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7 Strongest Mage Class Hunters, Ranked

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  • Hunters in Solo Leveling can be powerful mages, with specialties ranging from healing to offensive spells and curses.
  • The power and mana of a Hunter depend on their rank, but artifacts can boost magic proficiency.
  • From Akari Shimizu to Sung Jinwoo, mages play vital roles in dungeon raids, showcasing diverse abilities and strategic importance.



There are plenty of magic users in the world of Solo Leveling, and they play a crucial role in almost every Dungeon Raid. While most magic users are capable of basic elemental spells, Hunters usually have their own specialization. From healing to supporting spells to curses and offensive magic.


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The power and mana of a Hunter depends on their rank (or vice versa), and no amount of training can increase that limit. There are, however, several artifacts and items to boost one’s magic proficiency. A well-balanced raiding party will almost always have a mage, whether it be a healer, a general supportive mage, or a powerful master of offense.

WARNING: Major spoilers from manhwa below.

7 Akari Shimizu

Draw Sword Guild, S-Rank Healer

Akari Shimizu

Akari was a powerful healer from Japan, who came with other members of the Draw Sword Guild to participate in the 4th Jeju Island Raid. While she didn’t have much “screen” time, she was recognized by some of the most powerful hunters in Japan and was one of the only mages to join the party.

Interestingly enough, she was also a capable fighter and wielded a huge Battle Axe. Most mages either stay away from skirmishes, or at least engage from a distance, but Akari was clearly capable of holding her own in melee combat. Her ultimate fate was quite unfortunate and left a lot of questions about her powers.

6 Min Byung-Gyu

Retired S-Rank Healer

Min Byung-Gyu

Min Byung-Gyu is a powerful Healer Mage and is the only known Korean S-Rank Hunter to have retired early. After a traumatic raid on Jeju Island, he decided that he would rather try and be a civilian teacher, away from Dungeons and Raids. Ultimately, he chose to support his friends and join his team in one last Raid.


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According to himself, Min Byung-Gyu has the offensive capabilities of an A-Rank Hunter. He is a powerful healer and has access to incredibly strong buffing spells. During the final Jeju Island Raid, he supported his team members to the very end and even saved Cha Hae-In after his unfortunate demise.

5 Kei

Draw Sword Guild, S-Rank

Kai was a powerful Ice Mage, who came from Japan with the Draw Sword Guild. His nose was incredibly sensitive to mana, much like Cha Hae-In, which is why he opted to wear a mask around other Hunters.

His Ice magic was quite versatile in combat, allowing him to use it both offensively and defensively. On top of that, he was capable of quickly encasing large amounts of enemies, which he used to a great extent on the Jeju Island Raid. He was also capable of impressive physical feats, such as keeping up with certain Assassin-type Hunters and quickly covering large distances.

4 Choi Jong-In

Hunters Guild Leader, S-Rank

Choi Jong-In is the leader of the Hunters Guild for many reasons, and they go much further than his magic proficiency. He is a great tactician, used to effectively leading large raiding parties with minimal casualties. His various strategies and tactics have earned his guild many successful Dungeons.


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On top of that, he is considered to be one of the most powerful Mage Hunters, with incredibly potent fire magic. He is capable of easily wiping out large groups of enemies and has an arsenal of powerful fire attacks to deal with large enemies and bosses.

3 Christopher Reed

National Level Hunter

Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed was a solo S-Rank Hunter, who was also ranked as the 3rd National Level Hunters. He was capable of incredibly powerful Spiritual Body Manifestation, giving him a new powerful body, and allowing him to channel incredibly powerful fire attacks.

While unfortunately, the full fight happened offscreen, the aftermath of his battle with 3 Monarchs was absolutely devastating. Raging fires continued to burn on the battlefield, long after the actual fighting was done. Being a vessel for one of the Rulers made him one of the strongest Hunters in the world, and his full potential is difficult to gauge.

2 Yuri Orloff

S-Rank Support Mage

Yuri Orloff was a Russian S-Rank Hunter, who came to Japan to assist with the S-Rank Gate. He was considered to be one, if not the most powerful Barrier expert, which is exactly how he planned on dealing with the newly spawned Gate.


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While his full offensive powers are unknown, he was indeed capable of creating nearly impenetrable barriers, and successfully subdued a number of S-Rank Hunters. While his overconfident personality and extremely greedy tendencies lead to his ultimate end, he was nonetheless a justifiably famous Hunter and one of the most prolific Support Mages on the scene.

1 Sung Jinwoo

World’s Weakest Hunter

Sung Jinwoo went through a series of different specializations, going from a regular Fighter to an Assassin, to a Necromancer, to Shadow Monarch. At the time of his Rank Reevaluation, he was actively using his magical abilities and was thus classified as a Mage.

The core of his magical abilities is the power to manipulate Shadows, which allows him to teleport, manipulate objects, and create Shadow soldiers from fallen enemies. During the course of the story, he has amassed an incredible army of powerful creatures, and he is easily able to sustain all of it for long periods of time. It is unknown if there is even such a thing as a “limit” to his powers.

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