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1999 Home Practice Event Guide and Tips


The version 1.3 update of Reverse: 1999 has recently gone live, and coming alongside the new update are plenty of features, optimizations, characters, and events. In addition to this, the first phase of version 1.3 also unveils a featured time-limited event called Home Practice has been introduced. The version 1.3 update known as Journey to Mor Pankh will also unveil more information about the 20th-century time-travel strategic RPG.

Explore an adventure in the universe of Reverse: 1999, where players explore different eras, tackle puzzles, and participate in enchanting battles. Dive into the significant enhancements and events introduced in the version 1.3 update. Access a tier list, beginners’ guide, reroll guide, and currency guide to elevate your overall gaming experience in the world of Reverse: 1999.

Reverse: 1999 Home Practice event requirements and dates

This event is currently active and will start on January 19, 2023, and will continue until February 1, 2023. providing players with a generous supply of materials and clear drops.

Reverse 1999 Home practice event
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It’s important to highlight that Home Practice is exclusively accessible to players who have completed the main campaign of the game, titled In Our Time.

How to do the Reverse: 1999 Home Practice event

Delving into the event synopsis, life within the suitcase proves to be challenging. Home Practice offers you an immersive glimpse into some of the best practices of the St. Pavlov Foundation, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the lives of their arcanist companions.

In approaching this event strategically, you should bear in mind the following key points:

  • All Trial Characters are at Insight 3, LV 30, equipped with full portrays, and possess LV 60 Psychube. It is strongly advised to make optimal use of these trial characters.
  • Leveraging the increased damage potential of higher-level spells, which can deal an extra 50% to 100% damage, is highly recommended. Players are encouraged to combine cards into higher levels and employ them properly.
  • Environment Stage buffs are provided in each stage and will vary depending on effects and conditions.

Home Practice Critical Hit Trial Guide

Environment (Stage Buff)

  • Critical DMG +100%: When a round kicks off, get ready for a whopping 100% boost in Critical Damage.
  • Critical Rate +20%: This one stacks up to +100%, giving you a nice edge.
Reverse 1999 Home practice critical hit trialReverse 1999 Home practice critical hit trial
Image via Bluepoch


Unleash the power of higher-level spells for that extra Critical Damage and Critical Rate. Merge those cards into higher levels and use them strategically. Lilya and Blonney are your go-to’s for high Critical Rates. Plus, Tooth Fairy steps in by reducing enemies’ Critical Resist Rate, ensuring you can hit max DMG with the full Critical Rate. The trial Team for the Critical Hit Trial are Lilya, Tooth Fairy, Charlie, and Blonney.

Home Practice Event Poisoning Trial Guide

Environment (Stage Buff)

  • Inflicted [Poison] status duration +2 rounds.
  • Inflicted [Poison] status duration +2 extra rounds.
Reverse 1999 Home practice poisoning trialReverse 1999 Home practice poisoning trial
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Make the most of Kanjira and Sotheby’s ability to afflict enemies with [Poison] status. This sets the stage for Jessica to unleash significant damage with her Skill 1 (White Blankie). Take into consideration that the more [Poison] status the enemies have, the more substantial the damage Sotheby’s Ultimate can deal. The Trial team for the Poisoning Trail are Jessica, Sotheby, Kanjira, and Bkornblume.

Home Practice Shielding Trial Guide

Environment (Stage Buff)

  • When the caster has a shield, attacks enjoy a DMG Bonus +50%.
  • When the caster has a shield, attacks enjoy a Penetration Rate +25%.
Reverse 1999 Home practice shielding trialReverse 1999 Home practice shielding trial
Image via Bluepoch


Amp up your game with higher-level spells, bringing a 50% Damage Bonus and 25% extra Penetration Rate with the [Shield] status. Merge those cards into higher levels and unleash them strategically. Tennant is your key player here. Cast a shield over all allies, setting the stage for other characters to deal some serious damage. The Trial team for the Shielding Trial are Shamane, Centurion, Tennant, and Sweetheart.

Home Practice Extreme Trial Guide

Environment (Stage Buff)

  • For every 10% HP lost, the caster’s attacks enjoy a DMG Bonus +20%.
  • When a round starts, it loses 20% of its current HP.
  • Grants HP +(Max HP ×30%) when taking lethal DMG for the first time.
Reverse 1999 Home practice extreme trialReverse 1999 Home practice extreme trial
Image via Bluepoch


The Extreme Trial demands a strategic approach to triumph. Start by unleashing Pickles’ Ultimate at the outset, establishing dominance from the get-go. The synergy between Eternity and Pickles is pivotal; use their spells strategically to lower your characters’ HP and activate the full buff.

Coordinate spell usage to align with HP loss mechanics, ensuring maximum benefit from the DMG Bonus for every 10% HP lost. Embrace adversity and turn it into an advantage. The Trial team for the Extreme Trial are Pickles, Eternity, Balloon Party, and Sonetto.

Home Practice Healing Trial Guide

Environment (Stage Buff)

  • Healing Done +100%.
  • After casting a healing incantation, all allies enjoy DMG Bonus +20%, stacking up to +100%.
Reverse 1999 Home practice healing trialReverse 1999 Home practice healing trial
Image via Bluepoch


The star of the show here is Medicine Pocket. Leverage their healing and debuffing skills to benefit the entire team. Ms. Newbabel is another key player, offering team protection. Maximize the potential of Matilda’s skill. By inflicting [Confusion] onto enemies, you not only deal high damage but also disrupt their strategy.

Coordinate healing incantations to trigger the DMG Bonus for your allies. The stacking effect can make a significant difference in battle. The Trial team for the Healing Trial are Medicine Pocket, Ms. Newbabel, Matilda, Bkornblume.

Home Practice Moxie Trial Guide

Environment (Stage Buff)

  • For every 1 Moxie owned, DMG Bonus +20%.
  • Begins round with Moxie +1.
Reverse 1999 Home practice moxie trialReverse 1999 Home practice moxie trial
Image via Bluepoch


Melania takes center stage here. Combine her spells strategically to rapidly accumulate Moxie. Once you’ve got the Moxie stockpiled, unleash those Ultimates for maximum impact. An-an Lee is your damage powerhouse.

Make the most of their skill to deal significant damage, especially when Moxie is at its peak. Plan Melania’s spells to coincide with the beginning of rounds, ensuring you start with that crucial Moxie +1. The Trial team for the Moxie Trial are Melania, An-an Lee, Dikke, Diggers.

Reverse: 1999 Home Practice Event Rewards

As you make progress in the Home Practice event, you’ll unlock various stages and earn awesome rewards. Dive into this adventure, complete each level, and brace yourself for exciting challenges. The rewards are expected to be an abundant amount of clear drops and growth rewards. We will surely update this section once the sum of all rewards is calculated throughout the event.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up this guide for the Reverse: 1999 Home Practice event, remember that navigating through its stages not only offers thrilling challenges but also unlocks a trove of rewards. Equip yourself with the right strategies, assemble a formidable team, and explore the unique features each stage brings.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 Home Practice Event Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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