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$400 off plus up to $900 back with trade-in

Google Pixel Fold being held with rear cameras facing the user

After a bit of a dry spell on decent offers around Google’s latest foldable, the best Google Pixel Fold deals are back to make buying this foldable phone a must for anyone looking to get their hands on one. With prices matching what we saw during Black Friday last year, it’s the perfect time to purchase this excellent handheld.

For starters, you’ll save $400 on the Pixel Fold if you purchase it through the Google Store, Amazon, or Best Buy. However, two of these retailers offer trade-in credits, Best Buy and Google, but the latter specifically is offering up to $900 back with eligible trade-in. That’s a huge amount of savings to be earned, and can essentially bring the final price of the phone down to just $500.

Carrier offers are also available for those looking to sign up or upgrade a current plan, with both AT&T and Verizon offering stellar Pixel Fold deals for new and existing customers. While both can have you holding a new Google Pixel Fold for as little as $23 a month, AT&T in particular does not require a trade-in to take advantage of the deal.

However, Verizon is offering discounts on other Google devices like the Pixel Watch 2 if you grab one alongside your new phone. That said, since most are going to require a new line or sign-up, they aren’t always the best choices for someone who’d rather purchase the phone unlocked.

Memorial Day may be looming on the horizon, but these are honestly the best deals on the Google Pixel Fold we’ve seen in some time. We’d recommend buying now if you can, otherwise, you’ll need to wait until the next holiday weekend to score offers this good on Google’s foldable.

Best Google Pixel Fold deals and trade-in offers



$1400 $1800 Save $400

Google is taking $400 off its new foldable for a limited time, offering the phone at its lowest price since Black Friday. You can also earn up to $900 back with an eligible trade-in, dropping the final cost of the phone down to a mere $500 with the right trade. Google also offers a 36-month financing plan, which can bring the payment down to around $40 a month.

Amazon logo


Best value

$1400 $1800 Save $400

Amazon is matching Google by dropping $400 off the Google Pixel Fold, but you won’t be able to earn any trade-in credits here. Amazon only has one financing plan available through Affirm, so you’ll have to qualify to get the price broken out into 36-monthly payments of around $65.


Best Buy

Free Goodies

$1400 $1800 Save $400

Best Buy also has the Google Pixel Fold on sale for $400 off, matching Samsung and Amazon price-wise. However, Best Buy does offer trade-in credits for qualifying devices, but how much depends on the make, model, and condition of the phone being traded in. Run your old phone through Best Buy’s estimator to see how much you can get!

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One of the best Google Pixel Fold carrier deals you’ll find right now, AT&T is offering this premium foldable for just $21 a month when you sign up for an eligible unlimited plan — no trade-in required. The discount is applied over the course of a 36-month payment plan via monthly bill credits.

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Verizon logo


Verizon is offering up to $1,000 off the Google Pixel Fold when you trade in a qualifying device and select a 5G Unlimited Plan. While you aren’t guaranteed $1,000 for your old device, it’s worth checking out if you need a new carrier and want to save a bit on the phone. Also, Verizon is offering additional bundle savings of up to $220 off the Google Pixel Watch 2 if you purchase it with the phone.

Where can I buy the Google Pixel Fold?

While the Fold was a Google Store exclusive before launch, carriers jumped into the game in late June and have offered far better deals than the Google Store. Best Buy carried the Pixel Fold for a very limited time, but then it sold out and hasn’t restocked and hasn’t restocked for weeks. Amazon, on the other hand, finally started selling the Pixel Fold itself after only being stocked by third-party sellers. This also means that in the United States, you can only grab the unlocked Pixel Fold at the Google Store and Amazon now.

How much does the Google Pixel Fold cost?

The Google Pixel Fold is a pricey device to say the least, starting at $1800 for the 256GB model and $1920 for the 512GB model. Google does offer installment plans for it, and most carriers will do the same to help ease the initial cost of one. Trade-in deals and other offers also help bring the price down a bit as well, however, how much is entirely dependent on what device you trade in and what value the carrier gives you for it.

Why is the Google Pixel Fold so expensive?

Google’s first attempt at a foldable phone comes with a hefty price tag, almost double the cost of other options on the market. However, there’s a reason for this and, whether we like it or not, it makes sense. The Google Pixel Fold specs are no joke, offering a premium device that comes loaded with some serious hardware. All of this is crammed into a phablet-style design that requires it all to be within certain sizing specifications. While there is plenty to argue about which foldable form factor is actually better, the larger notebook-style design the Pixel Fold comes in offers a bit more in terms of versatility.

For starters, a Google Tensor G2 processor is the heart of the Pixel Fold, offering a fast and snappy experience whether you’re just swiping through the user interface or gaming. Paired with 12GB of RAM, it offers enough memory to multitask and even handle heavier gaming applications without much hassle. All of this is done either on a larger 7.6-inch OLED 120Hz 2208×1840 primary display or the 5.8-inch OLED 120Hz 2092×1080 cover display.

Plus, there’s an absolutely stunning camera configuration loaded into this thing that includes an 8MP f/2.0 (84° FOV, 1.12 μm pixels) inner selfie camera, an 8MP f/2.0 (84° FOV, 1.12 μm pixels) inner selfie camera, a 48MP f/1.7 (0.8 μm pixel size) main sensor, 48MP f/1.7 (0.8 μm pixel size) main sensor, 10.8MP f/3.1 (1.25 0.8 μm pixels) 5x optical camera, and 10.8MP f/2.2 (1.25 μm pixels) 121.1° FOV ultrawide.

All of this impressive hardware doesn’t come cheap, even more so when it’s packed into a notebook-style foldable phone. However, it’s one of the best Android phones for the money — if you can afford it.

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