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Age of Empires Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips

Age of Empires Beginners Guide and Tips

Age of Empires: Mobile, a thrilling strategy game provided by Level Infinite that plunges you into the heart of ancient civilizations, epic battles, and conquests. As you begin your journey in this dynamic world, you’ll encounter excitement, challenges, and opportunities for glory at every turn. In this Age of Empires Mobile Beginners Guide, we’ll explore the basics of gameplay, offering essential tips and strategies to help you navigate your path to greatness.

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Age of Empires Mobile Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Follow and Complete Quests

In the early phases of the game, focusing on quests is crucial for moving forward. Based on what I’ve learned, completing quests and challenges in Age of Empires Mobile isn’t just about getting rewards like resources and currency. It’s also like having a guide that helps you understand the game better. These tasks walk you through different parts of the game, making it easier to figure things out.

Age of Empires Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Level Infinite

Completing these tasks not only helps you move forward faster but also teaches you a lot about how to play the game. They give you a good understanding of how to build and manage your empire effectively. And don’t forget about the daily tasks and special events they’re really important too. They give you special rewards and bonuses that can give you an advantage and help you progress quickly in the game.

Understanding Heroes

In the Age of Empires Mobile, heroes are essential for victory on the battlefield. With three distinct styles; Marshal, Warrior, and Tactician. These heroes can be customized using the Strength in Numbers talent, granting bonuses for shared styles.

Age of Empires Beginners Guide and TipsAge of Empires Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Level Infinite

As heroes level up, their unit capacity increases, and talents unlock at Lv.20, providing strategic options to enhance their abilities. Experimenting with talents is key, with the option to reset for 100 Empire coins. Heroes also wield four skills: commander, signature, and two customizable skills, crucial for battle success. Through experience, I’ve learned to adapt my hero’s abilities to overcome various challenges, making strategic skill selections vital for victory.

Construct and Upgrade Your Buildings

In my experience with Age of Empires Mobile, I’ve learned the vital importance of buildings in developing a thriving citadel. Each structure serves a distinct purpose, contributing to the growth and defense of my empire. From the iconic Town Center, which symbolizes my citadel’s progress and unlocks higher-level buildings, to the Tavern where I recruit heroes to lead my armies, every building plays a crucial role.

Age of Empires Beginners Guide and TipsAge of Empires Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Level Infinite

Upgrading these structures is essential for unlocking additional benefits, such as increasing troop capacity, improving resource production, and fortifying defenses. For instance, upgrading the Barracks not only enhances troop training speed but also increases the quantity of units produced.

Exploring advancements in technologies at the University has also proven invaluable, providing significant attribute bonuses to enhance my empire’s strength. By strategically managing and upgrading your buildings, you can lay a solid foundation for your empire’s growth.

Explore the Map

From my experience, I’ve found that exploring the map in the Age of Empires Mobile is crucial for uncovering new territories, resources, and potential threats. Venturing into uncharted areas often leads to the discovery of valuable resources and strategic locations ripe for conquest.

Age of Empires Beginners Guide and TipsAge of Empires Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Level Infinite

By expanding your empire through careful conquest and capturing key territories, you’ll secure valuable resources and strengthen your position against potential adversaries. Establishing outposts and fortifications along the borders will prove essential in safeguarding your territories from enemy attacks, ensuring the longevity and prosperity of your empire.

Joining an Alliance

Joining a reliable and powerful alliance is essential for success in Age of Empires Mobile. From my own experience, being part of an alliance offers a plethora of benefits and support. These include receiving detailed enemy intel during wars and quick assistance in times of need, which can be invaluable for strategic planning and defense.

Age of Empires Beginners Guide and TipsAge of Empires Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Level Infinite

Additionally, requesting help from allies speeds up construction and research, conserving precious resources for further development. By joining an alliance, I’ve found that not only do I enhance my gameplay experience, but I also accelerate my progress.

Age of Empires Mobile Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on the Main Quests and Events

During the early stages of the game, prioritize completing main quests and participating in various events to acquire different heroes. You can also recruit heroes from the tavern, expanding your roster and strengthening your lineup.

2. Use Alliance Assistance

When you’re part of a strong alliance, you get a lot of perks. But one of the best things is that you can ask for help from your allies whenever you need it. They’ll jump in quickly to help with construction, research, or healing, which saves you a ton of time and resources.

3. Upgrade your Heroes and Units

Upgrading your heroes and units is key to strengthening your forces and gaining an edge on the battlefield. Focus on leveling up your heroes to unlock powerful skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Additionally, invest in upgrading your units to enhance their combat effectiveness, durability, and overall performance.

4. Spend your Speed ups wisely

Speed-ups are valuable resources that can significantly reduce the time required for various in-game activities such as construction, research, and troop training. Use them strategically to accelerate critical tasks, such as upgrading key buildings or training powerful units. Prioritize using speed-ups on tasks that offer the greatest benefits and help you progress faster in the game.

5. Consider the Unit Type and Style when upgrading heroes

When choosing heroes to upgrade, consider their unit type and style. Aligning heroes with the same unit type and style in a troop maximizes their military power bonuses. Focus on training heroes that share common characteristics to create a powerful and synergistic lineup. Remember, unit-type bonuses provide stronger buffs!

Final Thoughts

Embark on your journey in Age of Empires Mobile with confidence, armed with the knowledge and strategies provided in this guide. As you navigate the complexities of empire-building, diplomacy, and warfare, remember that patience, strategic thinking, and cooperation are key to success. Explore new territories, forge alliances, and lead your civilization to glory in this immersive and engaging strategy game.

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