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A Lighthearted Multiplayer Brawl with Quirks

Rumble Club Review

Rumble Club is a fun multiplayer action game from Lightfox Games. It offers exciting, chaotic multiplayer matches where you compete against up to 20 players in shrinking arenas. After spending hours immersed in this game, I’ll provide a comprehensive review of Rumble Club, delving into its core gameplay elements and offering a fair evaluation of the overall gaming experience.

I’ve spent more than 20 hours thoroughly testing Rumble Club on my Xiaomi Redmi 9T to ensure I explored all its features, ensured I experienced the game to its fullest and could provide a detailed analysis.

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Experience the Simple and Fun Gameplay

Let’s start the review with the gameplay, Rumble Club’s gameplay mechanics deliver a mayhem-focused experience that brings a chaotic and intense experience right from the start. From the moment you jump into the game, Rumble Club’s combat feels immediate and intense.

There’s no time wasted on extensive looting or wandering around. Instead, I was thrown straight into the action, relying on my reflexes and quick thinking to punch, grapple, and knock opponents off the map. The objectives in each match depend on the mode, adding variety to the experience.

Rumble Club Review
Image via Lightfox Games

Sometimes the goal is to stay within the safe zone, while other times I need to collect or destroy items scattered across the arena. The obstacle mechanics also add an interesting twist. You have to watch your steps and avoid different hazards that could eject you from the arena. One of the most engaging aspects of the game was the variety of gadgets scattered around the arena.

They added a strategic layer to each match, giving me options to outsmart my opponents. However, picking up items or downed players requires me to stand nearby and wait for a progress bar to fill, which did slow down the pace at times. The gameplay also felt a bit limited in terms of depth, as player interactions were mostly restricted to basic knockback effects and lacked more complex, physics-based systems.

Rumble Club gameplayRumble Club gameplay
Image via Lightfox Games

The gameplay mechanics in Rumble Club strike a nice balance between accessibility and depth. The simplicity of the combat system is paired with enough variety in gadgets to keep things interesting. While the game may not have the same strategic depth as some other titles, it excels at providing an entertaining experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Explore the variety of Game Modes

Rumble Club offers a variety of game modes that cater to different playstyles, keeping things fresh and interesting. There’s Punch Royale, the classic Battle Royale mode where you’re trying to be the last one standing as the arena gradually shrinks.

Rumble Club ReviewRumble Club Review
Image via Lightfox Games

It’s fast-paced and intense, and I loved that there’s no blue zone to stress about, so everyone can dive right in and have fun. However, the chaotic nature of the gameplay can sometimes lead to random outcomes, especially when standing near a ledge or in a crowded area.

Next, there’s King of the Hill, where you must control a specific map zone. It adds a nice strategic twist because you and your team need to defend the hill while fighting off opponents. Then there’s Sugar Rush, a playful change of pace where you race to collect cupcakes scattered around the map. It’s a whimsical mode that’s all about speed and fun.

Rumble Club gameplayRumble Club gameplay
Image via Lightfox Games

Finally, Goop Cube is a cooperative mode that challenges you to protect teammates encased in Goop from being thrown off the map. It requires some teamwork and strategy as you work together to defend and assist each other. The rotation of game modes keeps things from getting repetitive, so each match feels fresh and exciting. Overall, Rumble Club’s mix of game modes creates a lively, engaging multiplayer experience with something enjoyable for everyone.

Customize your character with a variety of outfits

The character customization options in Rumble Club are extensive and enjoyable. I can personalize my character with a wide variety of skins, accessories, paints, and emotes. The outfits are fun and quirky, fitting the game’s playful theme.

Rumble Club ReviewRumble Club Review
Image via Lightfox Games

The environments in the game are just as engaging. The maps are compact and visually diverse, with different themes and layouts. Each map offers its unique setting, from bustling cityscapes to lush, colorful landscapes. The variety in map design makes each match feel different. The fun and quirky customization options with the diverse and visually captivating maps, create an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Experience colorful graphics with some cheerful music

Rumble Club’s graphics and music add to its lively atmosphere. The visuals are vibrant and cartoonish, giving the game a playful and fun vibe. I found that characters have exaggerated features and expressive animations that make the matches visually entertaining. The maps are diverse and colorful, each with its theme, like cityscapes or lush landscapes.

Rumble Club ReviewRumble Club Review
Image via Lightfox Games

The music in the game is upbeat with a cute, cartoony style that matches the game’s playful nature, matching the fast pace of the matches. The sound effects, I like the satisfying thud of punches and the quirky noises of the gadgets, make the experience even more immersive.

In summary, Rumble Club’s graphics and music create a cheerful, entertaining experience that enhances the game’s appeal to casual players. The cartoony and cute music complement the vibrant visuals, making the game feel light-hearted and enjoyable.

Play with synchronized UI and easy controls

The controls in Rumble Club are super easy to pick up, so you can jump right into the action. The virtual joystick makes movement smooth and intuitive, letting you glide around the arena effortlessly. The punch button is simple to use, just tap for a quick punch or hold it for a charged-up, stronger attack. Switching between moving around and using gadgets is seamless, which helps keep the game fast-paced. It allows you to focus on your strategy instead of worrying about complicated controls.

Rumble Club ReviewRumble Club Review
Image via Lightfox Games

The user interface in Rumble Club is clean and straightforward, making it easy to access all the important information during a match. Your goal, points, and gadgets are displayed, so you can quickly keep track of everything you need.

Navigating menus and options is simple and intuitive, so you can stay focused on the gameplay. Customization options for character skins and accessories are easy to find and use, allowing you to personalize your character just the way you want.

The game doesn’t rely on IAPs, but sudden ads are annoying

Rumble Club lets you enjoy the game without spending money. You can buy virtual currency and bundles to customize your character, but the game doesn’t heavily rely on these purchases since they are mostly for cosmetic purposes. I appreciated the free loot boxes a couple of times a day and the occasional freebies in the shop, which gave me a chance to unlock items without paying.

Rumble Club ReviewRumble Club Review
Image via Lightfox Games

However, the sudden ads that appear when I start to play can be disruptive. They are long and can’t be skipped, which takes away from the excitement of getting into a match. While there are some benefits to the free-to-play options, the lengthy ads at the beginning of gameplay can be a major drawback.

Final Verdict

Rumble Club offers a fun and engaging experience with its colorful graphics, lively music, and engaging gameplay. The character customization options and diverse maps keep the game fresh. Its controls and user interface are user-friendly, making it easy to jump in and start playing right away.

It doesn’t heavily rely on purchases, so you can enjoy the game without stressing over progression. But, the sudden and long ads that show up when you begin playing can interrupt the flow and be annoying for some players. All in all, Rumble Club is a fun choice for anyone looking for a lighthearted multiplayer game. It has its quirks, but its charm and variety make it a pretty enjoyable experience.

Gameplay Mechanics – 6.5

Gamemodes – 7.5

Character and Environment Design – 7

Graphics and Music – 7.5

Controls and UI – 7

Free-to-Play Elements – 6.5



Rumble Club offers a fun and engaging experience with its colorful graphics, lively music, and engaging gameplay. It has its quirks, but its charm and variety make it a pretty enjoyable experience.

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