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AFK Journey Beginners Guide and Tips

AFK Journey Summons

AFK Journey, a 3D world-based RPG by FARLIGHT Games, lets you dive into the captivating world of Esperia. Play as brave defenders against the menacing Faceless, with a variety of unique heroes at your disposal. Whether you’re a newbie or looking to boost your gameplay, this AFK Journey beginners guide will set you on the right path. Explore a 3D fantasy realm brimming with battles, heroes, and strategic fun. AFK Journey is a role-playing gem filled with unique features, perfect for those who enjoy conquering diverse maps in open-world adventures.

While advancing in the game, you’ll face various foes, including tough boss battles. Conquering these challenges efficiently demands a good grasp of the game’s strategies. For new players, it can seem intimidating at first. But as you explore this guide, you’ll acquire valuable insights and tips to improve your gameplay, increasing your chances of victory. Additionally, you can check out some redeem codes in the game for some in-game rewards. We also provide essential tips for your journey, including reroll guides, and tier lists. And if you face any in-game issues, check our customer support article to connect the devs hassle-free!

AFK Journey Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Noble Tavern for Hero Recruitment

In AFK Journey, recruiting heroes is a vital part of your gameplay, and it’s done through the noble tavern’s gacha mechanism. Heroes play a significant role in your journey, and having higher-tier heroes is crucial for an outstanding experience. You can visit the noble tavern to recruit heroes, and the number of heroes you can recruit at once depends on the gacha-summoning currencies you possess.

AFK Journey Summons
Image via Farlight Games

Additionally, the recruitment system not only provides heroes but also materials essential for ascending heroes. However, it’s important to note that the best heroes, the epic ones, are relatively harder to obtain compared to the elite heroes. But don’t be discouraged; continuous recruitment can lead to obtaining heroes of the highest rarity.

Ascend Your Heroes

The ascension system is a vital method for upgrading your heroes, similar to other gacha games. you can upgrade your heroes by using duplicates or copies of the same heroes you’ve collected. This process, known as ascension, significantly boosts your heroes’ power, skills, overall team power, and levels. Ascending a hero also increases their rarity, leading to substantial improvements.

AFK Journey Hero AscensionAFK Journey Hero Ascension
Image via Farlight Games

The number of duplicates required for ascension depends on the hero’s rarity, with higher-rarity heroes requiring more materials. Make the most of this gameplay tip to enhance your hero’s capabilities.

Syncronize Hero Level

AFK Journey introduces the Resonating Hall, a unique leveling system reminiscent of AFK Arena’s Resonating Crystal. In this system, players can synchronize all hero levels with their top five highest-leveled heroes.

AFK Journey Resonating HallAFK Journey Resonating Hall
Image via Farlight Games

The Resonating Hall operates under specific rules: the five highest-leveled heroes become the Hands of Resonance, while all other heroes above level 1 have their levels reset, and invested resources are fully refunded. The Resonance Level is determined by the lowest-level hero among the Hands of Resonance, leveling up all other Resonance Heroes to this level.

Only the Hands of Resonance can be further leveled, and they can be changed as long as they meet the required level after the switch. The level of the Hand of Resonance members cannot exceed the Resonance Level by more than ten levels, ensuring a strategic balance in hero development.

Combat Mechanisms

AFK Journey features various combat mechanisms that are essential to understand for success. These mechanisms include Spiked Barrel, Flamethrower, Ice Spitter, and Explosive Barrel, each with its unique effects and cooldowns.

AFK Journey Explosive BarrelAFK Journey Explosive Barrel
Image via Farlight Games
  • Spiked Barrel: Rolls through the battlefield, damaging and paralyzing struck units for over 3 seconds.
  • Flamethrower: Deals substantial damage to front-area enemies but has a cooldown.
  • Ice Spitter: Targets and damages front-line enemies, paralyzing them for over 4 seconds.
  • Explosive Barrel: When triggered, it inflicts significant damage on nearby enemies.

