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A complete guide to build a Long Ball Counter squad

Long Ball Counter transition

eFootball 2024 has been a different and fresh approach to the tactical side of the game over the past few years of KONAMI’s popular football franchise. The biggest positive is the introduction of Manager tactics and the training system for the players, which has come as a breath of fresh air to long-time fans of the game. As a result, team building this year becomes more enjoyable and can assist players in selecting a team with a playstyle of their choice, with Long Ball Counter being one. In this article, we shall be looking at the Long Ball Counter playstyle and the team-building system for the same in eFootball 2024.

Introducing the Long Ball Counter tactic

Long Ball Counter is another counter-attacking style of football employed by managers for a quick transition from defense to offense. This includes the launching of long balls from the backline, including the goalkeeper, with the primary aim of getting behind the defensive line and going for the goal. This has been something I have been seeing for a long time since PES 2019 days when many players employed this tactic before this was created, but the passing was aimlessly executed.

Long Ball Counter transition
Image via KONAMI

The positive of this tactic is that it employs direct football. Get the ball, long pass, cross, boom. The transition from defense to attack is within seconds. The defense tactic is All-Out Defense with Conservative Pressing. This makes the defensive line sit back and defend while maintaining the defensive line. Once on the ball, the forwards will look for a run even when the ball is far back, with high support range.

Selecting players for a Long Ball Counter playstyle

So let me breakdown on selecting the players for Long Ball Counter.

efootball 2024 long ball counter setupefootball 2024 long ball counter setup
Image via KONAMI


  • Main Attributes: Ball Control, Offensive Awareness, Finishing, Physical Contact

Forwards should have good offensive awareness, as they should be aware of the movements they should follow when their team has the ball. This will help them time their runs correctly, and get behind the defense for scoring opportunities. Pace is something that will be decisive too, but sometimes good physically is enough to bully defenders.

For Long Ball Counter attacks in eFootball 2024, always have Physical Strikers upfront. They will be lethal in such conditions, and they can beat the defenders in a physical battle and be at an advantage. For this role, Goal Poachers are the best choice.

  • Best Strikers for Long Ball Counter: Darwin Nunez, Oshimen, Vlahovic

Wingers or wide midfielders usually do not play much of a role in the buildup, but you can’t write them off as even they bomb forward. An extra option to have in attack is always an advantage, and thus with the help of another supporting attacker, you can get to open up many chances.

  • Best Wingers for Long Ball Counter: Sadio Mane, Luis Diaz, Rafael Leao, Chiesa


  • Main Attributes: Low Pass, Ball Control, Balance, Stamina

While there is a free role for the midfielders in this formation, it is often advised to keep midfielders with good stamina as they will be the ones to create dominance in the center of the pitch.

Attacking Midfielders should also be making runs if your formation supports them. Just like I mentioned for the wingers, this is important for getting that extra space to exploit and an extra man for support. I recommend a Hole Player playstyle for this position.

  • Best Attacking Midfielders for Long Ball Counter: Pellegrini, Griezmann

From what I’ve noticed, the Central Midfielders usually don’t don’t do much with the movement but offer good support out with the defense.

  • Best Central Midfielders for Long Ball Counter: Kessie, Bellingham, Valverde

A defensive midfielder needs to be the one with great cover and a good work rate. His constant pressing helps in ball recovery, so a physical defender will be suited. Ball playing ability is usually not a plus, but it wouldn’t be any trouble if he could ping one or two.

  • Best Defensive Midfielders for Long Ball Counter: Casemiro, Caicedo, Declan Rice


  • Main Attributes: Defensive Awareness, Interception, Low Pass, Lofted Pass

Ball-playing defenders are the ones who are required here, so I suggest the players pick such players in the squad, who can also provide good defensive cover too. The reason because the pressing is conservative and risk-free, so the backline will be maintained constantly.

Choose the fullbacks of your choice, and keep it balanced on both sides if possible. But for a good defensive backline, I suggest you use defensively sound fullbacks on both sides and leave the creative duties to the rest.

  • Best Fullbacks for Long Ball Counter: Walker, Robertson, Carvajal

Once again, you need not worry much about the defending, but do not that ball distribution becomes important here, especially the Long Ball. Follow a steady defensive line, and once you are on the ball, you can use one good ball-playing defender for this kind of distribution.

  • Best Centrebacks for Long Ball Counter: Upamecano, Lisandro Martinez, Van Dijk


  • Main Attributes: Low Pass, Lofted Pass, GK Parrying, GK Reflexes

Choosing the GK wouldn’t be a problem, as any playstyle among the two will work. However, for this playstyle apart from the good goalkeeping, he should have good parrying and passing stats, so that he can initiate a quick counter once he gets the ball.

  • Best Goalkeepers for Long Ball Counter: Ederson, Ramsdale



The famous Christmas tree formation 4-3-2-1 is a solid pick for Long Ball Counters. The front three offer great runs to the box, while also creating a midfield overload. A Hole Player + Creative Playmaker/Classic No. 10 combo works best with a Goal Poacher.

4-3-2-1 Long Ball Counter4-3-2-1 Long Ball Counter
Image via GamingonPhone

Midfield, keep it physical once again. Even though you don’t have to press hard and high, these help in recovering loose balls on the field. The backline needs good fullbacks who can make runs forward as there will be space on the flanks, with the defenders and goalkeeper of your choice.


A defensive formation, which allows players to play 3-atb, with the midfield strength reduced to two. This allows the player to defensively compact and then initiate quick long ball counters. Forwards, play a Goal Poacher with any one of the wingers with a good crossing stat and skill.

5-2-3 Long Ball Counter5-2-3 Long Ball Counter
Image via GamingonPhone

Midfielders, both should be having great stamina, with two more backups on the bench. Defenders like suggested, have one or two with a good pass with the other being a physical beast, and a good backup for the same should be there.


Players can select their squad members based on their preferences. Our goal is to have a well-oiled team that produces results and works well against any team. There is no such thing as a perfect team, as we may encounter difficulties in breaking down an opponent and then lose focus. Player styles should be noted because they can make a difference.

It is without a doubt that Long Ball Counter squads in eFootball 2024 are very effective in breaking the midfield barrier and then creating chances out of thin air. From my experience, back in PES 2021, you would find many players using this style of play even though it wasn’t introduced. So from what I’ve experienced, this counter-attack style is pretty well suited if you like fast-paced football, and concentrate on moving the ball quickly to the attacking third. If you find any issues with these tactics and team building, feel free to refer to this guide.

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