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$100 off plus stellar trade-in offers


If you’re looking to get your hands on a good yet affordable smartphone this month, some of the best Galaxy A54 deals available right now offer decent savings on Samsung’s cheaper Galaxy device. While the discounts aren’t the biggest this budget-friendly phone has seen, both retailers and carriers alike are offering deals that can bring the price down quite a bit.

The Galaxy A54 5G is on sale at both Amazon and Best Buy, with each taking $100 off the standard $450 price tag at the moment. That discount isn’t necessarily huge, but with Amazon offering a Monthly Payment plan and Best Buy offering additional trade-in credits, each retailer offers an extra way to bring down that up-front cost.

However, carrier deals are a different story, and almost all are offering the Galaxy A54 5G for as little as $5 a month for new and existing customers. In all cases, though, a qualifying device trade-in is required to take advantage of the offer, so these Galaxy A54 deals are best for those looking to switch services or upgrade a current plan.

With a few ways to save on one of the best Samsung phones for those on a tighter budget, it’s a good time to take the plunge and upgrade to a mid-range phone that offers a premium handheld without a high price tag. We may see some better deals as we get closer to Memorial Day, but these are the best deals on the Galaxy A54 you’ll find today.

Best Galaxy A54 deals and trade-in offers


If you’re looking to purchase the Galaxy A54 outright this month, the Samsung Store is offering up to $350 in instant trade-in credits for qualifying devices. While Samsung isn’t offering any discounts on the phone, there are additional ways to save, including exclusive Samsung Offer Programs for students, first responders, and more, which can save up to an additional $112 on this budget-friendly device.

Amazon logo


$350 $450 Save $100

Amazon has the Galaxy A54 on sale for $100 off right now, offering one of the best deals at the moment for Samsung’s latest affordable Galaxy phone. It also offers an Amazon Monthly Payments option, which can break the price down into 5 monthly payments of just $70, making it even more affordable compared to Best Buy.


Best Buy

Best value

$350 $450 Save $100

Best Buy is taking $100 off the Galaxy A54 right now, but is also offering trade-in credits for qualifying devices. While the amount you can earn varies by device and condition, Best Buy is the only place offering the discount PLUS additional savings with trade-ins.



AT&T is offering the Galaxy A54 for just $6 a month if purchased on an installment plan with a qualifying data plan. The best part is that no trade-in is required, so if you’re looking to switch carriers or upgrade your current service, this is a great way to get your hands on a Galaxy A54 for a good price.



Verizon’s offering a similar deal to AT&T with the Galaxy A54, only here you’ll get it for just $5 a month. Verizon’s deal requires the purchase of a new line on a qualifying Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan, though, so this deal is best for anyone looking to switch over to a new carrier this month.

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T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy A54 5G for just $100 with qualifying trades on a current Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan, or with any new line on qualifying plans. A great way to get this phone super cheap if you’re looking to swap services.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A54 worth buying?

When it comes to cheaper Android phones, Samsung’s budget-friendly Galaxy A54 is definitely worth a buy. While you won’t get the premium performance their premium phones, what it lacks in pure power it more than makes up for with heart. It does run on an older Exynos 1380 processor, which compared to the S23’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, isn’t nearly as powerful in terms of performance, and the phone may feel a bit cheaper compared to the premium options Samsung offers.

Samsung’s affordable yet surprisingly powerful Galaxy A54 turned heads when it was released back in April of this year, delivering a less expensive alternative to the S23 series that actually delivers a good phone at a much more budget-friendly price point. Fixing most of the problems that came with last year’s Galaxy A53, it offers a much better mid-range smartphone with increased performance and power, better build quality, and an improved display. These upgrades make the Galaxy A54 one of the best Samsung phones you can grab for the money, offering a worthy alternative to Samsung’s more premium options.

The set of cameras is also quite decent for the price, offering high-quality images if you need a phone that handles photography well. Depending on the lighting, however, there can be some inconsistencies in the quality and clarity of the images being taken. This is somewhat remedied since the A54 also runs on Samsung’s One UI 5.1, the very same Android 13-based software suite that you’ll find in the S23 series, but the hardware itself is still a step down from the flagship models.

However, the Galaxy A54 offers a slightly larger 6.4-inch Super AMOLED 120Hz screen compared to the 6.1-inch found on the S23, and it even features a slightly larger battery capacity at 5,000mAh. So there’s a bit of a give-and-take between the two. It does come in plenty of colors, so you’ve got your choice of style when picking one up, but you’ll want to buy a Galaxy A54 case to keep it safe from damage. Since it’s IP67-rated, water and dust won’t be much of an issue, but drops will do a number on it if it’s not protected.

Is the Galaxy A53 better than the Galaxy A54?

We did a direct comparison of the Galaxy A54 vs Galaxy A53, and while the short answer is yes, the Galaxy A54 is better than the Galaxy A53, the differences aren’t as huge as one would think. Think of the Galaxy A54 as a more refined version of its predecessor, not so much a complete overhaul, and you’ll understand why.

The performance will be the main difference here, with the Galaxy A54’s updated Exynos 1380 chipset providing a smoother and more responsive feel over the previous generation. It does feature a new design, but it’s not drastically different from the A53, so it has a very familiar look and feel to it.

The screen size was reduced to 6.4-inch, versus the A53’s 6.5-inch, but there was an upgrade to a Super AMOLED display, which provides better picture quality and clarity. Updates to the wireless connectivity and chipset also improve connection stability, with support for Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, LTE, and 5G.

Is the Galaxy A52 better than the Galaxy A54?

We also did a direct comparison of the Galaxy A54 vs the Galaxy A52, and not surprisingly, the A54 does come out on top against the A52 for a few reasons. The Galaxy A52 is starting to show its age with older hardware, and the performance isn’t quite up to snuff for those who need something responsive. It gets the job done as a cheap phone, but seeing as it still costs a few hundred to get, you’re better off jumping to either the Galaxy A53, just splurging for the Galaxy A54.

The Galaxy A52 is running on an old Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor, which is substantially less powerful than the Galaxy A54’s Exynos 1380. The Galaxy A54 also got a bit of an upgrade battery department, jumping to a 5,000mAh from the 4,500mAh found in the A53. These two main differences are big enough to warrant going for the A54 if you’ve got the cash, as picking up a phone with older hardware like this won’t be the best experience.


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