Earning Rewards from the Dream Realm

The Dream Realm is a daily encounter with a boss in AFK Journey. Defeating this boss earns you rewards, and you’ll encounter various difficulty levels during the fight. You have ten chances to battle daily bosses, and conquering one leads you to the next level.

AFK Journey Dream Realm BossAFK Journey Dream Realm Boss
Image via Farlight Games

Be aware that the Dream Realm boss changes daily and becomes stronger with each level. Earning rewards from this encounter is a great way to progress and enhance your gameplay in AFK Journey.

List of Game Modes in AFK Journey

1. Arena Mode

AFK Journey offers an arena mode where you can showcase your skills by challenging other players. In Everlight, you’ll find the arena section, a PvP mode that allows you to battle players from around the world. Victories in the arena contribute to your PvP arena ranking, and your rewards are determined by your arena ranking. Prior to entering battles, assemble a formidable squad.

When entering the arena, three random players are presented as potential opponents, and you can select one to challenge. If you’re not satisfied with the options, you can refresh them up to five times daily. Participating in the arena requires spending tickets, and defeating opponents increases your tier in the arena rankings, resulting in rewards that correspond to your tier. Challenge opponents with lower battle power to enhance your ranking.

2. Story Mode

As the cornerstone of AFK Journey’s gameplay, the Story Mode takes you on an epic journey through the game’s immersive storyline. You’ll embark on a quest, navigating through a multitude of stages, and engaging in intense battles against a diverse array of enemies.

Your progress in this mode is integral to unlocking new features, heroes, and resources, making it essential for both story-driven adventurers and strategic gamers. Explore the expansive world of Esperia, unveil the mysteries of the Faceless, and work to save the realm from impending threats as you advance through this central game mode.

3. Battle Drill

Battle Drill in AFK Journey can be likened to a simplified board game. It commences every Tuesday, starting at Base Camp level 1, where you select two nodes to advance through. Each node is defended by enemies, and guild members utilize action points (120 daily) to engage these foes. When a node is captured or defeated, you can progress to connected nodes. Your performance in battles determines the amount of Gold and Treasure Keys you earn. These keys are employed to unlock Member Chests at the end of the event (6 days).

Capturing nodes boosts your Base Camp level and bestows blessings on the guild. With each Base Camp level, your stats receive a boost, and once you capture the first node, all stats get a significant increase, so initial attacks may seem less powerful. Battle Drill is a more accessible and enjoyable mode compared to Abyssal Expedition.

AFK Journey Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Proper Team Synergy is the Key

Pay attention to the synergy between your heroes. Building a team with complementary skills and abilities can make a significant difference in battles. Consider heroes that work well together and enhance each other’s strengths.

2. Daily Quests and Events

Don’t forget to complete daily quests and participate in in-game events. These activities provide valuable rewards, resources, and opportunities to progress faster. Make it a habit to check and complete them regularly.

3. Strategize Gear Upgrades

Equip your heroes with the best gear available and prioritize upgrading their equipment. Gear enhancements can significantly boost your heroes’ combat effectiveness. Focus on obtaining and forging high-quality gear to stay competitive.

4. Maximize Astral Tome

Invest in the Astral Tome early on. This versatile artifact provides decent damage output, effective crowd control with ATK Speed Reduction for Campaign battles, and a valuable +Haste bonus for Battle Drill.

5. Focus on the Temporal Loop

After Astral Tome, prioritize the Temporal Loop. It shines in PvP encounters and excels in Bossing scenarios, Battle-Drill challenges, and Campaign battles.

Final Thoughts

AFK Journey is an engaging RPG where players explore the captivating world of Esperia, facing off against the ominous Faceless with a diverse cast of heroes. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights and tips to help you navigate the world of AFK Journey effectively.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, incorporating these strategies into your gameplay will make your journey smoother. We wish you the best of luck in your adventures, and may you conquer Esperia with skill and determination.

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