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10000 BC Beginners Guide and Tips

Inventory Primitive Era 10000 BC Beginners Guide

Primitive Era: 10000 BC is a newly launched strategy-based game that allows players to build up a village full of different sets of buildings, defenses, mines, and more. The game has come with various unique features that will help the players to look out for more strategies and creative village development as well. Every village also comes up with troops and barracks that will help the player to defend and attack other players’ bases and claim resources like food, wood logs, and water. Thus, let me dive into a detailed Primitive Era 10000 BC Guide and check for a few tips for the beginners.

Gameplay Overview

Primitive Era: 10000 BC is a strategy-based game where players can set up a village of their own. Players have to think and plan about the development and placement of the buildings so that they can defend their village well. Every village also comes up with villagers as well, thus players need to build up farms so that those villagers can feed themselves. After completing a few assigned story missions, players will then get advanced to a new era that will unlock more areas to explore and buildings to build as well.

The game has many interesting features and the best part being every feature comes up with the building as well that thus helping the player to strategies and build one of the finest villages. The game also comes up with Barracks, Troops, and Heroes who are the main protectors of the village. If you are starting new, I’d suggest you to check the Primitive Era redeem codes for some free rewards.

Introducing the Basics of Primitive Era: 10000 BC


Inventory Primitive Era 10000 BC Beginners Guide
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Inventory is the section where players can look out for all the items that they have such as resources, speedups, buffs, and others. Players need to keep a check over the items they have and they can also use them directly from inventory when required.


Heroes are the sole guardians of the village and thus players can check out all the heroes they own. They can also check out the list of other heroes that are available in-game and know about them in detail. The heroes are summoned with the help of various sets of scrolls that are discussed above and those scrolls are earned by the players by completing the in-game missions they are being assigned.


Clan Primitive Era 10000 BC Beginners Guide Clan Primitive Era 10000 BC Beginners Guide
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The Clan is a section where many players come under one roof and support each other. Here, the players help out each of the clan members, support them and help them out with various resources and troops. There are certain clan gifts as well in which players are assigned various missions and thus players need to complete them to get rewards.

Missions Section

The mission sections come up with three subsections; Solo Missions, Daily Missions, and Main Missions. This section comes up with several assigned missions for the players which they need to complete. Completion of the missions leads to earning great rewards and resources that help out players in various aspects such as upgrading and building new architectures.

Mastering the in-game characters in Primitive Era 10000 BC

The game provides a bunch of in-game characters for the players. There are Infantries, Archers, and Heroes that help out the players in the Primitive Era 10000 BC. There are several sets of Archers and Infantries present which unlock after reaching a certain City Hall Level. These are mainly the supporting and frontline warriors respectively and here help out the Heroes while battling against others.

characters in Primitive Era 10000 BCcharacters in Primitive Era 10000 BC
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Heroes are considered the main protectors of the village and are also categorized into several classes and Tiers that will eventually help put the players figure out their usage of them. The Heroes are divided as:

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Stellar
  • Ace

Players can easily recruit them with the help of certain scrolls such as Legendary Scroll, Epic Scroll, Stellar Scroll, and Ace Scroll. Check this Primitive Era tier list for in-depth details on the best characters.

Upgrading Heroes, Archers, and infantries

Firstly, for upgrading Heroes, follow up the steps to upgrade your Heroes:

  • At the bottom of the game screen, tap on the Hero option.
  • Move inside the Hero section and select the Hero you want to upgrade
  • After this, tap on the Plus sign present beside the Hero level bar.
  • Select the number of Magic Potions you want to select and tap on the Use option.

With these easy steps, players can upgrade their Heroes. Now for the Archers and Infantries, they follow the same steps but in different buildings. For Archers, players need to go to the Archery Range and for Infantry players have to go to Infantry Barracks. Follow up on the steps to know about the upgradation process:

heroes, archers and infantries2heroes, archers and infantries2
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  • Go to the respective building for the troop you want to upgrade.
  • Select the Troop and tap on the Train option to start training them.

