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A thrilling ride of chaos

Project Blood Strike gameplay

Blood Strike is an online multiplayer, FPS battle royale game following the classic trope of battle royale. As usual, players across the globe come under the umbrella of a particular map and engage in combat after matchmaking. The game is a lightweight and immersive development from the NetEase Games. Throughout this Blood Strike review, I’ll discuss the plus points in gameplay, visual and audio effects, and cons that give minor setbacks to yet another first-person shooting title.

I have tried and tested Blood Strike on Redmi Note 7 Pro for over 20 hours to make sure I checked all the available features and got the best possible experience to judge it properly and write an in-depth piece.

Additionally, you can check out some redeem codes in the game for some in-game rewards. We also provide essential tips for your journey, including beginner tipstips to level upmap guidesweapon combinationsresource management, and striker and weapon tier lists. And if you face any in-game issues, check our customer support article to connect the devs hassle-free!

The gameplay mechanics of Blood Strike takes the win

There’s no storyline to ponder upon in Blood Strike as any other battle royale title. Getting into the Blood Strike review, the gameplay is quite responsive and has an appealing combat system. The format is to survive through each round on a map storming with enemies.

Project Blood Strike gameplay
Image via NetEase Games

It’s critical to have smooth controls and efficient use of your arsenals to kill your opponents before they get their way with you. And thus, Blood Strike stands confident on that front almost every time. 

The game provides different modes like Hot Zone resembling Hardpoint in CODM and a standard Weapon Master mode that requires a degree of money management to buy your loadouts. The maps have a unique and captivating layout.

Blood Strike Game modesBlood Strike Game modes
Image via NetEase Games

Also, the variety of strikers and weapons is limited but is sufficient to satisfy the thirst for fights. The realistic details on weapons with several skin and modification options were a sure hit in igniting my interest. Although, it’ll be refreshing to see some expansion to the character and arsenal sections. 

The game offers robust Social and Multiplayer systems

The social environment, as per me, is perfectly constructed with the multiplayer feature enhancing competitiveness. The premise is reminiscent of Warzone and you can respawn after the timer dies out, provided your teammates are still alive.

They can also buy you out directly. The more money you and your teammates have the better. The squad fights to outshine the ranked matches and emerges trustful where there exists harmony between the teammates.

Image via NetEase Games

The in-game chat feature is an excuse for players to exchange game plans and pointers from miles away. Having influential communication and strategies is no sweat, in the wake of Blood Strike’s well-bodied system. Leaderboards, ranks, and striving toward victory leave you aching for another round. I also am a sucker for the cutthroat competition that stays intact no matter what. 

Experience commendable Visual and Audio Effects during matches

The audio and visual effects are just as vital in a battle royale to keep the players hooked on the game. The 3D graphics in Blood Strike are consistent and definite even for low-end devices. The scenes glide smoothly as butter for most of the time. The weapon and striker detailings with exquisite cosmetics are a lap of luxury. You can say, it is a mix of visual experiences but still not distracting enough from the core gameplay. 

Midnight Terror skinMidnight Terror skin
Image via NetEase Games

The sonic atmosphere of the game is however praiseworthy. All kinds of audio effects are spot-on and crystal clear to the brim. The gunfire sounds, reload clicks, running, and outlying thumps of retreating rivals are all magnificent. These intense elements add up to the developing tension of high-quality combat and make your battle royale experience worthwhile.  

Blood Strike has clean but rarely inconsistent Controls and UI

The UI of Blood Strike is quite receptive and tidy. Not overly intricate, yet it maintains drawing depths. The interface responds well to the smallest of movements or actions during fights. The devs have fully optimized the game to ensure compatibility with a broad spectrum of devices. 

Image via NetEase Games

The control although can be offputting sometimes. While more often than not, the controls are consistent, there are instances like high-stress firefights where they tend to disappoint. Regardless of these minute glitches, Blood Strike wins the debate by requiring modest space where the size of other battle royale games limits access freedom. 

The IAPs come out as frustrating due to more Gold purchase

Blood Strike has no annoying ads but stumbles when it comes to their monetization. This is where the game bites the dust irrespective of its top-tier gameplay, audiovisuals, and controls. The real-time payments in the transaction model include an Elite and Elite+ Strike Pass worth 5 USD and 10 USD respectively. The elite passes give out reputations, weapon and striker EXP cards, extraordinary camos and skins, and more.

Strike PassStrike Pass
Image via NetEase Games

One might wonder if the micro-transaction structure as per this Bloor Strike review is that dejected. But what I just mentioned is merely scratching the surface. Several purchases like buying out the strikers, legendary skins for AK47, M4A1, and other collections use up Gold.

And the sole resource to get Gold is through paying in real time. The packages range from 1$ to 50.15$ and cross my heart, the game has a horde of gold employments. Despite the system, it’ll suit well with you if you can ignore all these payments. However, there’s no room for argument to deny the extensive IAPs in this game.

Image via NetEase Games

This further raises the question of whether players with rich coffers have it easy in fights. It crashes in creating a flawless beat between the game’s monetary system and value for money disrupting user-friendliness. Nevertheless, this flat end cannot cloud the other Blood Strike criticals that stood strong throughout this piece. 

Final Verdict

From the eyes of Blood Strike review, the game proves to be an aspiring FPS add-on to the gaming industry. Though it couldn’t meet the high bar set by masters of battle royale, it still delivers a lifetime of experiences. The game ensures thrilling and responsive gameplay with engaging graphics and soundscapes. The arsenal details and legendary skin designs in the affirmative are godly. 

At this stage, competing with the unmatched popularity and experience of PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile is nearly impossible. However, Blood Strike has fresh and engaging experiences with a perfect balance of convenience and gravity. It is rare to see such a detailed title run smoothly even on low-end devices. While Blood Strike promotes the inclusivity of players and has its uprises, it also faces a few flat ends.

While Blood Strike has growth potential in certain areas, the adrenaline-infused challenges are all the rage. Amid the peerless and captivating environment that the battle royale games are mainstream for, Blood Strike furnishes connectivity and social aspects against all discriminations. What truly sets the game apart is the focus on better nepotism concerning players with low to high-bound devices. All in all, Blood Strike stands out as one of the leading lights.

Gameplay Mechanics – 9

Graphics and Music – 8.5

Social and Multiplayer System – 9

Controls and UI – 8.5

Free-to-Play Elements – 7.5



Blood Strike enforces accessibility at its finest. With fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and impressive graphics, it infuses brilliance into its competitive battle royale world where survival is the only key.

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