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A Hide & Seek with your Neighbor

A Hide & Seek with your Neighbor

Hello Neighbor: Nicky’s Diaries is a spin-off of the original Hello Neighbor game in the universe. It is a first-person stealth horror game developed by tinyBuild LLC. The game follows the activities of the protagonist, Nicky Roth as he unlocks memories. These instances lead him to discover the secret hidden in the basement of his neighbor, Mr Peterson. Our Hello Neighbor Nicky’s Diaries Review discusses the first impression it leaves on the audience with prospective highs and lows. 

The development offers heavily story-driven gameplay with inquisitive puzzles and traps to escape. The graphics could potentially excite you but the audio could intimidate you based on your individual experience. So, are you ready to dive into a hide-and-seek date with your not-so-ethical neighbor?

Use your Stealth, and Avoid Detection at all cost

The game follows the story of a young adult, Nicky Roth as he attempts to reveal the shady business his neighbor, Mr. Peterson might be upholding. The story in Hello Neighbour unfolds in the form of acts.

Upon waking up from his nightmare, Nicky discovers a box filled with his old memories in his room. Going through his belongings, he unlocks memories of his best friend, Aaron Peterson. The whole fiasco makes him ponder on his investigations and what might have happened to his friend in the past. 

A Hide & Seek with your Neighbor
Image via tinyBuild

From there onwards, Nicky is set on a mission to de-mask his sly neighbor. Several items help you to avoid detection in any form or case from your shady neighbor. The game does not carry several features other than missions, an investigation board, and a shop.

Some of the user base feels the game should have more density concerning the properties. However, a strong disagreement is formed on this part when the game doesn’t require to be packed with trivial features. We can conclude that Nicky’s Diaries is a story-driven concept with fewer factors to keep you hinged on their side. 

The gameplay enforces a complete chapter-oriented progress

The gameplay gives you a fresh and engaging experience. Unlike the original Hello Neighbour, Nicky’s Diaries has a distinct chapter-based model. This enables you to advance through the story at your preferred pace. As you go on completing chapters, your neighbour’s house develops additional floors providing you more space for your investigations. Each completion takes you back to your abode and you are compelled to continue your story from the initial location. 

Hello Neighbor Diaries Android gameplayHello Neighbor Diaries Android gameplay
Image via tinyBuild

It pushes you to use your stealth skills to avoid Mr Peterson, who would go to any lengths to protect his secrets. The involvement of puzzles and deadly traps set by the enemy instills a cliffhanging exposure for you through the environment. The inspection can seem like a burden when you have so many areas to cover and loose ends to connect. Overall, the rate at which you jump to your next mission depends solely on how fast you function. 

Graphics and Audio perfectly complement the game’s setting

The visuals develop a mood as if you’re in the normal outskirts but something always feels fishy about your surroundings. The lighting and color choice during the day gives a bright, earthy glow. As the sun settles down, the illuminating effect on the pitchy house fades away. The graphical segments bump up the creepy vibes and display some blatant terror. 

Hello Neighbour Nicky's Diaries VisualHello Neighbour Nicky's Diaries Visual
Image via tinyBuild

The characters have large heads with slim limbs. The horrifying expression on Mr Peterson’s face is enough to rethink your life’s decisions. The music for Nicky’s Diaries is chilly and breathtaking, perfectly oozing out a secretive aura. The suspense of the audio compliments the purpose the game is trying to project. 

Hello Neighbor Nicky’s Diaries offers simplistic UI and Controls

The UI (User Interface) of Hello Neighbour is clean and pretty impressive. It features a dynamic AI system that responds well to your character’s actions, Nicky. The UI adds to the thrill of the gameplay where your neighbour interprets your favorite routes making him suspenseful and unpredictable. 

A Hide & Seek with your NeighborA Hide & Seek with your Neighbor
Image via tinyBuild

The controls are somewhat complicated to catch up with. The positions for the control buttons are also inconvenient making it difficult for beginners to get used to it. The default sensitivity being too high must be lowered to point at small items easily and function smoothly. A good point amidst the complexity is that the control settings can be optimized for touchscreens.

The full access for Nicky’s Diaries compels less free-to-play elements

This direct sequel features no ads offering you gameplay with no external disturbances. The game creates a good reputation for itself with this highlight. Although, Nicky’s Diaries has the highest purchase of 8.29 USD for accessing the game completely. This initiates a bad circulation of their name and a massive user base would probably withdraw from continuing in the suspense further.

A Hide & Seek with your NeighborA Hide & Seek with your Neighbor
Image via tinyBuild

Other than the main purchase, it offers objects such as Jump Boots, Glue, etc. bought using the in-game Funds. Getting access to the funds is not an overload. In any situation, we wouldn’t suggest indulging in real transactions. One of the main setbacks for the developers is the obligatory usage of real cash to get the full version. The traffic of the micro-transaction system in any game ruins its primary essence. 

Final Verdict

From our Hello Neighbor Review, Nicky’s Diaries comes out as an interesting plot relying on slog puzzles and terror. The terror part does not typically represent the horror tinyBuild wanted to put on display for its players. It delivers gameplay proficient in an act-based structure with an excellent AI system. The audio balances out the suspenseful vibe somewhat hampered by the visuals.

To conclude, Nicky’s Diaries twists the popular hide-and-seek trope into a creative and secretive plot. However, a focused creepiness in gameplay might remove the frustration its users feel for the workload lacking observation and ingenuity.

Gameplay Mechanics – 7.5

Storyline – 7.5

Graphics and Music – 8

Controls and UI – 7.5

Free-to-Play Elements – 6



Hello Neighbor Nicky’s Diaries twists the popular hide-and-seek trope into a creative and secretive plot with a chapter-focused gameplay and an excellent AI implementation.

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