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5 Proxies Tailored for Multi-Accounting Success


If you’re a business owner or individual who’s managing multiple accounts – social media, e-commerce platforms, websites, gaming – you’ll be familiar with the challenges of juggling myriad processes online. You may need to operate several brands’ social accounts with a diversity of geographic locations or engage with various audiences while maintaining proper security on each individual account.

Regardless of your activity, there is a way to manage multiple accounts safely, while avoiding IP bans and geo-restrictions, and maintaining distinct online identities.

What Is a Proxy?

When you’re doing business online, a proxy acts like a bridge between your device and the internet, separating you – the user – from the websites or platforms that you’re accessing. A proxy will conceal your true IP address, making it appear as though your activity is linked to the proxy server’s IP address.

Using a proxy can help protect your privacy, allow you to bypass geo-restrictions, conduct marketing research anonymously, and help with navigating the web in locations with heavily censored internet access.

What Is Multiple Accounts Management?

Managing multiple accounts – also known as multi-accounting – can apply to a number of scenarios, the most common of which are digital marketers and social media managers who are in charge of multiple brands; business owners with myriad websites and platforms; content creators; active Redditors; and even heavy gamers who are using multiple accounts.

In order to manage multiple accounts efficiently and safely, you need the ability to schedule content, engage with multiple audiences, monitor performance, gather analytics data, jump between locations, run ad campaigns, and much more – all while flipping back and forth between accounts and remaining compliant with the policies of the various websites and platforms.

Why Use a Proxy?

Using a proxy allows you to engage in all of the online activities for your various accounts with flexibility in your geolocation and account security while avoiding IP restrictions and bans. Your proxies will be the middlemen between your multiple accounts and the internet, giving you the flexibility and security that you need to get your job done.

What Kind of Proxy Is Best?

When managing multiple accounts, the best kind of proxies to use are residential proxies and mobile proxies, which provide geographic diversity and complete anonymity. Here are five great proxy providers that can help you get the job done when you’re managing multiple accounts.


Access 65M+ high-quality IPs via Smartproxy, the top proxy service for web scraping and multi-accounting. 

1. Smartproxy

For access to a premium proxy infrastructure with industry-leading residential proxies, you’ll want to check out Smartproxy. Smartproxy offers ethically sourced IP addresses, robust 24/7 tech support, HTTPS and SOCKS5 support, and intuitive self-service to make your experience seamless. Its proxy network is ideal for bypassing geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAs, and IP blocks when you’re managing multiple accounts.

When looking at a potential proxy provider, a high success rate and adequate speed are paramount. These crucial metrics tell you how often – and how quickly – the proxy fulfills its intermediary function without any errors or issues. Smartproxy claims the fastest residential proxies in the market – roughly 500 ms, depending on the country – with an impressive 99.74% success rate.

Smartproxy draws from a pool of more than 65 million IP addresses and boasts more than 195 locations. All of its residential proxies originate from real desktop and mobile devices with specific physical locations, making them indistinguishable from real users, so you won’t need to worry about being blocked. You can easily select an IP address based on country, city, or mobile carrier, so you can target specific locations, whether you’re reviewing targeted ads, posting content, or browsing the web.

If you’re new to proxies, Smartproxy is a great place to start. Its quick start guide and user-friendly dashboard make it easy for newbies and pros alike. You’ll have access to complete guidelines so you can draw on as much or as little support and information as you need. And if you run into trouble or have any questions, the Smartproxy customer care team is available 24/7 to help.

With residential proxies, you can mask your IP address with an IP from a real residential device that is connected to a local network, making it difficult to detect automation and multi-accounting tools. Smartproxy also offers mobile proxies, which are beneficial for tasks that require anonymity and frequent IP address rotation. If you want to use third-party tools such as GoLogin or PVA Accounts, Smartproxy makes it easy to integrate these and other tools.

The best part about Smartproxy is its competitive pricing and 14-day money-back guarantee. Smartproxy has both regular and enterprise plans, with residential proxies available as pay-as-go plans for just $8.50 per GB and mobile proxies for $21 per GB, and enterprise plans up to just $4 per GB for larger purchases. If you’re not satisfied with your Smartproxy experience, you can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase, no matter the plan you bought, so taking it for an exploratory test drive is easy.

Visit Smartproxy to explore residential proxies and mobile proxies for your multi-accounting needs. ­­

2. Oxylabs

If you’re a more experienced proxy user or business owner who’s looking for a premium provider, you’ll want to look into Oxylabs, the world’s largest ethical proxy network. Oxylab offers both residential and mobile proxies that are great solutions for multi-accounting, but it puts more of a focus on web scraping, data aggregation, review monitoring, and ad verification.

Its best features are its 100 million-plus pool of residential IPs, free geo-targeting, and its 99.95% success rate. Oxylabs offers unlimited concurrent sessions, so you can easily bounce back and forth between accounts and scale your projects as needed.

For pricing, Oxylabs comes in at a higher rate due to its mostly business-based audience. For individuals, rates start at $99 per month, or you can work with a more flexible pay-as-you-go plan that charges $10 per GB. Check out Oxylabs to see if their products are a fit for you.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data is powered by an award-winning residential proxy infrastructure with more than 72 million residential IP addresses. It also offers more than 7 million mobile proxy IPs, forming the largest real-peer 3G/4G mobile network. With a 99.9% success rate, unlimited concurrent sessions, and 24/7 live support, Bright Data covers all your basic needs when it comes to proxies for multi-accounting.

For the more experienced crowd, Bright Data has documentation for developers, supports third-party software integration, and has the ability to create and manage sub-users.

Check out Bright Data for residential and mobile proxy packages starting with pay-as-you-go for $10.50 per GB and $24 per GB, respectively.

4. Soax

Soax is another reliable and affordable provider of both residential and mobile proxies. Its residential proxy pool consists of more than 155 million IP addresses with a 99.55% success rate and 0.55s response time. To get started with Soax, all you need is five minutes before you’re up and running, working with its user-friendly dashboard.

Like the above providers, Soax offers unlimited concurrent sessions so that you can maintain as many connections as you need.

Residential proxy plans range from $6.60 per GB when purchasing 15 GB to large-scale purchases suitable for businesses. Soax also offers a $1.99 trial to test out its services before making a bigger commitment and multiple plans for mobile proxies.

5. Webshare

Webshare has fewer options but does offer residential proxies at an affordable price. This provider is better for individuals and smaller bandwidth projects. It offers a pool of more than 30 million residential IP addresses in 195 countries, plus HTTPS and SOCKS5 support.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to working with proxies, check out Webshare for affordable options starting at $7 per GB, or try its free offer of 10 proxies for up to 1 GB per month. This offer is free for an unlimited amount of time, with no credit card required, unless you want to unlock additional features, more bandwidth, or more proxies.

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