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10 Most Mismatched Fights In My Hero Academia


Just like most shōnen series, the amazing fights are one of the highlights of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia: seeing heroes and villains fighting each other in these beautifully choreographed battles, while showing the full extent of their superpowers, is truly a sight to behold.




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However, there are moments in which the story calls for a fight to be extremely one-sided, because one fighter has significantly more power and/or experience. This is perfectly fine, though, because it usually adds a lot to the plot and the development of said characters. And these mismatched fights are some of the best examples of this occurrence.

10 Shoto Todoroki vs. Hanta Sero

He Didn’t Have The Chance To React

Shoto Todoroki apologizes to Sero for going overboard during their match.

The odds were against Sero the moment it was determined he was going to face Shoto during the Fighting Tournament of the school’s Sports Festival. After all, what is a guy who shoots tape from his elbows going to do against someone who can generate and manipulate both fire & ice?

To make things even worse, Endeavor reprimanded Shoto for not using the fire side of his quirk just a few moments before the battle began. This deeply infuriated the boy, and he ended up taking it out on Sero, by defeating him with one giant ice attack almost instantaneously. Shoto was at least polite enough to apologize to his classmate as he began thawing him out.

9 All For One vs. Best Jeanist

The Main Antagonist Just Arrived

All For One attacks Best Jeanist, Mt Lady and Gang Orca.

Everything seemed to be going well for the heroes during the raid on the villain’s hideout. The entire League of Villains was apprehended and a team of heroes managed to find the Nomu factory. But everything changed when All for One suddenly appeared in front of Best Jeanist and company.

All For One is the main antagonist of the series and the main reason behind everything that has happened up to that point. Best Jeanist immediately realized how powerful this enemy was, and tried to restrain him by using his fiber manipulation quirk. But sadly, this wasn’t enough, as All For One set himself free and shot at Best Jeanist’s chest with an Air Cannon quirk, incapacitating the hero at that moment.

8 Team Bakugo vs. Team Setsuna

Bakugo’s Glorious Return

Team Bakugo of Class 1-A vs. Team Setsuna of Class 1-B.

When it was time for Bakugo and his team to confront the fourth team of Class 1-B, all eyes were on him. After all, the young boy had issues with working on a team, something that had affected his performance in several past tests. To make things even harder, he had to face Setsuna Tokage, one of two Class 1-B students who entered the school through a recommendation.

Despite these high expectations, Bakugo managed to defeat Team 4 almost single-handedly. In just a few moments, he came up with a plan that took advantage of his teammates’ powers and figured out his opponent’s weaknesses. This not only showed how powerful & smart Bakugo is, but also that he had finally learned how teamwork works.

7 Mirio Togata vs. Class 1-A

A True Showcase Of POWER!

Mirio Togata defeats all of Class 1-A.

Mirio and his two friends, Nejire and Tamaki, are part of a famous group within U.A. High School known as the “Big Three”. In order to show Class 1-A the extent of his abilities, Mirio challenges all the students who earned their provisional hero licenses. 18 different aspiring heroes against one should be a piece of cake… right?


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In just a few minutes, Mirio showed off his Permeation quirk and used it to defeat all 18 students in one fell swoop. On top of that, the fact that he was entirely naked was also a small advantage for him. This showed how big the power gap between the “Big Three” and Class 1-A truly was.

6 Izuku Midoriya vs. Gente Criminal & La Brava

Deku’s Toughest Opponent

Izuku Midoriya restrains Gentle Criminal.

Gentle Criminal was a different type of villain. All he wanted was the attention of the people, something that his partner & lover, La Brava, tried to help him achieve. When they were about to interrupt the school’s Cultural Festival, it was up to Deku to stop them from ruining Eri’s big day.

With his elasticity quirk – and La Brava’s Lover Mode power up – Gentle was quite powerful, but he stood no chance against Deku. The young hero swiftly found the way to apprehend them without seriously hurting them, as they were not really evil, just misunderstood. That’s why Deku himself admitted that this was his toughest battle, in a moral sense.

