a Nile Crocodile, with both being level-five foes.



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Siren Crocodile

Players will need to bring along plenty of Skull and Bones‘ repair kits when facing off against a Siren Crocodile in a Dhow, a rare variety of Crocodile located in a couple of places in the East Indies. To increase the chances of success, it’s best to aim for its head with the spear, causing it to pause and back off. Players can then repeat this strategy and boost their health as needed to beat the creature and withstand its hard hits.

When killed, the Siren Crocodile drops a larger volume of loot, typically around three Thick Crocodile Hides and four Prime Crocodile Meat as a level 10 foe.

Apex Crocodile

The rarest of all Crocodiles in Skull and Bones, the Apex Crocodile has roughly only one spawn point, located in the Ring of Fire map region within the East Indies. Here, players can find a small, enclosed patch of water south of the area, which only the Dhow is small enough to reach.

As the name suggests, the Apex Crocodile is a challenging creature to defeat at a whopping level 20. However, it rewards players with Apex Crocodile Hide and Prime Crocodile Meat for their efforts.


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February 16, 2024

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