Training them will eventually lead them in their upgradation and thus players can easily upgrade their troops and make them more powerful.

Understanding the Buildings

Primitive Era: 10000 BC is a strategy-based simulation type of game and thus buildings are one of the most mandatory things in this type of game. As the game sets its boundaries around ancient times, the buildings also resemble all the detailed workings of all the processes being practiced at that time.

People then also required different sets of places for storing essential entities and producing them. As villagers, food, water, clothing, mining, and development were of some important aspects just like our real life and thus every sector has different sets of buildings to fulfill the purpose. Here is the list of the sectors that are being under vision in the game:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Charcoal
  • Pelt
  • Stone
  • Development
  • Military
  • Gold
  • Custom
  • Villager
  • Beast
  • Ornament

Thus, these are the important aspects for which the game has set up various buildings for the players so that they can fulfill every necessity of their villagers.

Utilising the in-game Resources

The game comes up with many resources, the most important ones of which are:

  • Food: Food is one of the most important resources every player needs. As it is a strategy-based simulation game, there are human beings present in-game who need food for their survival, and thus here is the resource. It is easily available in the game and players can even grow and earn them as rewards for completing certain missions.
  • Water: Water is yet another important entity required for the survival of the villagers and thus players must take care of this resource as well.
  • Wood log: Wood log is a resource that is a very useful thing present as players need wood logs in village construction work. Thus, players must store more and more wood logs so that they can easily upgrade the buildings.
  • Charcoal: Charcoal is a domestic item that is being produced so that villagers can use them for their household purposes. Charcoal is also used by laborers for various purposes.
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  • Stone: Stone is yet another resource that is used in construction sites and thus is one of the most important resources players must preserve.
  • Pelt: Pelt is the Tanned skins of animals and beasts that are being stored so that villagers can use them for their clothing purposes.
  • Gold: Gold is the in-game currency that is easily available and is used in various ways such as constructing or upgrading any architecture. Players can easily receive them with the help of completing various types of missions.
  • Ruby: Rubies are the premium currencies that are being used to finish the work of building or upgrading architectures in just an instance.

Primitive Era: 10000 BC Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing a whole lot of time, here are a few tips and tricks along with a detailed Primitive Era: 10000 BC Beginners Guide for players they can follow to cherish well over the game:

  • Players must build more and more buildings and storage so that every villager can use the resources properly. The storage must be upgraded on a regular basis so that players can store more for the villagers. Providing food and water is the most important aspect and thus players must focus on that.
  • Players must recruit more and many Heroes as possible. Heroes are the sole guardians of the villages and thus continuous recruitment helps them recruit even more powerful heroes than they have owned before. This will help the players to protect their village even more.
Primitive Era 10000 BC Beginners Guide gameplayPrimitive Era 10000 BC Beginners Guide gameplay
Image via 37 Mobile Games
  • Players must complete all the types of missions they are being assigned, whether solo, daily or main; players must take all the missions seriously and complete them to get great rewards and resources. It will be beneficiary if players focus a bit more on the solo missions as by completing them players can advance to the next stage of the game.
  • Players must store more resources such as stones, wood logs, pelts, and charcoal. These are the second most important aspects they can find in the game after food and water. After the preservation of survival, players must focus on the medium of survival as well,, and thus here are the things.
  • Players must also focus on training the troops such as infantries and archers. They are the main troop members players can set along with the heroes to fight against other villages thus players must upgrade them on a regular basis.


Primitive Era: 10000 BC is an amazing strategy-based simulation-type game that has recently come into play. I feel that the game offers well-defined features and several interesting sections that keep up the interest of the players. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Primitive Era: 10000 BC beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for the Primitive Era: 10000 BC Beginners Guide! Did you find our Primitive Era: 10000 BC beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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