5 Denki Kaminari vs. Ibara Shiozaki

Electricity vs. Vines

Ibara Shiozaki traps Denki Kaminari with her vines.

This is yet another mismatched encounter from the Sports Festival’s tournament. Kaminari has a powerful quirk, but it has a huge drawback if he doesn’t limit himself. To make things even worse, he has a weakness for girls, so he didn’t waste any time by trying to flirt with Shiozaki just before their battle began.

Kaminari just had a major disadvantage during this fight, as he immediately tried using Indiscriminate Shock 1.3 Million Volts move, but Shiozaki easily blocked the electricity with her vines, which she then used to restrain him. Shiozaki is one of Class 1-B’s strongest members, and Kaminari was sadly no match for her.

4 Katsuki Bakugo vs. Fumikage Tokoyami

Light vs. Darkness

Tokoyami's Dark Shadow clashes with Bakugo's explosions.

Some quirks are extremely powerful, but have simple weaknesses that balance them out. In the case of Tokoyami, his quirk, Dark Shadow, is a strong entity made of darkness, which in turn is extremely weak to strong lights. This meant that Bakugo and his explosions were the worst possible match for him.

To make things even worse for Tokoyami, this battle took place during the day, and he had no chance to recharge Dark Shadow’s darkness after the previous matches. Since he’s quite smart, Bakugo instantly noticed this weakness and took advantage of it, by using several explosions to generate light that weakened Dark Shadow almost instantly.

3 Izuku Midoriya & Katsuki Bakugo vs. All Might

The Hardest Exam In The World

Bakugo and Deku about to face All Might in their final exam.

Facing All Might during the Final Exams would be no easy task for both Izuku and Bakugo. The No. 1 Pro Hero even had to use High Density Weights in order to restrain his immense power and, to make things worse, Izuku and Bakugo’s relationship was quite rocky at this point in the story, so communication wasn’t going to be easy.


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Even with the weights on, All Might was a really tough opponent for both students. Luckily for them, this was just an exam, so the objective was mainly to just escape through the gate. After some arguing, the boys managed to work together and cleverly used their powers in order to escape. But if they actually had to knock All Might out, they would never have passed the exam.

2 100% Izuku Midoriya vs Overhaul

Like Fighting All Might Himself

Overhaul realizes that Deku (and Eri) is about to defeat him.

As the leader of the Shie Hassaikai, Overhaul was an extremely powerful villain. Mostly thanks to his versatile and deadly quirk of the same name. At first, he was quite a troublesome opponent for Izuku, and he grew to be even stronger when he fused with Rikiya Katsukame. This was going to be a tough battle for Deku.

But Izuku joined forces with Eri who, with her Rewind quirk, could help him achieve his 100% power without any of the physical repercussions to his body. Because of this power up, Deku was basically as powerful as All Might in his prime, and the final battle against Overhaul in his Kaiju form was extremely one-sided. Overhaul was defeated quickly, and Eraser Head managed to save Izuku at the last minute, by canceling Eri’s quirk before it erased him.

1 Izuku Midoriya vs. Muscular: Rematch

Deku Demonstrates How Much He Grew

Deku uses Detroit Smash and defeats Muscular (For the second time).

Izuku’s initial encounter with Muscular is one of the most memorable moments in My Hero Academia, since the villain had a huge defensive advantage against the aspiring hero. Deku had to exceed his own limits in order to defeat him, almost destroying his body in the process.

After escaping Tartarus prison, Muscular was about to kill a bunch of citizens and heroes when Deku, in his Dark Hero phase, arrived on the scene. The sadistic villain thought that once again he was going to have an advantage, but Izuku made quick use of his new quirks – and Yo Shindo’s vibrations – and dealt a powerful final blow that rapidly broke Muscular’s defenses and took him out, showing how much Deku had grown since their original battle.

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