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Aether Gazer Beginners Guide and Tips

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer is a Gacha action RPG title by Yostar Games which takes place in a post-apocalyptic game setting where humanity is at risk of losing its existence and getting replaced by creatures called Visbanes. Players take the role of the protector and try to fend off the attacks of the Visbanes. Being a Gacha title the game has various other features for the players to make use of, like character customization, character ascensions, Skillsets available, and the interactive combat system. In this Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, we will try and list out the tips and tricks to help players start on the right foot.

Gameplay Overview

The game, Aether Gazer offers complete RPG gameplay where players can take full control of their character in battles and even in free roam. This allows the game to have an interactive feel to it by allowing players to control every aspect of the character in the game.

The game allows the players to have multiple functions in their control as part of the in-game buttons available on the screen. These features include basic options like running, dodging, and landing light attacks to advanced features like using powerups and landing heavy strikes on the enemies.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether Gazer
Image via Yostar Games

As stated earlier the game offers a very interactive gameplay and that becomes possible because of the combinations which each feature offers during the normal course of the game. For instance, during combat powerups can be combined with heavy and light strikes to deal maximum damage to the enemies. Players can also use the dodges to evade enemies and time them correctly to use them to their advantage. Perfect dodges place the enemy in a vulnerability phase, leaving you open to combo your most powerful attacks.

Manage each character individually to have maximum effect on your team

Another important aspect of the gameplay is the team composition. Being a Gacha game, Aether Gazer offers a lot many characters for the players to select from. Each character in the game offers something different thus it makes the team composition even more interesting. There are certain special skill sets available for each and every character in the game.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether GazerAether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether Gazer
Image via Yostar Games

Once players are able to land enough blows on the enemies these skills are unlocked and can be used by the players on the enemies. These special skills vary from character to character but they do deal the most damage whenever used.

Customizing your Characters

The game offers a lot many customization options for the players to make use of. There are different shards, character buffs, pieces of equipment, and skill boosters that players can make use of in the game to make their character special and help it stand out in the crowd.

With skill chains and character buffs, players can effectively not only alter the statistics of the characters but also change their in-game fighting style. Which both individually and from a team perspective can help the players have many options. Also, knowing the best characters is going to be very important to make sure to have checked the Aether Gazer tier list.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game following are the top tips and tricks we have come across for the game.

1. Keep Leveling up the character to have better chances against enemies

Leveling up in the game, Aether Gazer plays an important part in the success of the players in defeating higher-level enemies. As the game progresses the general difficulty keeps on increasing and it becomes harder and harder to defeat upcoming bosses and regular enemies. Leveling up can be done in many different ways, it can be done via the general character level or it can also be done via upgrading the equipment and skill tree of the specific character.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether GazerAether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether Gazer
Image via Yostar Games

Whenever the character joins the main team, it directly gets experience points by competing against enemies in the game. however, there are many characters in the game and it is not possible for players to have each and every character on the team, hence they will have to sometime level up characters individually.

2. Choose the perfect Team Composition to increase your success rate

As stated earlier there are many characters for the players to choose from in the game and to give the game even more depth, each character offers a very different set of skills and utility. This makes team management a really daunting task as there are so many different aspects to see from. Certain characters of different classes and backgrounds offer different buffs and bonuses when equipped together in the team.

It is the responsibility of the players to make sure that they equip the suiting characters for their ventures in the game in a bid to obtain the maximum buffs possible in the game and have the odds in their favor. The game allows players to have 2 basic and 1 leader for each run.

To change team members, you can click and grab through your screen, and moving them will allow you to change their positions. The one you set in the middle of this team creation will be the leader. Make sure that you have chosen a hero that comes with a great CP into the position of leader.

3. Keep completing in-game Missions for better Rewards

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether GazerAether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether Gazer

In-game missions are a great way to reap the rewards for completing the objectives in the game. Some of these rewards are one-time while some are daily-based ones and appear regularly for the players to redeem. The missions keep on unlocking as players keep moving forward in the game. These missions help to maintain a decent supply of resources with the players.

4. Combine similar Characters to unlock character Gen-Zones

Gen-Zones are special powerups that the players get once they equip their team with the most similar class of characters. As stated earlier team composition plays an important part in the game.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether GazerAether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether Gazer
Image via Yostar Games

Whenever more than two characters of the same class are constituted in a team the team gets Gen-Zones for the battle. These Gen-Zones are temporary buffs that the team gets until the composition is not changed. Having three characters with the same typing will activate the combat bonus buff.

5. Use Skillchains to unlock unique Team-based Attacks

Skillchain is the ultimate attack in the game which has the potential of annihilating the enemy to its core. However, as the name would suggest these are not individual attacks that can be just performed by any character. They are a team-based special attack that can be triggered when all required characters are in the team.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether GazerAether Gazer Beginners Guide, Aether Gazer
Image via Yostar Games

Skillchains are dependent on the team composition in the game and can only be executed when all the prerequisites are fulfilled. Players can check out which characters they need by navigating to the modifier section of any unit in the game.

Final Thoughts

The game, Aether Gazer offers a very smooth RPG experience with many customizations in place to keep the players engaged. The general difficulty level is based on a progressive level, with features like skill chain attacks and Gen-Zones the developers really highlight how important team composition is for succeeding in the game. With the number of characters present in the game, this whole process becomes even more fun. We hope that with this Aether Gazer Beginners Guide, we were able to guide the beginners of the game well. And don’t forget to check the Aether Gazer redeem codes for some free in-game rewards.

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